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Welcome to the 21st century... I now have a website.

All of the stuff that was here is now there.

I am a nice, sweet person with a dark, antisocial core. (Like the movie "The Core", which is neither dark nor antisocial, but made me want to die, somehow). I like monsters, what else is there to say? And yeah, I would eat college boy, but not raw. I mean, c'mon. (I've changed my mind on this now. I would eat it raw, if it was very, very fresh.) I've never been a writer, but I have stories in my head that have to go somewhere. Thanks to the moral (?) support and encouragement of some friends, I have begun writing.

I'm kind of obsessed with the weird and horrible. Old Goths never die, they just return from the grave. If you've ever seen Silence of the Lambs, my basement looks just like Jame Gumb's! Well... no oubliette. Yet. If I think of anything else important, I'll add it later.

Age: 35

Sex: Female, Confirmed Bachelorette

Favorite drink(s): Tequila, coffee ...not at the same time.

Favorite food(s): Homemade tamales, dark chocolate ...not at the same time. Favorite special treat - bananas foster in a crepe with Nutella drizzled in it. (oooo, shiver... there really are things that are better than sex.)

Favorite kind(s) of music: Spanish guitar, klezmer and gypsy swing, Yo-Yo Ma ...not at the same time.

Favorite bedmate(s): Heath Ledger, Alan Rickman the same time.

Shower Soap-Boy: Vin Diesel

Occupation: I own a small business in a small town. I hope to someday have a seedy hole-in-the-wall fortune telling parlor/marital aids/novelty and gag gifts store. Yes, all at once.

Other stuff that was here, and is now on my crap-ass site:

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