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Rawr! Hey people! I started reading FanFictions not too long ago...maybe about two months or so. I forgot how exactly I came upon the site, I think It was while I was trying to find out a specific detail about the InuYasha characters. However it happened doesn't matter I suppose. The point is, I foudn the site and immediately enjoyed the stories I read. I gradually started visiting the site more and more until I was hooked.

Recently, I found myself wanting to try my hand at writing FanFictions. I consider myself a decent writer, at least, outside of fanfictions I think I am. Whether or not I write any decent fan fictions I will leave up to you, the reader. I'll be taking reviews seriously, and I will try to improve my writing based on the advice I get in reviews. Also, please do not hold yourself back. If you hate my guts because I kill someone off or something, feel free to flame me. ;D

Anyway, I'd like to tell everyone some of my dislikes and likes in fan fictions that i've developed. They will reflect in my writing, and So by reading this biography, you will be forewarned about what I may have in my fanfictions. So, without any further ado:

Prefered Pairings:

Inuyasha and Kagome : Miroku and Sango : Sesshomaru Rin or Sesshomaru Kagura : Koga and Ayame

Filthy Pairings >:(

Inuyasha and Kikyo (EW) : Inuyasha and Sango (Bleh.) : Miroku and Kagome

I will occasionally avoid my prefered pairings in order to have some variety in my writing, but I will also do it occasionally so I can create some angsty feelings.

Disliked Traits/Characteristics:

Kagome becoming a hanyou.

Kagome having some type of hidden identity.

Anything involving extreme changes in the original characters. Only time I don't mind slight changes in character changes is when its not extremely drastic and it doesn't make the character god-like. Instead I'd prefer it has a massive weakness, so it provides and excuse as to why it doesn't show up in the "Anime".

I would tell everyone my ideas for stories, I actually have quite a few and i'm making sure its original before i begin writing them. I won't list the ideas though because they are original, or at least I think they are, and I don't want anyone taking them :O

Feel free to email me with any questions: scaevola_2b@yahoo.com (give me a few days to respond).

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Undeniable Love reviews
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The War Between Races reviews
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