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Hey guys, the name's Molly. I love, love, love Power Rangers, especially the older ones (up untill Lost Galexy). I am so into Jason/Kat stories, and i've writen alot of them.

If you want to check out the information about my chacters in my stories, just click on my homepage link, and it'll take you to my website.

If you want to talk to me, just sent me an e-mail, and i will try to get back to you asap!

My C2 Comunity is a Jason/Kat comunity, and i hope you all atleast check it out.


The Savior It’s been six years since Kat had been a Ranger. Living in London, she thought she had nothing to worry about, but when she starts having nightmares, she knows they are telling her to go back to Angel Grove. When she does, she finds that some one has been waiting all this time to tell her something that he should’ve said years ago. Power Rangers -- In Progress; Chapter 6; Girls just want to have Fun


Name: Molly
Age: 14 years old
Job: Student – 8th grader
Hobbies: writing, dancing, acting, shopping, role playing
Favorite colors: Pink, Blue, and Orange
Favorite sports: Football (American) -- watch; basketball – play
Favorite animals: Kangaroos. Koalas, and Seals
Favorite food: Ben and Jerry Ice Cream
Favorite books: The Harry Potter series, The Nancy Drew books (the older ones), The Hardy Boy books (the older ones), and way to many more that I can list right now.
Favorite music: Rascal Flatts, Kelly Clarkson, The Pussycat Dolls, Sugarland, Dixie Chicks,
Favorite films: The Harry Potter III and VI, The Night at the Museum, Spider Man II, High School Musical
Favorite TV shows: Power Ranger, the OC, One Tree Hill, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Diagnosis Murder

Favorite Power Rangers (from greatest to least):

MMPR: Rocky, Jason, Kat, Kim, Aisha, Zack, Adam, Trini, Billy, Tommy
ZEO/ TURBO 1: Rocky, Jason, Kat, Tanya, Jason, Adam, Billy, Tommy, Justin
TURBO 2/ SPACE: Ashley, T.J., Cassie, Andros , Zhane, Carlos, Justin
LOST GALAXY: Leo, Kendrix, Karone, Maya, Damon, Kai, Mike
LIGHTSPEED RESCUE: Carter, Dana, Kelsey, Ryan, Joel , Chad
TIME FORCE: Wes, Jen, Lucas, Katie, Trip, Eric, Alex
WILD FORCE: Alyssa, Cole, Max, Taylor, Danny, Merrick
NINJA STORM: Dustin, Tori, Shane, Blake, Cam , Hunter
DINO THUNDER: Conner, Kira, Trent, Ethan, Tommy
SPD: Sky, Syd, Kat, Sam, Bridge, Z, Jack, Doggie
MYSTIC FORCE: Xander, Maddie, Chip, Nick, Vida

Red Ranger: Rocky, Jason, Leo, TJ, Wes, Carter, Conner, Cole, Shane, Nick, Andros, Jack, Tommy, Alex,
Blue Ranger: Rocky, Lucas, Tori, Maddie, Max, TJ, Sky, Billy, Ethan, Kai, Chad, Justin
Black/Green Ranger: Xander, Adam, Zack, Trip, Bridge, Joel, Danny, Damon, Carlos
Yellow Ranger: Ashley, Katie, Dustin, Maya, Tanya, Kira, Aisha, Taylor, Trini, Z, Chip, Kelsey
Pink Ranger: Kat, Cassie, Kim, Karone, Syd, Kim, Dana, Alyssa, Kendrix, Vida
Other Ranger: Jason, Zhane, Blake, Eric, Trent, Cam, Kat, Ryan, Mike, Kat (SPD), Hunter, Merrick, Doggie, Tommy
Evil (gone good) Ranger: Kat, Karone, Blake, Ryan, Hunter, Tommy
More then one color Ranger: Rocky, Jason, Adam, TJ, Carlos, Tommy
Top five favorite rangers: (5) Lucas, (4) Ashley, (3) Kat, (2) Jason, (1) ROCKY!!!!

