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Author has written 4 stories for RuneScape.

Nickname: Joe

Age: 18

Area of Residence: New York City baby!

Current School: Polytechnic Institute of NYU

New Ideas:

Era to Future was suppose to be my last story in Runescape, but I didn't feel that I have tied up the loose ends with Killerine and the group's younger days, so if Leo doesn't tie it up for me, though I am encouraging him to keep writing, I'm probably going to have to tie up sometime later. Probably gonna name it: "When We Were Young."

Exclusive Interview between Kumi and Joe

Kumi: So Joey, how does it feel to be in our world?

Joe: Kind of wierd. I don't like putting myself into my own stories.

Kumi: Why is that?

Joe:I just don't like it. I mean I will put different versions of myself like how I depict my go happy attitude in Jack.

Kumi: But, Jack is mainly a well built fighter and the such. What about you?

Joe: Me? I can't fight to save my own life. But, I can run.

Kumi: What about his accuracy with rifles?

Joe: Oh, well it's called House of the Dead. I used to play that game all the time after a good game of handball.

Kumi: Ok, good enough, now on to the next topic. There are a good amount of plot holes in the story. Do you have any explanation?

Joe: Well I didn't plan on having such big plot holes, but I just felt like fast playing the story a bit. I mean there was suppose to be Christmas scene between Jack and Jenny where they are back in Fallador and it's more of a sappy romance chapter, but I cut it out because I wanted to get on to the action. Then there was another scene based on Valentines Day, where Jack finally makes the move and Jenny agrees to it, but I cut that out too. To those who were looking forward to these scenes, they'll be in a writers cut, sometime when I get the chance to get to it, but don't expect anything yet. Also between the time of December and January, I was suppose to cover the story of another character named Private Brooklyn in Ace's crew, but I decided to give him an entire single story. However, his name is still debatable even though I have already written several drafts.

Kumi: Can you tell the readers why of the sudden plot twists and turns?

Joe: Well what I write is mostly based on the mood I'm in. So whenever I write, I just let everything go. Whatever ideas I have in my mind, I just incorporate them into the story. That is also an explanation for the large plot holes.

Kumi: Can you explain where you got the ideas for your characters from and what are their roles?

Joe: Well, I'll start with Jack. When I was in 3rd grade I was a big final fantasy 7 fan, and I still am. I simply love Cloud's giant buster sword and the character itself so I incorporated some of that into Jack, who has soft spiky hair that stands up by itself, but not so much as to Cloud's; however apart from his physical look, Jack has a more positive and cocky attitude shaped from his battle experiences at the age of 14. Though Jack has some of my go happy silly attitude that I usually have when I chilling with friends. Jack's character itself has suffered amnesia, therefore his memories of how he got to Runescape is quite unclear. Ken on the other hand knows everything that has been going on. Though Ken is more of a background and support character for Jack. Ken does however has his important role in propelling the story forward by supporting and giving information to Jack on a need to know basis. Ken is an image of Zack from FF7. Then there is Jet. Jet who is character that simply came to mind when I thought of my friends. His characterization is mostly comprised of Hunk from RE2 and RE4. If readers had read closely, Jet was the only one that survived out of his entire squad when he fought Jack. Thus giving him the rightful name of Mr.Death. However my friend who is a big fan of the springfield sniper rifle, I decided to not give Jet a role in Jack's mercenaries as a frontline combater, but a sniper. Then there is Ritz, Kimmie, Jenny and you. Ritz and Kimmie are only filler characters and their roles are minor. Their basically there for comic relief. Jenny is a major character that will play a role that will drastically change the outcome of Jack's predetermined destiny, as well as his friends. However, you, Kumi. You are a special character. How special? I won't tell you. Not even if you point those two shiny pistols at me.

Kumi: Tch. You asshole. I would have shot you if you weren't the writer.

Joe: I'll tell you in private later.

Kumi: Well now time for some personal questions. Are you a religious man.

Joe: Do I look religious to you? I'm a peace loving man of peace but not of religion. I'm an atheist and you can sue me all you want for being one.

Kumi: laughs Ok, Joey, that's enough. Next question. Have you done any drugs?

Joe: Of course I have! What you think I don't get sick? I've been taking drugs since the age of 2 for goodness sakes!

Kumi: Umm I meant something else.

Joe: Oh. Um, I won't get arrested if I said I quit smoking right?

Kumi: Well, the legal age of drinking and smoking is 14 here in runescape. So your good.

Joe: Phew.

Kumi: But, you need an ID to buy from the store. But for a price I can fix you up with something nice that is cheap.

Joe: Umm no thanks. I prefer staying away from those cancer sticks. They really are addicting.

Kumi: Alright. mutters under her breath: pussy. Next question. Why is it taking you so long to update the god damn story!?

Joe: I blame society and SAT's alright! I hate to tell you this, but don't yell at me. Yell at the board of ed. and the college board ok? Don't yell at the student!

Kumi: mutters under her breath again: nerd. So what plans do you have for the future of your current story?

Joe: Oh I can't say that.

Kumi: Ok. Boys! Arrest the kid and put him in juvy!

Joe: What?!

A squad of white knights surround Joe and put him in chains.

Knight: You are now under arrest for underage drug abuse.

Joe: I thought 14 was the legal age!

Knight: It's 16.

Kumi: Feel like talking now?

Joe: Umm I think you forgot something. I'm the writer. points up to the sky of Varrock where six black hawks were dropping down 75th Rangers and Delta Operatives along with Dropships dropping off squads of Goliaths. Suddenly a red EVO IV pulls up to the Bluemoon Inn where Joe is at and his homie Leo comes out of the car with his ak47 spitting hot lead into the crowd. As suddenly as the car appeared, the chains on Joe magically disppeared and he ran to the trunk of the car where he pulled out an Mac 10 and began to blast on the white nights and Kumi. After putting down some suppresery fire, Joe and Leo retreated back into the car with Joe blasting at the knights outside of the window.

Joe: I said I can't fight, but I never said I can't shoot and make things magically appear and disappear in my realm!

1. Runescape Everyday Life

2. War of Wars

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