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Author has written 12 stories for Yu Yu Hakusho, Samurai 7, Maid Sama!, Rise of the Guardians, Harvest Moon, and Dragon Age.

Hi, I am Lee Totema, I've been on this site for way too long now. I have been writing for about 10 years now, it's just a hobby really. I am a woman that has a full time job, and a mother of two so my updates will be sporadic, but I'm gonna try to schedule a few updates here and there.

Not much to know about me other than I try my best and I love reviews just like every other writer here :3

My dream is to one day have my Dragon Age stories on TVTropes!

Now an explanation on some of my stories:

Someone series:

Someone I can call a Friend and the sequel Someone I can Love is basically my first story of my life. This has been re imaged, flipped, and re written about twice now and has gone through several incarnations in my mind before I finally settled down on an idea. The first story follows a trio of friends Naota, Hikaru and Shuichi when he was a child. The story came from an idea and a question, 'Why aren't there any fanfics of when Shuichi was a kid?' So the first story was born, it follows the trio as they grow up with each other but also Naota isn't what she seems. The sequel follows Naota and Shuichi 10 years later as Naota being the new spirit detective trying to shut down an army of demon revolutionaries bent on waging war.

Around Midnight:

Just a one shot based on a song by the Airborne Toxic Event called "Sometime Around Midnight." Basically tells about how Hinata's and Misaki's relationship breaking down and how he still loves her after all this time. By listening to the lyrics and reading the story you can tell where some lyrics fall into the story, but it isn't a songfic, those are against the rules :3

Our Eyes:

Another one shot. After watching Samurai 7 I fell in love with the character Kyuzo and decided on a one shot for him and his seemingly cold and distant personality that actually cares. Written in first person, it's a bit confusing since I'm not used to writing like that.

Future Story Ideas:

Cupid one and two:

Basically a Rise of the Guardians fanfic that I've been thinking of for a very long time, deals with the spirit of love, cupid in a very different manner. The first part deals with cupid explaining to Jack how cupid can't just shoot an arrow and love will ensue, no love is much more complicated. The sequel would deal with the rise of Pitch again but with and OC son, more powerful than him.


The story for ROTG has now been uploaded called Cupid's Arrow


Unfortunately I uploaded all of my chapters onto a separate computer (my husband's) and then it broke down. So I'm not sure when Cupid's Arrow will come back up :/

Harvest Moon Cross dressing:

A harvest moon based on the Grand Bazaar about a girl who sees a murder and has to cross dress as her brother to escape major peril, but during her stay she attracts both woman and men which deals with more problems. I've started writing this, but haven't been able to really figure out how to start it.


I finally released the story called Cross-Dressing, Murder, Love, Oh my! Please read! :D It's on permanent hiatus until I have the time to rewrite it.

Dragon Age Series: Our Days series:

Days of our lives is a self insert and follows my character (or me) as she travels with the Grey Wardens and tries to help them on their journey, all the while trying to find a way back home. I wanted to do a dragon age for a very long time and I finally got down to writing it. It breaks the mold because, even though my character is female, she's not going to be with anyone like the other self inserts. :3 It will not just end with DAO it will continue until inquisition.


Days of Our Time is up which is the sequel to Days of Our Lives. Follow my character as she traveling through Amaranthine and deals with the intelligent darkspawn known as the Architect!


Days of Our Past is now up! This is the third part of the Our Days series! My character has left Amaranthine and has met the future Champion and will now do everything she can to change the future! But will she be able to or will everything she does only head towards it?

My deviantart that will hold drawings of a few things in my DA Universe which expands on a few of the original characters. http:///

Disclaimer: I hold no rights to anything I write about, whether it be about books or video games. Everything belongs to their respective owner except myself and my OCs.

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When she had told him, red-faced and panting, that she would one day make him beg, he had laughed. Laughed for so long he nearly lost his breath. Yet now, in the aftermath of the battle, he realized how wrong he had been.
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Against his will, Izuku has transferred to U.A.'s General Studies program in order to spy for Shigaraki and his League of Villains. It's a warped version of his old dream, but at least Kacchan is there. (It's a shame that only makes things worse.) [Villain Izuku AU]
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Rated T just to be safe Ok I stink at summaries. Sora is a new girl in the town and doesn't believe she'll ever find friends...that is until our little blond hero runs her over and meets Sora. She finds a black book but no mamodo. What does this mean?
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Rewrite of "Days of Our Lives." Huh. I was driving home from work and now I'm in Dragon age world. It's 3 years before the Fifth Blight. So what do I do? Be the handmaiden to Oriana and hope I don't die. Self Insert. Multiple Origins. Rated T for mild swearing and adult themes.
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A Dalish mother and son go to the Conclave to spy for their people until the son goes off on his own to the Conclave. Now, a young elf man nearing 16 years old, is the Herald of Andraste. He will have to carry the responsibilities of an adult while trying to come to terms with his new found power. His mother will guard him, guide him, and worry like all mothers do. Updates weekly.
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Third Part. Kirkwall, the City of Chains. I may not have been able to stop him in Amaranthine but I have another chance and many others to change things. The future can't be set right? Self Insert. Rated M to be safe. On break.
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Huh. I was driving home from work and now I'm in Dragon age world. It's 3 years before the Fifth Blight. So what do I do? Be the handmaiden to Oriana and hope I don't die. Self Insert. Multiple Origins. Rated T for mild swearing and adult themes. Cover Pic by yours truly. Rewrite Days of Our Start is up!
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Gretel has witnessed a murder. So they put her into protective services and send her off to Zephyr Town. The twist? She's living her life as her twin instead. Now cross-dressing, she lives her life while trying to stay safe, earn some money on the way, and also deal with several villagers that have her in their eye. PERMANENT HIATUS!
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Sequel. A decade after they meet they meet again but under dire circumstances when someone in demon world is bent on unsealing a demon that will cause a war to break out between the 3 worlds, can they stop the unsealing in time or will they fail knowing it could very well kill the other person they so desperately love? Rated T for swearing and violence KuramaxOC COMPLETE!
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