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Author has written 13 stories for Harry Potter, and Sailor Moon.

General Information:

Full Name: Serenity Icelynn Black-Shields (not my real name, just a pen name to ensure PRIVACY)

Name mostly used: For this site I mostly go by Isis or Icelynn (probably Icelynn), but there are some who call me Serena~Sama or even Serenity. NONE of which are my real names! 3-4-12: I also now go by the name of Koori Tenshi, a name by awesome niece helped me come up with. I also have a facebook page under the name of Koori Tenshi if anyone would like to interact with me. :) I also have a fb page for people to like that is called IcepricessIsis3 that I created to keep you guys more informed. Please come visit my fan page and like it because I sometimes give hints for the fics I'm working on. The link for my fan page is at the bottom of this bio and is also available as a link that is for a home page. Thanks for your attention guys! :D

Hobbies: Mostly reading and writing since I love both so much. Pity, I don't always have the time for them as much as I would like.

For information on my current fics please look below. If you are looking for the most recent information on this page then you need to go toward the bottom of this page.

11-30-08: My fics are on hold for a while since I have finals coming up soon. That, and I still thinking through all of the chapters for each of the 4 fics I'm working on. In a way I'm going through writer's block again. In general I know what I want to put down, it's just me wanting to word it well enough to actually post it. Another reason I'm putting them on hold is so that I can go back and edit True Nature and try to improve the earlier chapters that still need to be fixed up. On the up side, I now have a live journal account and I plan on posting my fics on there as well so that I don't have to edit out as much as I have been. The first four chapters of TN have been edited and posted on it. I have also posted the other three fics on there as well. I also gave extra chapters for A Tale of a Tail as incentive to check out my live journal. The url is: I hope to see all of you there. Wish me luck on my upcoming finals please.

2-21-09: Hey everyone. I haven't really had time to do much of anything writing wise for my fics because I am so busy with college and life in general. But I am still alive. I still might use Live Journal,but am not sure just yet since LJ can be a pain sometimes. That's all for now. I'll still use for the fics I already have here, but newer ones might not get posted here. Later all.

6-1-09: Well, I updated again. Except for the 3 fics I adopted back in April, this is my first update since September. College had been pure hell this past semester (which just ended not too long ago) and I had been way too stressed to work on my fics much. Now is my time to de-stress and to try to work on my fics as much as I can. T/N fans will be happy to know that chapter 20 was posted today and I just want to let you guys know that chapter 21 has been started. I have no idea what my plans for the summer may contain, but I plan on trying to get ahead in my chapters if I can, so it might be a while before I can update again since I want to try to get ahead enough where I can start to post more frequently than I have been. For those of you who have stayed with me and stuck with T/N though the whole way, I would like to say thank you and that you guys helped me to feel good in a time where I was struggling. I would also like to say thank you to everyone else for just reading my fics. Later everyone and please take care.

6-15-09: Right now I think that I am going to put An Angel's Twins on hold because a key idea and part of the plot is something of my own creation and I am actually working on my own story with that idea. The idea I am talking about is something that both Harry and his twin actually are and I do not want to reveal what that kind of creature right now because I would rather finish my own story with it that way I can protect my idea as best I can. In response to the following review, I would like to say a few things:

2009-06-02 . chapter 6

Sorry if I sound harsh, but this story is just really annoying. I thought it was supposed to be about the Potter twins? Harry and Illyria (the name is not very plausible, by the way- as if parents would name one of their twins with a very common name and the other with some kind of fantasy one)?
How great Harry's twin sister is! Such a tale of lifelong suffering, and yet she is beautiful, flawless, even pure- just perfect. I'm sure you will make her into a great student as well- much better than Harry, even topping Hermione?
Well, in just a few chapters you've managed to turn it into a perfect Mary-Sue-meets-Severus-Snape story. How wonderfully boring. At least change the category away from Harry/Severus and to Severus/other. Stories like this just drive me mad. Try to be more original.

My response since I can't actually send a response to you is: One thing I would like to say about An Angel's Twins is that it is in the HP section for Harry Potter and Severus Snape BECAUSE they will have to learn to put aside their feelings and dislike for each other because of Harry's twin sister and until that happens it will remain where it is until Harry ends up with Draco, then the fic will either go to the section of Severus Snape/OC or it will go to the section for Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy. Then again, I think I'll leave this fic right where it is because Harry and Severus will also have to learn to work together, so if you don't like that then don't fucking read it! And the whole thing about me writing that Harry's twin is still pure and innocent is because in a way she is because she has never done anything with a another person willingly and just because she was abused her whole life does NOT mean that a small part of her can't be innocent and pure and I mostly meant that she is pure and innocent in the way of her heart, you dumb ass. I WAS raped a couple years ago so I do know what I am talking about, Catty, so if you want to criticize me about what I have written, then at least have the guts to sign the review so I can reply to it and explain things instead of doing that in a cowardly way that I have to resort to ranting in the chapters and on my freaking bio page. As for you saying that Illyria is flawless, NO she isn't. Her skin seems to be because she WAS turned into a vampire and in my story line when a person is turned into a vampire then any scars that they had 'heal' unless the scars happen to be cursed scars, like the one Harry received from Voldemort. And no, Illyria will not be smarter than Harry or even Hermione, as you implied. That thought never crossed my mind. And the damn story IS about the Potter twins, but the story needs time to develop and explain things before the both of them are reunited, so don't jump ahead of where the story is.. And this story will not be JUST about the Potter twins, but their mates as well when the story actually gets that far. So, until you actually know what I plan and where the story line is going, then save the criticism for someone who actually gives a shit about whether or not you find the story annoying. And the story will have original ideas in it at some point, but guess what? You probably will not see it because you think it "is just really annoying". But whatever. Your loss, not mine. Oh, and learn how to be more polite please.

