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Hi Everyone!

My name is Jenn and I'm from Spencer, Iowa. Go Spencer TIGERS!

I love music, wrestling, hanging out with my friends and shopping!

I have a fourm up where you can chat about theWWE and everything thing about it:)

My fave TVshows:

The OC- Marissa killed Trey! Sad... because he was so HOTT!

One Tree Hill- Just like my life... HAHA...I wish...

Raw- Mmm..John Cena

Smackdown- Mmm.. Randy Orton

Punk'd- Hella funny-ya gotta love "The Farmhand"- if you don't know what I'm talking about, just watch the episodes with Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Triple H! Then you'll know!

Viva La Bam- Bam Rocks!

Some of My Fave bands/singers: I like all kinds of music really- just not country music- which I just don't like (no offence to ppl who like country, but its not my style)

Three Days Grace- I love these guys so much! The lyrics to their songs are so awesome, especially if you need to get some anger out!

Evanescence- Totally rock! The songwriting is just so deep.

Ashlee Simpson- I don't care if she lip-synched on SNL, she still has such a great voice.

Kelly Clarkson- My fave American Idol The girl has a voice.

Shakira- She is just so awesome! I love her songs!

No Doubt- They just totally ROCK! Awesome songs to just dance aroundto.

Green Day- Those guys are AMAZING! They will always rock.

Fave wrestlers/divas:

EDDIE- R.I.P. and may God treat you good up there!

Randy Orton- Hot, talented, great heel on SD, go RKO!

John Cena- Hot, talented, awesome rapper, kickin a$$ and takin names as always!

Batista- Strong, hot, A Champ he is! Getting better in the ring also.

Shelton Benjamin- Awesome in the ring, he's got some skills, WWE needs to use him in storylines more often!

Christian- He's so funny! He is going to be one hell of a fan fave in TNA.

AJ Styles- Amazing athlete! This guy can do anything in the ring!

Trish Stratus- One of the best divas ever, totally kicks ass, She is totally back!

Victoria- Yeah, she's a little psyco but she rocks!

Jackie Gayda- It'll be awesome to see what role she plays in TNA! She is such a good diva!

Melina- She has really good mic skills. She is totally going to be an awesome diva.

Least fave wrestlers/divas:

All of the "diva" search girls- do I have to say anything more?

Triple H- yeah good mic skills and ring skills, but does he have to shove it down our throats?

Ric Flair- Old, old, and old

Viscera- ugly, disgusting, he hurt Trish!

Chris Masters- totally a Randy Orton wannabe, absolutly no wrestling skills

JBL- He is funny with that whole "wrestling God" thing but I just don't like him- never have

Snisky- YUCK! U-G-L-Y!

My fave pairings:

Trish/Randy- They look so hot together! The ultimate couple!

Trish/John Cena- 2nd place for hottest- they're hot together also!

Trish/Jeff Hardy- I don't know why I like them together, but they're just hot.

My least fave pairings:

Stacy/Randy- I don't know why but I just don't like them together

Lita/Randy- they just don't mesh well IMO

Stacy/John- nope don't like them together, same as Stacy/Randy I guess

Any of the diva search girls/Any other wrestler- nope just doesn't work maybe its because of the diva search girls (hehe)

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