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Alright. Due to me being utterly embarassed to no end about actually uploading my writing, I'm not even going to tell you my -real- internet nicname. Now that's sad, isn't it? xD Pssh. Anyways, I can tell you a bit about myself:

Name: Cursed-Ketchup ((theres a joke behind it, but I'm too lazy to type it out))
Age: My birthday is June 17th 1989. I may not update this often, so You'll just have to do the math for it.
Hobbies: Drawing, acting, singing, writing, gardening, reading books/manga, wacthing anime, acting stupid, engaging in insult wars, wacthing the comedy/history/discovery channels and eating junk food.
Petpeeves: Chat speak. owO Art stealers. People who breathe/eat excessively loud. Fanfics where the characters are so outrageously OOC that you might as well just create them into new characters. o_o Ie: Hinata being a rough-and-tumble tomboy. It doesn't WORK. D:
Wow. o_o; Thats about as much as anyone could possibly want to know about me. I'm boring. I aplogize. -bows-
Fave Couples:
-NarutoSasuke. XD
Ichi/Ishida. (depending on mood. XD)

Neji, Chouji, Shino, Lee, Gaara, Sasuke, TenTen, TonTon((The Pig!)), the little summoning dog I always forget the name to. ((Actually, they're REALLY SOFT AND BOUNCY! xD God. I love him.)) And the two little frogs that Naruto always summons. ((The yellow one is adorable! XD))
Ouran Highschool Host Club:
NEKOZAWA! -glomp- And Mori. XD
Jaken. Jakotsu. Hojo. ((Hojo's so oblivious. It makes me luff him.))
Sunako. Yuki. The Fangirls. ((I have no idea why I like the fangirls in this series. I just do. o.O))
KON! Hana, Rukia and Chad. X3
Skip Beat:
Kyoko, Yashiro, Lory, Sho, and 'dark' Ren. XD squeel

Alright. Now, I'm going to clear a few things up right now:

1) I don't hate Sasuke's guts. In fact... I like the fact that he's a overreacting self-pity-monger-emo-boy. I dont know why, but all that angst and stupidity just make him even more pokeable then when he was all icy and expressionless.

2) I'm so totally not against shounen-ai/yaoi or whatever. o.O I still think Sasuke/Naruto is a -hot- couple. XD I just cant write it. ((I can hardly write romance in general... I fear for when I'm going to have to put mushy scenes into my fanfic.))

3) For some reason, Itachi just doesn't seem that attractive to me. o-O; I mean, sure. His hair has got to be one of the best styles in the anime ((Hyuuga Neji is so the best though xD)) but ew. The lines under his eyes are sorta... gross. They make him look old in my opinion. But he's still better than Kabuto... whom I really dont like. -twicthy- He bugs me...

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