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A profile...hmmm, what goes in these things, anyway?

Well, I guess I can tell you a little about me:

Name: Jordan Shopshire
Gender: I know Jordan can be a guy's name, but I am a girl...and I think Jordan is a better girl name, anyway.
Location: Wiltshire, England...yeah I'm a Brit, deal with it. I have an accent, love it. Lol.

Details: I have long brown hair a quarter of the way down my back, very straight and neat. I have dark blue eyes and I'm a normal size for a fifteen year old girl. Anything else to say? I am in good shape and play a couple of sports.

Interests: Football (I believe it's called soccer in America), writing, dancing, blokes, cooking, no, ADORE shopping. I also play the piano, flute and I am a singer. My friends and family say I'm good, but I never expect to go pro or Natasha Bedingfield. Rugby is sort of fun, too.

Hmm...what next? Couples, I suppose:

Full Metal Alchemist: I adore the couple Roy/Riza, but I do also like Winry/Ed together, although the movie sure makes things difficult...I guess after that you'd think Roy and Riza would be the only two eligable to get together. Havoc and Riza are cute, too, but I'll only read a Havoc/Hawkeye story if it is well-written and so forth.

Naruto: I like Neji/Tenten, but Hinata/Naruto is cute also. I do like Sasuke/Sakura, but I hate them both anyway. Temari/Shikamaru is cute, too. And for some reason...I like Kiba/Ino...weird. They just seem to fit together in my mind. XD

Inuyasha: I pretty much enjoy reading anything with Kagome in it, as long as if isn't femme or slash. if I had to choose, Kouga/Kagome would be my favorite.

Harry Potter: Draco/Hermione, hands down. : ) Being British and all...sort of hard not to like Harry Potter. Lol.

I love reading fan fictions and I love getting emails. You can email at the link about where it says 'email' (obviously). You can chat with me or send a story to me. I'd love to read it and maybe help you out if you'd like. I'm also a beta if anybody is interested. And my AIM is sunkissedXOglory if anybody wants to talk! Maybe sometimes I'll give out story and one shot ideas and give sneak previews of upcoming stories or one shots I've already written. It's up to you! But if you're going to send me a story, make sure there is no bloody slashes. I apologize, but to me slashes are are pure barmy.


Thanks for visiting my page and I hope you enjoy my one shots and stories. I'll probably only be writing FMA needless to say there will be more than FMA stories and authors in ym favorites.

Sorry if my American English isn't very good. If you need a translation you can just ask me in a message, IM, email or review!

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Pancakes reviews
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