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So our story begins with a girl who liked to write...

She also had friends who liked to write...

And the friends told her about this great site where she could post her writings about variouse obsessions she was having...

So the girl decided to join the site and subject others to the torture of her writings, because she had driven most away with her ranting...

so this is me...that girl...I really have no idea what to's a very sad day when a writer is at a loss for words...

I guess now is where I'm supposed to tell ya'll where I'm from, my likes and dislikes, etc...well, because I enjoy my paranoia I will not say where I live...only that it is the black hole of the U.S. and it will probably be easy to figure out what I like through my piteouse dribble most should discover what my obsessions are... there are a few that I will mention though...

1. Ghost hunting, yes we do it for fun and that's what got me interested in the show Supernatural and Ghost Hunters

2. Psychology. More specifically criminal and abnormal

3. flute playing... I am a band geek... I always will be a band geek...

4. Shooting... I like to shoot guns? What's wrong with that? I can be an animal rights activist and still shoot guns...

dislikes: people, not a big fan of sappiness, zombies...I mean they usta be people which was bad enough, but now they bite and smell horrid, other than that I find most things fact I even find my dislikes amuzing (you'll find no one with a larger collection of zombie paraphanalia)... so I guess you can't really call them dislikes.

Hey look, I am back! It's been a while, not only has school eaten my head but life in general has kinda sucked! So, because my thinking cap broke which caused the loss of spelling and basic grammer (which I had tenuous holds on to begin with) I began making videos instead of writing fanfiction for a while... but now I am back, sort of, if you have followed me from when I started on this site I come and go :p. Really, who looks at these?

If you notice most of my chapter names are song titles. I am happy to let anyone know what band does the song or what version I was listening to while I wrote.

Hmm, I forgot to post this link to my livejournal as well here you will find random drabbles contest things I come up with sometimes and comics

List of longer stories that aren't finished yet, unless it explicitly says so, they will all be finished in due time. Note- you'll notice that I have deleted a few stories, if I get enough clamor for them I'll put them back up, but I took them down because they had song lyrics in them and I'm not sure if I want to repost them without. It's up to you guys!

Blood and Tequila: probably not planning on finishing this one. Sorry to those who were reading it. OUaTIM.

Meet the Creeper: yes I did start another one... I am terrible at finishing things I guess... This one will skip around back and forth from Wee!chesters to the proper aged ones. As they say, somethings can't stay buried forever. Angsty, gonna be angsty. Supernatural.

25 Supernaturals of Christmas: My second challenge. Still working on shortening those drabbles... yup. Duh, Supernatural.

Just One of Those Days: Reno is having a bad, bad day. FF 7.

Winchester Sauce: It is pink and gooey and tastes like licking a foot. The Winchesters discover frysauce and learn why it is only sold in Utah. Supernatural.

31 Eerie Tales of Halloween: More Halloween drabbles, but for a different show! This is my focus currently!

All the Other Tuesdays: A request fic. All of the other Tuesdays Sam lived through. Supernatural.

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