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It's been quite some time since I've bothered about his Profile page, not because I'm not on here often, because I am, but because I tend to zero in on whichever story I currently want people to read and review. I randomly decided to check the traffic on my profile, though, and apparently quite a few people might find me a bit interesting. Alas, as I live a great deal in various worlds and universes of my own making, or in those rather masterfully created by others, my day to day life in the "real world" is not incredibly fascinating. I'm twenty three, participating in a life of office drudgery (which I actually quite enjoy for the most part). I live in the barren wasteland that is Montana which, although quite dull, is scenic and beautiful and this combination has churned out several talented authors such as Patricia Briggs and Christopher Paolini.

I love getting feedback on the stories I post on here; this shows me what people think of my writing style and I really appreciate everybody's input. So far I haove posted only fanfictions from the Harry Potter fandom but I belong to so many others there's not point in listing them all. I've been reading fanfiction since about seventh grade so...ten years or so, and I'm a bit of a speed reader and have been known do go on crazy fanfiction obsessed rampages where all I do is read fanfiction and go to work for weeks, which means that's I have probably read at least 80% of the stories posted on here, unless of course they are cannon pairings because, with a few exceptions, I cannot stomach Ron/Hermione pairings. Originally I was a big fan of the whole Dramione bit, but after a while I had read so many that continuing with that ship was a little like that feeling you get when you've been sucking on hard candies one after the other and the roof of your mouth bets grainy and painful and you have a sugar headache. I found that adding Blaise to that mixture fixed that problem for a while at least, then I went on to develope a thing for Hermione/Lucius/Snape fics. Noticed a pattern yet? My favorite stories tend to be Hermione centric and for that reason I spend a lot of time also reading fanfiction on Granger Enchanted, which is a wonderful site if you're not familiar with it, although the stories on there tend to be slightly more mature. I have also found that the oddest pairings and situations can become palatable, perhaps even atonishing and wondrous if written correctly, and to my disbelief found myself enjoying several odd and obscure pairings, such as HermionexMultiples and HermionexBatman, HermionexSam and Dean of Supernatural (I know right, it should be so wrong...and yet...).

Now, because I read so much all the time, I've never been great about clicking the "favorites" button for stories or authors, and to all those to whom I committed that very great wrong, I deeply apologize. Now that I've become fairly serious about posting on my new fic Finding the Meaning of Death I know how exciting it can be, sitting on the edge of your chair, checking your viewer stats, and seeing the numbers go up and up, and yet, not a single review, very few followers...but thankfully I don't have an issue with re reading the greats, and so hopefully you will see my list of favorited authors and stories increase gradually. To anyone out there who is reading my story, If you review I will take notice and reply, and likely go read all of your stories related to the fandoms I appreciate and I believe in reciprocity. ;)

To all those reading Finding the Meaning of Death: If you're the sort who likes choose your own adventure novels I still haven't decided a couple things about the plot line I will be adding authors notes at the end of the chapters and if you review or private message me about them I will take your opinion/vote into consideration on such things as: who do you want to be the first person my OFC meets from the Harry Potter Universe? Who do you think the romantic pairing(s) should be with? Lastly, I do not have a Beta, and I don't really relish the thought of not posting my story/stories until I have gone over it/them with a fine-tooth comb, that said, I'm fairly good about not making grammar/spelling errors the first time around (which should hopefully be obvious as I wrote this entire profile using the same sort of method). I will be going over the chapters and fixing and mistakes/plot bunnies/glaring holes I may find; I won't wait until I'm finished or remove the story, I'll just make the correction silently, pray nobody noticed if they were the embarrassing sort, and move on.

If you find that this profile didn't tell you absolutely everything there is to know about me, feel free to pm me for more information, unless of course this profile made you decide I'm the dull sort after all and you can't even be bothered anymore (any Doctor Who/Catherine Tate fans out there?). If you prove yourself to be sufficiently interesting in turn, I may even be coerced into giving you my email, which makes communication far simpler. In the meantime, thank you for your interest and support and for caring enough to read to the bitter end of this profile page (let it be noted that I'm not really bitter, and I hope you aren't either, really...I sometimes wonder whether my cavalier attitude translates very well in text ;)

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Finding the Meaning of Death reviews
Our beloved original heroine is destroyed and reborn, but not through any process as quick and clean as that of the phoenix. She comes in contact with death and despair, with Dumbledore and the Dark Lord, whilst finding love and life in an unfamiliar world. Romantic pairing TBD, will take votes at a later date. :)
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