Ranger Relationships:

I love them to death (Favorite)

Tommy/Kim -- I mean, come on. They were the first couple on the Power Ranger screen. It's a classic. You go to love it. It’s my second all time favorite!!!!!!!!!!! Which is weird, cause I don’t really like Tommy as a ranger.
Jason/Kat -- My first all time favorite!!!!!!!!!!! They are so cute togehter, and I don't care what any one else says.
Rocky/Aisha -- Another classic. I luff Rocky, and I like Aisha alright, and they look so cute together.
Rocky/OC -- Just because I'm working on a story with this pairing, and i really like the way it's working out.
Billy/Trini -- I really like this couple. I think Billy is the best for Trini.
Adam/Tanya -- another cute couple. They are adorable together.
Zack/Aisha -- I actually like this couple. It’s adorable!

Andros/Ashley -- Who doesn’t like them? They have chemestry.
Zhane/Karone -- These two are ment to be toghether. You know it.
TJ/Cassie -- The Cutest Turbo/Space pairing ever. It's so cute!

Leo/Kendrix -- Cute. Cute. Cute. Cute. That’s all I have to say.
Leo/Maya -- not as cute as the one mention above, but I still love it.

Carter/Dana -- who doens't like this one?
Ryan/Kelsey -- look above.
Joel/Angela -- A clasic.

Wes/Jen -- Who doesn't like this one?
Lucas/Katie -- Love, love, love, love , LOVE!

Cole/Alyssa -- Everytime i see a stoy with couple, it's nicely writen, and i really like it, though i didn't really see it in the show.

Eric/Taylor -- another, who doesn't like this one?

Tori/Dustin -- Oh my god, don't get me started on this one. I love love love love love this one, and it's my third favorite out of all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kira/Conner -- They're cute together.

Sky/Syd -- yes, i like this one. a lot.
Jack/Z -- They are so cute together.

Chip/Vida -- my favorite Mystic Force couple. It's adorable.
Nick/Maddie -- opposites attract, right? Water and Fire, the two are so cute together.

I can stand them alright… (Okay)

Rocky/Kat: Jason is the only one I see Kat with, but it’s a good couple.
Zack/Trini: I like her better with Billy, but they’re an okay couple too.

-- They’re cute together, but I personally think of their relationship like I think of Kim and Jason.

Kai/Kendrix -- They do look cute together…
Mike/Maya -- look above.


Alex/Jen -- They are cute together, though i do like Jen with Wes a whole lot more.


Blake/Tori -- they are cute, but I like Dustin and Tori so much more.
Came/Tori -- Look above.

-- I do like them a lot (not as much as Conner and Kira), but they are cute.

-- I can stand them alright, though I like Z with Jack, and Sky with Syd


Hellz no I won’t read/write about them (hate)

Any Slash is a no-no! Personally, I don’t care about gay marriage or what not, let them do what they want to do, but I don’t enjoy reading it. Don’t ask, long story.

Tommy/Kat -- HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s Tommy and Kim, and Jason and Kat, all the way! I hate this pairing so much.
Jason/Kim -- It’s Tommy and Kim, and Jason and Kat, all the way! Plus, I always thought them to have a brother/sister relationship, ya know?
Jason/Trini -- brother/sister relationship
-- read a story with them as a couple. Nearly killed my self while laughing.
Adam/Aisha -- Just friends. Like a Jason/Kim relationship. That’s it.
-- … not even going to go there…
-- Not going to happen anytime soon…

-- No, Ashley and Andros are soul mates!!!!!!!!
Carlos/Cassie -- NO-NO!
-- I don't think they're anything but friends.

-- ???
Damon/Kendrix -- ???
Kai/Karone -- I never really saw them as a couple. Just as good friends.
Leo/Karone -- NO! Leo and Kendrix and Zhane and Karone!

-- He and Dana are perfect! No one else.

Wes/Katie -- Wes loved Jen….


-- That is a big no-no!
Hunter/Tori No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. and NO! If you must put Tori with someone, put her with Dustin, or Blake or Cam. BUT NOT HUNTER!

Tommy/Kira -- Ew…. Gross!!!! He’s her teacher, and isn’t that illegal?
Tommy/Hayley -- chokes on own saliva are you kidding me?!?!?!

Bridge/Syd -- I’ve never really thought about this pairing. I really can’t picture them together, though.
Bridge/Z -- I think I could picture them together.

Xander/Vida -- NO!
Xander/Maddie -- an even bigger NO!



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