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I think writing about yourself is perhaps one of the most difficult things you can do, if not the vainest. That, and I've never been content with the way my profile looks, ever. So here's my version of a revamp after two whole years of people having to read the conceited crap that was there before. (Yes, it was conceited. Don't argue.) Regardless, I'll start with the simplicities; more specifically that I am currently studying Forensic Psychology at the University of Toronto. Other than that though, I'm perhaps best known for my involvement in the graphic design community and as the webmistress of Fake-Wings.net and Invisus Designs, co-owned with my fellow designer, writer and fiancée Koyuki Matsudai. My passion in life, however, lies with writing, and where I prefer to pen my own original fiction, fanfiction is always a refreshing retreat.

Style and Genres
Noting how the majority of fanfiction I write is either smut or something of a poetic nature, my style has developed many dimensions over the years. Due to the large writing hiatuses I've been forced into taking over the past two years, styles displayed in my various oneshots may appear quite disjointed and inconsistent. My style though, despite slight evolution, is fairly aesthetic and descriptive, using images to convey narratives. At first it's somewhat difficult to grasp, and I've received a tad bit of criticism over it, but I personally believe it suits the darkened and sometimes sensual moods of many of my works best.

As for genres, the majority of fanfiction I tend to pen is boys love (relations between men and boys), varying from sentimentals to tragedies to pure smut. I usually like to incorporate a great deal of sensuality into my oneshots, as well as emotionally crippled characters. I have no care for characters who gush, nor those of an effeminate nature, so this is rarely seen in anything I write. To slightly stray from this though, I do have an in-the-works multi-chapter fic that is currently a mix of homoeroticism, het, and action adventure. Though it is rarely updated, to me it's a way to show a different side of my writing, and also a return to something more familiar to me in regards to my original fiction. (That and it's just fun in a terribly childish way.)

When I began writing, I was greatly inspired by a good friend, Julia, and am still today but in a different way. Personally, I try not to let writers, authors, or artists of any type "influence" me, for I'd rather have my own rightful originality. Sadly, being an avid reader, that's hard to accomplish. That said, Poppy Z. Brite and Charles de Lint as modern writers are perhaps most influential in my writing, as are the mangaka Kazuya Minekura and Toko Kawai. I'm mostly inspired by gothic fiction and prose though, authors such as Le Fanu and Wilde, and have great respect for Keats, the romantic poet. Music is also a major factor in my work, and without Tori Amos and Vienna Teng, I probably wouldn't have the energy to seek out my ever-wandering muse.

Reviewing and Critiques
As one may notice, I've been posting fanfiction on this account since 2004, so there is an array of both older and more recent writings available here. Something to be noted though is that my style is ever-changing, and such is the evolution of an individual's writing. Like all writers, I've fallen into a multitude of "style traps" over the years while attempting to find a technique that better suits and reflects my intent. One of these traps, to be specific, was "purple prose," also known as overwriting. I became a complete and utter victim of this back from late 2005 to mid-2006 when pieces such as Allure and Caress of Flesh were composed. More or less, I wish to point out that I am more than aware of my own "fault" with these works, and something that has been irritating me as of late is the "critiquing" of these older fictions. Logically speaking, where is the use in elaborating on a person's use of overwriting in a piece written three years ago? It is equivalent to picking up an essay written by a English Major when he or she was in the 9th Grade, and then proceeding to point out all of his or her stylistic and grammatical mistakes. Evidently the student now knows where he or she originally "went wrong." More or less, where I do not mind simple reviews of my older writings, I do not appreciate "critiques" of works written before 2007. Things written before then show no representation of my current style or ability, so I have no care to read opinions on old work.

Other than that, I can be found at the sites listed above, and for those interested, my daily life and... thoughts are scribed at Chimera, my livejournal. Pleasant reading, loves.

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Ongoing Multi-Chapters
Midnight's Innocence (Weiss Kreuz) Updated January 20th, 2008: Graphic yaoi warning for Ch. 10.

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