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Character: So, you wrote this?

Me: Mhmm, I did. Do you like it?

Character: It's all right, and this is what you're planning to write?

Me: Yea, pretty much.

Character: You disgust me.

Cello, My name is Marner. I am trying to be a writer, and I'm just testing out my basic skills. I'm seeing what works, and what doesn't work. e-mail is, you can send me a message of your thoughts of my work. I also have an account on (CLICK HERE TO GET TO MY FICTIONPRESS ACCOUNT!)-my user name is Marner1. I haven't had the account very long, so I don't have a lot of stories up. If you wish to see what I do have up there, please feel free to.

I'm currently in college so it's taking me a while to actually keep up with my current story/stories. I also have some great friendships, and a bizarre family (they are always surprising me), and a really great boyfriend-so it might be a long wait. Anyway I am a dark character, who likes to watch horror movies and read horror novels. But I'm not completely evil, I do have a medium sized sliver of light inside of me. I'm protective of my friends and enjoy watching Disney movies. So, don't judge me too harshly.

(゚、 。 7
l、 ヽ

Yaaaay kitty!

This is Kitty. Copy and paste Kitty into your

signature to help him gain world domination.

P.S. Hello. I'm sorry to report that I won't be able to write for a while. The computer that had the typing program-well it fried. So, I need to try and find a way to type on a Mac computer. Hopefully I'll figure it out soon. Thanks for reading my stories!


Cello everyone. I'm planning to edit my previous stories. You don't have to worry about me changing the stories too much, it's mostly to correct grammatical errors (I was in too big of a hurry to pay that close attention to what I was writing).

I may be a while in correcting them. I'm busy with college and am trying to actually sleep! I know it's kinda annoying, but bare with me. I'm trying to make the stories more readable. In future chapters I'm going to review them after uploading the chapters (just to double check). Wish me luck-I have no clue when I'm actually going to get it done though. Anyway, thanks for reading my stories. I hope to write back soon=)

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Story Stats:

Saw: The Game Has Begun: 5,856

The Cult and The Dead (1): 2,191

Friday the 13th: Camp Blood Reopens: 2,189

The Untold Story From A Hogwart's Student: 1,335

Pet Sematary: 1,230

The Cult and The Dead: The Ghoul Hunter (2): 1,1164

Metal Love: Marriage: 1,059

Friday the 13th: Vengeance: 1,052

The Cult and The Dead: The New Creatures (3): 933

Poison Ivy: A New Beginning: 762

Metal Love I: 470

(Tales From the Crypt) Popularity Contest: High School Hell: 394

Hellraiser: My Own Personal Hell: 335

Neurotically Yours: 356

Metal Love VI: 306

The Untold Story From A Hogwart's Student Pt. II: 276

Metal Love IV: 260

Metal Love III: 255

Metal Love II: 235

Fantasmic!: 142

1408: Midday Cleaning: 134

Last One Alive: 116

The Misguided Angel of Death: 81

As of November 29, 2009 .

Thank you to all of you who have read my stories, even with the bad grammar and the long elapsed time wait (for me to upload a new chapter). I greatly appreciate it!

I have finished a writing project, that included two other authors-Kar-zid and Max7345 called The Shinning II. Just click the link below. Go read it-NOW!

The Shining II

I'm also going to work on Twilight Zone Project with Kar-zid and five other authors. If you wish to join please let me or Kar-zid know. I'll let you know when we begin posting stories. Okay, a lot of things have going on in my life. My Harry Potter 2 book is packed up in a box somewhere, so I', going to begin writing the next story on the list (Halloween). First things first, marathon of the Halloween films-all right. :P

Poll Winners (by two votes each):

(1) Friday the 13th II: Complete!

(2) (Harry Potter II) The Untold Story From A Hogwart's Student II: In Progress!

(3) Halloween:

Michelle comes to Haddenfield (sp?) to claim her alleged new house, that was given to her through a will.It has been five years since her mother's suicide, but there is a secret that her father is reluctant to tell her. Dr. Loomis, on the other hand, wants to use her to stop Micheal for good! (This might have a sequel)

Runner Ups (by one vote each):

(1) The Grudge:

Lena decided to throw a party in the house that is aligned to be haunted, on Halloween night. Only now, the curse has left its mark them. Not to mention a creepy little girl that seems to be following them around right before the moment of death. (I'm going to try my hardest to base this story on both the American and the Japanese versions of the film. That means it'll be written as a collection of short stories based on the individual character involved-wish me luck!)

