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Author has written 2 stories for Suikoden, and Final Fantasy VII.

Name: Arekkushia

-Or Lexie.

Age: Disclosed.

Gender: Female

Location: I'm a tea drinkin' Brit.

Interests: I like fantasy/romance books. I love anime and manga and I adore drawing and writing.

Random Information About Me:

I very much like to play RPG games, I detest sports games. I like Asian food most of all. My favourite drink is pure apple juice. I love and can't live without my Suikoden III manga. I have three siblings and a cat until recently. I prefer Nintendo over Square Enix. Zelda rox. I don't like horror movies. My favourite PJ's are aqua. I'd rather a cat than a dog. I'm obsessed with gammar and can't bare to make spelling mistakes. I have a strange accent. No matter what people say I'll always hate pie. I hate the number 4. I was born on the 13th. I'm running out of things to say... Blue is a nice colour. I finally got to try sushi and I think it's yoomy. I'm currently studying how to speak Japanese for I hope to live in Japan one day. I think some cuddly toys look nuts. I don't like sleeping with my head on a pillow.

I think that's enough...

Favorite couples:

Cloud and Aerith/Aeris. (Final Fantasy VII)

Yuri and Alice. (Shadow Hearts)

Kiba and Cheza.(Wolf's rain)

Blue andHige. (Wolf's rain)

Tidus and Yuna. (Final Fantasy X)

Zidane and Garnet. (Final Fantasy IX)

Sora and Kairi.(Kingdom Hearts)

Li and Sakura. (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Gene and Melfina. (Outlaw Star)

Vincent and Tifa.( Final Fantasy VII) Don't ask me why I choose this, but anything to keep Tifa away from Cloud. Besides I hate Yuffie and Vincent together.

Elena and Ryudo.(Grandia II)

Ryu and Nina. (Breath Of Fire series)

HeroVIII and Medea. (Dragon Quest VIII)

Zelda and Link. (The Legend of Zelda)

Tir and Kasumi. (Suikoden)

Faroush and Lyon. (Suikoden V)

Arshtat and Ferid (Suikoden V)


Soubi and Ritsuka. (Loveless)

Axel and Roxas. (Kingdom Hearts II)

Ted and Tir. (Suikoden I)

Demyx and Axel. (Kingdom Hearts II)

Favorite anime/manga (movies included):


Wolf's Rain.

Princess Mononoke.

Howl's Moving Castle.

Spirited Away.

Laputa: Castle in the sky.


Final Fantasy VII: Last order.

Ah! My goddess.

Ranma 1/2

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. ( I swear that's spelt wrong. O.o)

D.N Angel

Favorite movie.


Favorite book.

Redemption of Althulas and The Forestwife.

Favourite singers:



Utada Hikaru

Within Temptation



Linkin Park


Several Songs I Like:

Last Song, Gackt.

Shallow Sleep, Hyde.

Simple and Clean/Hikari, Utada Hikaru.

Stand My Ground, Within Temptation.

Everytime We Touch, Cascada.

Faint, Linkin Park

Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Greenday.

Planned and Written Stories:

Finding Our Light.

Rating: M

Based on: Final Fantasy VII.

I don't intend to carry on writing this now. I have lost the plot and my inspiration.

Times of Effect.

Rated: T

Pairing: LyonXPrince

Based on: Suikoden V

The first chapter has been lying on my computer, collecting dust for weeks now. . 'Bout time I uploaded it.

For this fanfic, reviews would be like being given me a plate of sushi (I like sushi). However I'm aware that Suikoden isn't very popular. I'm finding it a little off putting, knowing that I'll most likely have very few reviews though I will not stop writing so long as reviewers wish me to update. But please, don't read and not review. It's very unfair to the effort I'm putting into it. Thank you for understanding if you did.

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