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Hello, it's me...Elenemire...no you don't know me yet, but soon the whole world will know me! mwahahaha! ehem well, there's not much to say...I guess I could go find one of those survey thingies that ask the questions so that I can answer them...within reason...makes it easier that was you know...hold on let me go find one...

Ok, found one but I can't get it to come up on this thing, so let me just tell you a couple of things.

I LOVE Blink 182, Eminem, some Marylin Manson, System of a Down, Disturbed, Misfits, Josh Groban, some of My Chemical Romance, Evanescence, and some others.

I am a christian...I really do better with questions...

Ummmm...let's see...Ah, here's something I bet you'd never guess...ok, I don't actually care for Harry Potter... I do, HOWEVER, love the whole Draco/Ginny thing...why? I have no idea! So I read the first couple of books of the Potter series, didn't care for them, then decided to see what fanfiction.net had on Draco, I read a story with him and Ginny and I was hooked. I thought the pairing was brilliant. They just seem to be the typical romance couple...kinda sad really that they would be considered typical but hey, there ya go, whatever works.

I LOVE anything to do with vampires. I love the Buffy series, got into Angel too late. Could never decide who I like more, the deep dark Angel, or the saucy sexy Spike.Either way they're both quite the catch.

Also, I love stories that have to do with Mina or Ami from Sailor Moon, now don't worry, I have matured enough to realize that it's quite the childish show, but those two character's hold the appeal that Draco and Ginny have...though unlike the Draco/Ginny thing Mina and Ami aren't dating or anything...though I would suppose that it depends on what story you read. But so far as the ones I read they're not dating.

I am also going to marry Quatre, from Gundam Wing...no not really, but he is my sweety, my baby, my darling boy.

About me? Well, since you asked I love video games, I love my X-Box and baby my PS2! Can't wait for the new 360! Yeah Baby!

I am a college student, military brat (yes, i have traveled the world over for anyone who would like to know), and one who seriously believe that I have been taken from my home planet, Jupiter, and placed on this planet, yes, earth silly, by accident. But then hey, who really knows, right. I prefer to think of myself as Interplanetary Ambassador. Has a nice ring to is, no?

That about sums it up...lovely huh? Well, have fun with...well, whatever it is you do I have to work on my story...see you all in the wires!

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