(2)Tales From the Crypt:

The other stories will not have anything in common with the first, except the author.

Living In Fantasy-A young woman in college continues living out her life wondering if there is anything else to look forward to. College, fanfiction stories? One day she receives an odd talisman necklace from a friend as a gift and is told that it grants wishes-only be careful of what you decide to let it learn about you. (This will also have special appearances by some of my past characters in my previous fanfics.I should also warn you, this is going to be sort of a joke on myself-because I felt like it. )

(3) Child's Play:

Several years later, Glen and Glenda have grown up into young adults.Glen is now in college and found a girlfriend. He decides to take her to his house to met his mother and sister for a weekend. When his father decides to pay a visit things turn deadly wicked. Plenty of victims for the choosing, and killers waiting to paint the town red.

And the Losers (with no votes at all):

(1) A Nightmare On Elm Street:

Katherine wins a contest that allows her spend a week with her favorite movie logo-Freddy Kruger. She gets to sleep in a house on Elm Street, and meet most of the cast. Soon her favorite villian starts to plague her dreams.

(2) Hellraiser:

A young girl is given the box by her high school teacher. She dumps it in the trash, but it still finds its way back to her, through her boyfriend, in college. Now she has reasons for becoming a cenobite.(I don't know if I'm going to make this all one really long story-or split it up into three/two stories. "Your pain gives me joy. Your suffering gives me comfort." "We'll tear your soul apart.")

(3) Texas Chainsaw Massacre:

A group of kids are heading out to go on a field trip. The trip was planned by two of the school's biggest losers, only they would have the last laugh. They begin traveling through a backdoor country road/town. They stop to pick up a hitchhiker that ends up killing himself. They try to get the help of the sheriff, but things turn deadly wrong. One of the losers is slowly losing her sanity, while the other is regretting his decision. I should warn you, this is a factual account of the murders of these kids by Leatherface. Their story has to be told, and is going to be told...

Stories I plan to create:

Please remember, all these stories are subject to changes. It just depends on what the circumstances are-i.e. my mind's idea of the plot.

The Hills Have Eyes:

(This is going to be a challenge for me, but an interesting read. It's going to be like two stories in one-the present and the past.) 2 years ago, a group of friends go on a trip to California for a rock concert. They get lost in the desert and end up in the Yuma Flatts surrounded by hills. They are attacked that night by three men, and their trip becomes a fight for survival. In the present, a family is traveling through the desert to visit family and to see the Califonia ocean. They are misguided and end up getting stuck in the desert, surrounded by large hills. They quickly learn that something is watching them from the hills.

The Howling:

The leader of the warewolf clan (insert her name here) is still alive and still on the hunt. Luena was a witness to a murder by something that attacked her as well. She managed to survive with a large cut on her arm. She is sent to a program that'll help he cope with what happened, but the program contains several surprises.

The Children of the Corn:

Friends are traveling to try and get to a summer party (all that matters is that they are traveling!). They get lost driving through a highway surrounded by corn fields. They discover a cult in the fields with children as its followers. Isaac is rearisn from his grave to lead them. Isaac has to take on a bride that will eventually produce a second prophet. One of friends who are traveling will be chosen.


(First half of story-another two stories for the price of one) Ashely and her friends decide to go on a trip through Europe. They are told that in order to truly enjoy their trip they have to stay at a Hostel Hotel. (second part of story) Lithia is a horror writer who has run out of ideas. Her friend decides that a real hands on experience will help unblock her creativity.

Rose Red:

The Rose Red Mansion is going to be bulldozed, but a small group of people are trying to make sure the building will remain intact for years. They try to stop the bulldozers, but to no avail. As a last resort a few of the protestors run inside. Them, and the few people that go in to get them out end up trapped inside. ("Build me to the heavens and life never stops")

Storm of the Century:

A small town just off the coast of California gets trapped by a dangerous storm. On this stormy night they get a very dark surprise when people begin to turn up did by a man who is more than he seems. ("Give me what I want and I'll go away")

Cabin Fever:

People have finally discovered the body in the lake, only problem is that the infection has spread to thousands of people. All those people are still suffering, but are creating a malicious plan. (I think this will be only about five, or less, chapters long. That is unless I come up with more to the plot)


A girl and her friends, along with a family, find themselves in a strange England home with a creepy old couple. But of course, there are strange things going on at night.


