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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Innocent Intentions has been adopted by Aki Kochou and will now be continued by her. However, the first two original chapters will remain here, no matter if she decides to repost them. Honestly, we like the 22 reviews we have. xD

KittyNeko- Hello random person that I don't know!

Ryuueiki- Hiya! Welcome to our bio!

KittyNeko- This is the collab account we have created to house any and all fanfics we write together.

Ryuueiki- We are currently working on a fanfic as we type. Mwahahaha!



KittyNeko- MUHAHAHA! Have a nice day~! (Before we go and attempt to dominate the anime world.)

Ryuueiki- Eh heh... or evening... or... night...

~~ About Us~~

Ryuueiki- About us... two obsessed teens with an overactive imagination...

KittyNeko- coughpervertedimaginationcough

Ryuueiki- Ya! What she said!

KittyNeko- Fear the craziness! Anyhow, our names and ages are of no concern for you prying little readers... so shoo!

Ryuueiki- :watches the readers go: WAIT! NO! SHE DIDN'T MEAN IT! COME BACK~! :bursts into tears:

KittyNeko- :stares at her:

Ryuueiki- :looks like she just got run over by a 18 wheeler truck: Our readers... our beautiful readers... all gone...

KittyNeko- :Backs away: O... kay... Ignoring this... emotional break down thing... We are both of asian nationality and are both rabid fangirls of yaoi, anime, manga, and games.

Ryuueiki- :sniff: Why bother telling people who aren't even there :sniff: I like eggs...

KittyNeko- Er... right... Anyhow, my current obession is Rockman.EXE and is pissed at Bit torrent for taking so long to download. And Ryuueiki's current obession is... is... :pokes Ryuueiki: Hey, what is your current obssion?

Ryuueiki-Ya... obsession... OBSESSION! Hm... what is my current obsession? I am currently obsessed with Yuugiou fandom, the anime, Loveless and the manga, Sukisho. :sniff: Not that anyone is going to know now... WHY GOD WHY!

KittyNeko- :leans toward the readers that Ryuueiki didn't notice: Stay hidden, I'm getting some good blackmail pictures. :holds out camera: click, click, click...

Ryuueiki:- :hears clicking and turns towards KittyNeko:... what's that... friend? :eyeing the camura: Mwahahaha!

KittyNeko- Meep! :runs off screen:

Ryuueiki- :left all alown: T.T :starts singing: I'm all alown! There's no one else beside meeeeee!

KittyNeko- : yells from off screen: You can tell the readers about our ideas for other fics! Both the separate and together ones!

Ryuueiki- :blinks: Ok! :turns towards the readers: Wow! Your still here! IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACAL! :w00ts:

KittyNeko- :hesitantly comes on screen but stays near the edge:

Ryuueiki- SANTA'S COMMING TO TOWN! NA NA NA NA~ :does a jig:

KittyNeko- :Stares at her from the corner of the screen: Ok she has officially gone mental. :turns to readers: Currently we are working on a fan fic called 'Innocent Intentions' So far we have the first chapter done and is working on the second.

People who have beta-ed for us:

Innocent Intentions:

Chapter 1
: MysticSaku

Ryuueiki- xD Thank you for your hard work, and enduring our very bad grammer. :sulks: I knew I should have taken that job at Burger King... :forlorn sigh:

KittyNeko- :waves: Enjoy our stories (when ever we get around to posting them...) and don't forget to review!

KittyNeko: By the way, if you have a story that needs beta-ing, I'm avilable as long as you have either an yahoo im or an aim sn. I can be reached at kittyneko11xox on yim or enzettochan on aim.

Ryuueiki- Or you can contact me here if you want to beta one of mine (xD I always need a beta reader). That's my e-mail, or AIM. My screen names are Rivalshipping or DarkSetoHiei02. Please don't hesitate to contact one of us if you ever want to beta one of our fanfics or if you want KittyNeko to beta one of yours (unfortunatly, I'm always busy with mine). I thank you for taking the time to read our bio, and I hope you enjoy reading our stories as much as we enjoyed making them. Also, here is my Fanfiction.net profile if you want to take a peek.

KittyNeko: Ugh, don't even bothering looking up mine... I haven't written anything for the past year... I wouldn't be surprised if people thought I'm dead. . .

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