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The Profile of renaissancegirl23: Now remastered!

Hi! I'm renaissancegirl23, and, as you can guess from my most popular story, "The King, The Prince, and The Minnesota Girl", I'm living in Minnesota. I just moved here from Iowa, and, if anyone from my old school is reading this, I want to say I miss you! Okay, on to business. My stories mostly are set around Redwall, LotR, Beauty and the Beast (who can't love it?), and with others to come. Here are some lists to give you an idea on my future stories:

Favorite Movies

LotR (FotR was the best!), Pirates of the Caribbean, A Knight's Tale, Beauty and the Beast, Ned Kelly, Benny and Joon, The Patriot, Napolean Dynamite, X-Men, Kingdom of Heaven, Young Guns I and II, You've Got Mail, Chocolat, Crimson Tide, Hatari, and lots of others along those lines.

Favorite TV Shows

Just a few: The Simpsons, Lost, CSI, I Dream of Jeannie, MASH, and Whose Line is it Anyway? My favorite shows aren't "mainstream": British sitcoms (Brit-cits, I call them). I love Keeping up Appearances, As Time Goes By, Are You Being Served, Waiting for God, and The Thin Blue Line. If you love these shows, please contact me!

Favorite Music

I love classic rock (various artists), Christian, some country (Big and Rich rock!), Irish music, folk tunes (Gordon Lightfoot), and every song ever made by Enya. Hugest fan of hers!

Okay, so I hope that gives you a little insight about what I'm like. In addition, I'm a Christian, bookworm, somewhat shy, but once you get to know me, I'm rather fun to be around. (My best friend says the scariest thing is me on a sugar high.) I'm kind of short, but I don't mind; I love my body, and I'm not obsessed with becoming a skinny blonde (not enough genes in my family for that). I'll try to keep my stories rather clean; violence and slight adult situations will make up for higher ratings. Anyway, laters!

Happy readings,


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