Sorry for the ranting everyone, unless you happen to be this 'Catty' person. I just had to get that out of the way. As for my other fics, they're being worked on. That's all I have to say for now. For all of my other reviewers, and the readers as well, thanks for the support and for everything else. I love you guys! Later.

P.S. For slightly newer and reedited versions of some of the chapters from True Nature please feel free to go to my message board site: There are also bonus chapters for A Tale of a Tail there if anyone is interested.

added 6-15-09: tHe BuNnY

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7-29-09: Well, True Nature has been updated and chapter 21 is now availible to be read. There is a new poll up that goes along with the chapter. Please take the time to vote if you are a TN fan. I updated TN because it is the fic I have been working on the longest and I felt that I should reward the reader of it that have stayed with the story so far and for so long. Another reason that I updated TN is that the chapter was actually finished and typed for almost a week now and my best friend and I decided that it would be a good idea to update True Nature for Harry Potter's birthday, but alas, I got impatient and posted it two days early because I wanted to post my first poll. :) I couldn't resist, to be honest. The updates for True Nature have been so spaced out that I felt the urge to post another chapter. Chapter 22 is coming along slowly, but at least it has been started and I know where I want to go with it. I have finally gotten back into True Nature the way that I wanted to and that means that I will be mostly focusing on it for a while. That does not mean that I am giving up on my other fics, I will get back to them at some point, but for now True Nature needs the most of my attention and focus. I hope that everyone understands that. Please take the time to vote in the poll. Later everyone! :)

9-8-2010: Hey everyone. I have some disappoint news for all of you. For now *all* of my stories are all on hold until further notice because life in general is too hectic and busy for me to do much writing any time soon because of college and other *personal* things. Please be patient with me and I will get back to all of my beloved stories as soon as possible. Hang in there and we'll get back on track again. I love all of my readers and promise I will get back to my writing as soon as I can when things finally calm down enough again to get my stories back up and running. Don't give up on me because I do plan on finishing True Nature and my other stories. If anyone has any questions then please feel free to PM me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I love and miss you all. And I *will* return to you guys again.

9-1-11: Sorry everyone, but my stories are still on hold. I have a lot going on in my life and just can't write like I want to right now. Please continue to be patient with me because I do plan on continuing my stories again when things calm down and get better for me. Real life is sometimes hard to deal with but that's why it's called life. I really hope that things improve soon because I really, really miss writing. Thank you for your time.

P.S. At least I finally got rid of some of the junk above on this page. I can't believe I let my former friend talk me into putting that crap on here; but at least I finally got rid of it. Oh, and on the stupid Mary-Sue junk that sometimes comes up. I DO NOT use Mary-Sue characters! Just because I introduce my own characters for the purpose of being creative does not make them Mary-Sue because they are not based on me whatsoever so get over it! Mary-Sue characters are the author inserting themselves into a story and I don't do that because I feel it's more fun to create new characters to help out the characters that are already there. If people don't agree with that then go find another fic and keep you nasty and/or mean thoughts to yourself instead of degrading an author for expressing their creativity. Sorry for the rant, but it needed to be said.

On the issue of the fics I adopted awhile back:

All I Need Is You has been given back to the original author. The other two fics (The Crow and This Is Me) are beyond my patience and time to even try to fix. Sorry everyone. If anyone wishes to try to fix them up and continue them then I am more than will to put them up for adoption, other than that they are officially being abandoned by me. This does NOT go for my own fics that I started, just the ones I adopted. I think that's it for now. Best of luck to everyone who actually checks this. lol

I now have a beta profile if anyone would like some help trying to fix up things like grammar, punctuation, and spelling. I am willing to serve as a beta in order to try to help others with improving their writing if they want the help. ^_^ I may have high standards when it comes to grammar and punctuation now that I'm out of college, but that is only because I want to help others improve with what I learned in all of the English and different literature classes I took. Kind of like a passing on of knowledge type of thing, lol.

9-27-11: Ok, a quick note/request about betaing. If anyone would like me to beta for them then please give me as much info on the fic; like background stuff such as maybe a brief summery or overview of the prospective fic and the main pairing. Mostly just background info on the fic in general is fine and would be greatly appreciated. I'm asking for at least some kind of info on a prospective fic for betaing because it would make it easier to make an informed decision instead of just being asked random stuff with next to no info except for a pairing possibility only. Thank you, everyone, for your time and/or interest, and sorry if it seems like I'm being picky but I want things to be as smooth as possible for any authors, as well as myself, who might want me to beta for them.