Grant, the one who got infected by the asteroid, had a child. Now his son has a girlfriend. His son is also going through bizarre changes, and takes his girlfriend to try and find his biological father.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:

Out of anger the parents, of the kids who ventured into Willy's factory, decided to hire lawyers. Only Mr. Wonka still has a few tricks up his sleeves for everyone.

War Of The Worlds:

The world has been attacked by aliens, two friends try to suvive.

28 Days/Weeks/Months Later:

A family reunion turns deadly as zombies begin to terrorize England.

Resident Evil:

A worker survives the attacks made by the computer and has managed to live through the infection in the Hive. With limited time to escape and zombies, zombie dogs, the fear of what Project Thirteen might be, and a strange creature on the loose, can she remain alive?

(P.S. I might also write a story with the main characters from my zombie fanfics. Depends on if I can create a plot that'll fit into all the zombie story types and ideals.)

My Spoiled, Rotten, Creepy Christmas Carol:

A teenage debutante is about to have four ghostly visitors who help to discover the error of her ways.(I got this story idea from watching so many of those Christmas specials. I was going to write it in 2008's Christmas, but I ran out of time. Hopefully, I can get to work on it for one seasonal story!)

Lucy, Daughter of the Devil:

Okay, this is a rough plot still in the works. A new worker comes to work at the burrito/bar restaurant (forgot name) and befriends Lucy.


Okay, this is going to be kind of complicated-so I'm going to explain as best I can. A girl and several others were abducted by aliens who gave them telekentic powers. Now the government is after them. One of the girls has formed a kind of cult with her powers, and has a body gaurd, who is also her best friend. They have a best friend who is sick in the hospital, and might be the most powerful one of them all. Anyway, three sisters and two guys come to warn them about the killings of two of the people who also abducted. They find a way to enlist the help of Mudler and Scully by pretending to try and kill Scully. One is arrested, and in danger, but can not out right tell the whole truth until they are out of the FBI headquarters. The three sisters and the two guys go to also enlist the help of the Lone Gunmen, as a backup plan.Can they survive the government's attacks, or will they all be killed? (I hope I managed to explain enough to where it makes sense.)

Death Note:

A girl comes across a notebook that can kill people-just by having their name written in it. She soon discovers what to do with the notebook after surviving an attack from a psychopath killer. Now she is on a mission to get revenge. (This may have three parts to it.) ("No-one can kill an angel of death"-"I've seen a miracles today"-"You won't let me wilt and die, will you?")

Tales from the Crypt:

A) Don't Grow Old-A teenage girl decides that she does not want to grow up and will do anything to avoid it.

B) The Abused-A man abuses everyone in his life. His wife, his child, and his clients. But the clients will strike revenge against their perpitrator.

C) Belonging-An extreme bitch in high school finally graduates and goes into college. In order to get into her usual click she agrees to met them every sunday and do some unusual things.

The Gremlins:

Gizmo ends up in the hands of another caretaker. She has to follow the three rules 1. He hates bright light, espically sunlight; it'll kill him. 2. keep him away from water; don't give him a bath. 3. the most important rule, don't feed him after midnight. After she ends up getting him wet, things start going out of hand.

Masters of Horror:

I'm planning on writing a few seconds to some of the movies they made. (Simplest explanation. It'll take a while before I actually begin this series. I won't start on these for a while yet.)

Rocky Horror Picture Show:

Okay, those of you who saw the movie knows how it ended. Well, this story is going to take place before that...When he first came from his home planet and landed on Earth.

Mirror Mask:

Shanon decides to join the circus and befriends a girl named Helena. Together they create a world of imagination, only something goes wrong. A girl switches with Helena-and when Shanon finds out she is thrown into the new world. Now she must help save Helena from the queen of darkness, and help restore balance and keep their world from ending. (If you watched the movie-it'll make complete sense-I hope.)

The Lottery

(a short story by Shirley Jackson) Okay, if you any of you have read the short story then you'll know it's surprising ending. Anyway, two girls Joan and Fawn move into a new town. Now has come the time of the yearly lottery, and the both the sisters names will be placed inside the old tattered black box. (This will most likely be a oneshot)


Two friends find a board game and decide to play.


I'm going to keep this explanations simple because I'm still trying to figure out the plots myself.

