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Author has written 9 stories for Fruits Basket, Yu-Gi-Oh, FAKE, Naruto, D N Angel, Supernatural, and RENT.

Pen name: chibihakkai

Real name: I've decided that you don't need to know this... Yeah as if I care.

Nicknames: Ry, Ry-chan, Kate or Katie (my middle name is Kathleen), Sarai, Sara Sarai, and Mira

E-mail address: or I can also be found as chibiry on myspace, kyu on tagged, bittercrimsontears on chatango, and childoftaboo on quizilla.

Likes: anime, manga, bishies, music, junk food, BOYS AND BISHIES!

Dislikes: too many things to list... but here's a few! My mother, my brother, people, life, history, math, government, economics, school in general!

Favorites: PLUSHIES! chocolate, candy, bishies, TV, anime, manga, other books

'Kay, let's get this outta the way, shall we? I really love this site. Prolly more than I should. But anyway! I love fanfictions, and I love writing, but you guys need to realize that I get tons of fanfic ideas (mainly from songs I hear, which is why all of my fics have music) but if I don't write it all down while I like the idea, it'll just sit there and rot away into the corner of my empty mind. Please don't get too mad if my stories are cancelled or if I take a way long time to update. Plus I have issues with grammar. I have to have everything perfect before I read it or post it.

Okay. I realize I haven't updated in freakin' forever, but I did warn you about that. I have a chapter for 'One Kiss.' I also have like fourteen chapters for my new story "Demon of Heaven, Angel of Hell.' Please bare with me! I'm really trying! I try to get it from my house to another computer, but every time something goes wrong. . . such as I grab the wrong disk or I can't get the disk to open. . . sorry.

And then of course there are the issues with my family and home life. My mother and I are constantly fighting, and my parents are currently ripping each other's throats out. My brother has officially hit the age where it's apparently a law to be an asshat. Oh, and I'm trying to get into a college, but all the forms are making me suicidal. Plus the fact that we're now going into debt (my mother lost her job over a dispute with a manager) and fighting foreclosure on our house, and we've had to cut back on several things- heat, food, gas. But yeah, if fighting is what keeps things easier between us, I'll keep provoking everyone. . . Happy Easter. Hope your family did something. . . Not like I expected anything.


Okay. Anyone following my story One Kiss, will know I have issues with my mother. Well, those issues got in the way of everything, and I finally snapped and moved out. For the full story, read my myspace blog. Anyway, all I wanted to let you know is that I won't be updating until I can get my freakin' computer back. So, unless I can recreate the beginnings of the chapters I already had, you'll be waiting a while. Sorry! I really am...


Jesus. Three years. Didn't feel like it had been that long... Well I'm happy to say that I'm now friends with my mom, have my own place, and am dating the most amazing guy ever! Now if I could just get to my old stories, everything would be perfect. Here's hoping for an update soon!!!!

Quotes I've heard and love:

Don't upset me... I'm running out of places to hide the bodies.

Some people are like a slinky. Not really good for anything, but you can't help but smile when one tumbles down the stairs.

I used to hate to go to weddings. All the aunts and grandmotherly types would come up to me, cackling and say "You're next". . . They stopped all that crap when I did the same thing to them at funerals.

You sound brilliant when you talk like a moron.

Don't play stupid with me. . . I'm better at it.

Me: If you didn't have feet, would you wear shoes?

My twig of a friend: No. . .

Me: Then why do you wear a bra?

You don't know which ones are on drugs, huh?- pops into room and makes a funny face- blahdybladablah -students laugh- Boom, boom, boom. You're out. -turns to principal- Call me if you need my assistance again.

-refering to virginity- Like a balloon, one little prick and then it's gone.

me: can you get any more stupid?

my brother: why? did you want me to?

Don't make me get the flying monkeys in here!

Don't make me go rabid monkey on your ass!

Never assume, my dear. It makes an 'ass' out of 'u' and 'me'!

Karma's a bitch and so am I.

Fat kids are harder to kidnap.

Blood is thicker than water.

So's peanut butter. What's your point?

(I get my friend really mad, and just before she snaps. . .)

Me: Aw. . . you're cute when you're homicidal.

Her: Yeah? You're cute when you shut the fuck up.

A snowglobe. . . A martini. . . A thermometer. . . Some things are meant to be shaken. BABIES AREN'T.

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