12-22-11: Chapter 22 for True Nature is now available to read on here and chapter 23 is about to be started. Will update my profile when I can to let people know what's going on. There's also a new poll on here that I have going, so please feel free to vote and even PM me if there are any questions about it. Also, I'm thinking about changing my pen name and when the current poll has a decent amount of votes I'll create a poll about whether or not people will be okay with me changing my pen name on here.

12-25-11:First off, Merry/Happy Christmas to everyone! ^_^ Well, I'm starting to get back to True Nature for the fans of that particular fic. I'm also going to try to get back to An Angel's Twins and A Tale of a Tail as well, and maybe even The Protectors. Right now my main focus is probably going to be TN and maybe even some other more recent fics I started during my hiatus from writing while I was having writer's block on the fics that I have up on here. On the bright side, TN fans, I'm about a third of the way through chapter 23; so let's hope that the ideas keep coming so I can get some more chapters up for you guys.

In regards to the new poll I have, if anyone is wonder about that then I'm going to briefly explain why I'm asking that poll question. In the past I've had a couple people use the anonymous review feature to leave flames and now that I'm making my return I'm not in the mood to deal with it so I'm giving my readers a say in whether or not I will disable anonymous reviews because I don't want it to seem like I might be punishing my fans that might use the anonymous review option. Another reason I was thinking about disabling anonymous reviewing is that I don't want the few people that I've had to add to my block list to try to use that to harass me through my fics since they can't PM me anymore. As I mentioned before, I would like the opinion of my readers in if it would bother anyone is I disabled anonymous reviewing. Other than that, if anyone has any questions or concerns about anything, please feel free to PM me and I'll answer as soon as I can.

PS: I just replaced chapter 22 of TN because I fixed some of the mistakes that I noticed when I reread what I did. I think I found most, maybe even all, of the mistakes that were in the chapter, but I'm not 100% sure.

12-29-11: TN chapter 23 has been posted. I'll try to look it over again for mistakes within the next few days or so. Since I'm just recently getting back to writing to begin with, I expect updates to remain irregular. That's it for now.

2-15-12: I just created a page on FaceBook that I plan on using to give out info on my fics. If anyone is interested in in then the address is:

There isn't anything there just yet, mostly because I just got it up and running. I'm thinking of using the FB page to update info instead of continuously adding more and more stuff onto my bio page. ^_^ Another reason I created the FB page is for people to get together and talk about Harry Potter stuff if they want to. I hope to see of my TN fans on my new FB page. Take care everyone.

2-23-12: Went through some of my documents and found a few things. I found a complete 5th chapter of A Tale of a Tail and have updated it; there's also at least part oth a 6th chapter but other than that I will have to look everything over on a different day. I also found my revised version of An Angel's Twins and created a story for the revised version because I have 7 complete chapters of that and an 8th one started. I also found a first chapter for two fics that I started two years ago and have uploaded them to see what you guys think of them. Protectors is on hold until I can figure out what I was planning on going with it. I have 4 paragraphs so far for TN (True Nature) and it's being stubborn, but I will continue to work on it. I will never abandon TN because I have already put so much into it and I do plan on finishing it no matter how long it may take. I am thinking of removing All I Need Is You because it had gone back to its original author. I am also thinking of removing The Crow and This Is Me because there was just way too much for me to try to fix and it's pointless continuing them when there is so much wrong with them.

I have made the decision that I will put my slash and moresome fics on this account. Other fics that don't have slash shall go onto one of my other accounts. For more info on any of my fics at any given time, please go to my FB page and 'like' me, that way if there are questions or anything it will likely be addressed there. the address for my FB page is:

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AU. A night of drinking led to a night of passion. Months later Snape and Harry have to deal with the consequences of that night, among other things. Together they might learn the true meaning of being Forever Free. Rated for later on. Slash/Snarry
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Harry Potter had a long lost twin sister that he didn't know about, and he didn't get to meet her until his fourth year at Hogwarts. Who found her and what happens when the twins are finally reunited? Harry & Snape are going to have to learn to get along.
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Drabbles generated by a drabble-matic. They're meant to not make sense, but be funny and silly. Some are happy and some are sad.
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Harry/Hermione drabbles from a drabble-matic. These are meant to be funny. Some might be happy, while others might be sad.
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Just something I got from a Drabble-Matic about Harry & Luna. Parts of it don't make sense, but it's good for a laugh. Christmas setting.
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Just a cute type of fic about SS and HP playing a cat and mouse type of game in pursuing each other in the mists of the war. Among other things, will they ever get together? AU and is slash and a creature inheritance fic. Set in year seven.
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Harry Potter had a long lost twin sister that he didn't know about, and he didn't get to meet her until his fourth year at Hogwarts. Who found her and what happens when the twins are finally reunited? Harry & Snape are going to have to learn to get along
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AU fic. Harry is going to find out that there is a group of beings called the Protectors, and they want him to join them, but what are they? With the war being finally acknowledged things are going to get rough for Harry. Eventually will be slash of HP/SS
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