Honey, I think I shrunk the guests:

(This is based off of a few Disney films entitle 'Honey, I shrunk(blew up) the (kids/us/the baby). I just randomly thought of this and figured it'd be fun to do.) At a party a few guests accidentally stumble upon an invention in the attic. It accidentally turns on and they shrink. Now they have to try and get the attention of the inventor (the father) to return to normal.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit:

A young new cartoonists dies, but made a cartoon version of herself before dying. Now her character, and friend (Who should know who) is out to try and solve her creator's murder.

The Haunted Mansion:

Who was the 999 ghost? This is her story.

Pirates of the Caribbean:

"Who holds her heart has the greatest treasure in the world"


(Okay, we saw Disney satire their princess movies-but what about the action adventure ones-The Lion King, Aladdin, and Hercules?)

I will try to do more stories that aren't quite so bloody or scary.

Questionable Possible story fanfics:

The Craft/Practical Magic

My Bloody Valentine



The Witches of Eastwick...this may or may not be written

The Exorcist


Carrie/Pet Sematary (Sequel to my previous-maybe)



Jurassic Park

Hannibal (This will be a long long wait)

Strangeland...quit possibly



Puppet Master



The Evil Dead/Army of Darkness


Death Becomes Her

Final Fantasy

The Poltergeist


Indiana Jones

Labyrinth/The Dark Crystal/The Story Teller


Ghost Ship

The Mummy

Rat Race

The Simpsons...maybe (I need a really good plot)

The Thing

Silent Hill

Dead Silence

S.O.A.P (Snakes on a Plane)

The Wicker Man

Something from the series-8 Films to Die For (Unsure yet)


Thirteen Ghosts


Arsenic and Old Lace

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane

Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte

The Butterfly Effect

King Kong

Never Ending Story

The Haunting

A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)

The Ninth Gate

The Lady in the Water


Wrong Turn


Vantage Point

Yu Yu Hakasu


Twilight (This will be a challenge)

What I Do Not Own/Disclaimer:

As much as I would love to have credit for these, sadly I don't own them. These are based on my currently posted stories.

I don't own the idea of zombies, nor do I own the Dawn of the Dead movies or any other movies/comics based on zombies. I also don't own Tales From The Crypt or the Crypt Keeper, along with the original Poison Ivy movies. Nor do I own the Hellraiser Cenobite characters-or Pinhead.

I don't own the book Pet Symetary, or the idea's associated with the novel. I, also, don't own the characters created by J.K. Rowling, nor do I own the author. I do not own the central characters of Metaloclypse. I do not own the Jason character or the ideas associated with Jason.

I do not own Foamy, or any characters from Neurotically Yours. I also do not own the movie Saw, or the character Jigsaw, nor those characters from the movies. I don't own the idea of 1408 nor the character Olin, that belongs to Stephen King.

I also do not own Miss Queen B's character, from her zombie stories-or Miss Queen B herself! Those characters belong to her alone! I also do not own the concept of Battle Royale-nor anything related to it! I do not own the characters of Soul Calibur-including Tira and Sophitia. I also do not personally own the story line used in the story "The Misguided Angel of Death".

What I Do Own/Claimer:

I own the fictional characters I have created in the stories. Such as Charlene, Michel, the man whom I never gave a name, and Daniel and the new Ivy persona character. I also do own the story lines-most of it. I also own the fictional characters, the family & friends, created in the Pet Sematary Fanfic. I own the imaginary characters, the victims, created in my Friday the 13th story.

I do own the new Harry Potter characters-Marina Goldfield, Leci Thomas, Jean Reign, Cissy Portello, Rema Traussle, Henry Beause, John-Claud Verese, Abigale Wineheart, and Stuart Campbell. I also some of the other characters I created in my Harry Potter fanfic, but they aren't mentioned too often.

I own the characters that are Dethklok's girlfriends-Angelina Von Lee, Bianca Haya Queen, Amelia Dahlia Ryder, Vanessa Ari Nasayana, Drew Elizabeth Ferro, and Genevieve Marilyn Osborne (as well as all those characters associated with them). I also own the character Danelia 'Danny' Clover from the co-authored project. I do own the story line and characters created in the Battle Royale story.

I also own Alice, Winifred, and Robert from my Saw story. I also own Pepper and Samantha from my 1408 story.

(It's not much of ownership, but it's still kewl anyway.)

I will continue to update my profile with upcoming ideas, and stories. I hope you don't get mad for the long wait.

Write to ya'll later. Bye-Bui.

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