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Hey all!

I spend a good chunk of my time watching TV. I am addicted to TV on DVD. I have multiple shows on DVD on last count a total of 52 seasons, and could sit in bed for days just watching!

I love a good old school show! Such as Full House, Boy Meets World, Roseanne, Fresh Princr and I suppose Friends now too.

I update these often, but never get rid of any, I'm a pack rat! Favorite Quotes:

Lorelai: That's it Paul Anka, let it have a head start.

Emily: If you expect that muffn to fly back into the kitchen you better go get it a cape.

Richard: Who the hell are you?
Finn: If I knew that, I could dismiss my therapist, now couldn't I? Though, she's pretty hot!

Lorelai: It's my gym card.
Luke: You joined a gym?
Lorelai: Yeah.
Luke: When?
Lorelai: After I had Rory, to lose the pregnancy weight.
Luke: Did you go?
Lorelai: God, no. I was way too fat.

Lorelai: Were you supposed to meet me here?
Rory: No, I'm a surprise.
Lorelai: As was your conception.
Rory: I'll just be two minutes.
Lorelai: As was your conception.

Luke: You talked to Liz?
Lorelai: I thought she was you.
Luke: I'm a man.
Lorelai: Yeah, but she was driving your truck.
Luke: When I am in my truck, I am still a man.

Lorelai: I'm sorry, are you drunk?
Luke: I am not drunk. I do not get drunk. I had some beer. Beers. More than one. A few. And then I came here and I climbed your tree.
Lorelai: Well, good thinking.
Luke: And then I fell out of your tree.
Lorelai: Hmm. Sit down.
Luke: I landed flat on my back. I felt like Kirk.

Luke:'s, my big problem. Got a hand full of barbie!

Lorelai: I'll go get you a real bandage.
Luke: I like the Barbie ones.
Lorelai: Yes, honey, but the other kids will beat you up if they see you wearing one of those!

(drunk Luke is my favorite)

Girl: Is it raining out?
Paris: (drenched) No, it's National Baptism Day! Get your tubes tied, idiot!

Lorelai: None of my plants ever needed light.
Jason: Did any of your plants live?
Lorelai: No. Oh! Insight!

Lorelai: Oh, I can't stop drinking the coffee. I stop drinking coffee, I stop doing the standing and walking and the words putting-into-sentence doing.

Luke: I haven't been in a fight since sixth grade. Vince Williams called me a 'doody head'. I took it very personally.

Sookie: They're puny! They're tasteless!
Jackson: Puny? These are not puny!
Sookie: If they're small enough to shove up our son's nose, they're too small!
Jackson: No way could you shove one of these up Davey's nose!
Sookie: Betcha five bucks!
Jackson: Get him in here!
Lorelai: Hi, guys. You probably shouldn't shove a radish up your son's nose. Just thinkin' out loud.

Richard: Only prostitutes have two glasses of wine at lunch!
Emily: Well then,buy me a boa and drive me to Reno, because I'm open for business!

Lorelai: I'm the person whose foot is going to prevent him from sitting down, that's who I am.
Michel: You always promise to hurt him, but then you don't. You're a Taylor tease.

Doyle: Man, I hate those kind of guys.
Rory: What kind of guys?
Doyle: Those privileged white males.
Rory: Doyle, your a privileged white male.
Doyle: Well he's more privileged and way more whiter.

Lorelai: Luke, I can drive you back to the diner. I promise if we pass any senior citizens I'll let you jump out and pants them.
Luke: Fine.

Rory: I have no words.
Logan: It was just a joke.
Rory: Oh, no, wait, I thought of some. Jerk, ass, arrogant, inconsiderate, mindless, frat boy, lowlife, buttfaced miscreant.
Logan: Buttfaced miscreant.
Rory: Why would you do something like that?
Logan: I'm sorry. Buttfaced miscreant?

Lorelai:Oh, he'stotally fine having his personal freedom slowly stripped away, as long as he's completely unaware that it's happening. Just like a true American.

My all time favorites:

Lorelai: Did he look at me differently?
Rory: Different than what?
Lorelai: Different than before.
Rory: Before what?
Lorelai: Before before!
Rory: Before, before?
Lorelai: Rory!
Rory: How on earth can you be frustrated with me now?

Lorelai: No hustle, no hora. It was a slow dance, a waltz. Luke can waltz.
Rory: Luke can waltz!
Lorelai: Luke can waltz.
Rory: Look how you just said, "Luke can waltz."
Lorelai: What, I'm just saying, I'm surprised that Luke can waltz.
Rory: That sounded more like, "I'm surprised I still have my clothes on."

Rory: Can you keep a secret?
Lorelai: Not so far, but hey, there's a first time for everything.

Other shows:

Cristina: Ow. Ow. Ow.
Cindy: Am I hurting you?
Cristina: No, you're touching me.

Every Episode of Grey's: Seriously?

Grace: There was a bar IN THE POOL! I swear, swimming any other way but drunk is just stupid!

Eric: I'm telling you. It's like a fifth sense.
Jack: You mean sixth sense?
Eric: No, dude that's smell. You gotta be lucky to get that one.

Julie Cooper: From now on if someone needs to be manipulated, we put me in charge!

Joey: Oh my God! Congratulations Ross, because Chandler, you’ve been Bamboozled!
Chandler: Nooo!
Ross: Yeah!
Chandler: This is the best game ever!

Derek: Where is she?
Webber: You had to be a cowboy.
Derek: Where is she?
Webber: She's right here.
Addison: Derek. Oh, thank god you're ok.
Adelle: That was not the she that he was askin' for.

I LOVE this!

George: Choking back some McVomit.

PS. If Bamboozled was a real game I'm pretty sure I'd be addicted!

Love in IIKE


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