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Note: I taught myself how to add html bookmarks within the page, so I went kinda nuts...but let me know if you find one that doesn't work, please.

Table of Contents

Current Main Project-- updated March 18, 2010
Stories in Planning Stages-- updated Mar 27, 2006
Stories in the Extremely Vague Ideas Stage-- updated Feb 1, 2006
Reviewing Status-- updated Oct 27, 2006
Beta-ing Status-- updated Jan 23, 2006
DeviantART Updates-- updated Jul 10, 2006
Arc the Lad III Challenge-- updated Jan 20, 2006

Hello all,

A pointless factoid to start off; read at your own risk: A trillium is a wildflower that grows low to the ground in the woods in far northern areas. It has three petals. I have seen it in white (most common), yellow, and red colors. To the best of my knowledge there is no such thing as a blue trillium, but the pen name 'Trillium' wasn't allowed, and blue is my favorite color, so...yeah.
Note: Trillium the plant is not to be confused with the trilium (one 'L') monster in FFVI.

Some info about myself:

Pen name: BlueTrillium
Also known as: Britannica (my nickname at work, you can probably guess where it comes from, but if you don't and you actually want to know, just ask me.)
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Location: Minnesota, US
Personality: Think Paine from FFX-2 mixed with Lucca from Chrono Trigger plus a dash of 'Minnesota Nice'. A silent/sarcastic nerd/geek who likes to help people. That's me. Usually.
Appearance: You probably don't want to know.
Languages: English and Spanish, though I don't consider myself fluent enough in Spanish to beta stories in that language, sorry.
Pets: I have four cats. I think it's almost required that all writers have pets, usually cats.

I would like to take this opportunity to offer to be anyone's beta reader if they need one. I am generally very good at catching spelling and grammar errors that spellcheck won't catch, especially words that sound the same but are spelled differently, or the letters are swapped, like there/their/they're (boy, that one shows up a lot) or our/are, or my current personal favorites definitely/defiantly and faint/feint. Stuff that doesn't necessarily harm the story, but can sometimes jolt the user out of the fiction world for a moment.

If anyone wants to do a collaborative fic and is looking for an author to work with, I'd be glad to, if the story is something I know. Just email me with the idea and how you'd want to go forward (e.g. Whose account it would be posted in, would we do every other chapter or some other collaboration method, etc). Maybe this idea is stupid, but I was thinking I would get stuff out faster if I was working with someone who was depending on me to get my part done on a certain time. And working with other people might spark some new ideas, etc. I suppose it mightbe kind of like the 'popcorn' thing in the forum, but it would be an actual story... Oh well. Just a thought.


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Current Main Project
This is where most of my effort is directed right now.

The Nature of Strength - a Star Ocean: Til the End of Time fic that will eventually be Albel/Nel if I get that far. Chapter 8 is now up! Chapter 9...I have an outline, and a lot more enthusiasm than I did for Chapter 8. Cross fingers.


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Stories in the Planning Stage
These stories may appear eventually, however I may wait until I am done with the current writing project before starting these. But there is a possibility, if inspiration strikes, that these may appear sooner. If so, expect updates to be very slow until the main project is finished.
These are in no particular order.

Splintered Image (working title) - a Star Ocean: Til the End of Time fic that was inspired in part by xKuroSeraphimx's story You Found Me, with its time-travel theme. In order to prevent war from starting again, Nel must travel to the past...but reality isn't always what you think it is...If she's not careful, her actions may cause the very event she's trying to stop...(Albel/Nel, a bit of one-sided Glou/Nel probably, 4D space. Multi-Chapter)

Vile Wind (working title) - a Star Ocean: Til the End of Time fic dealing with the questions: What if the Vile Wind didn't disappear with Luther? What if it started to affect people, too? Albel and Nel - and eventually the rest of the SO3 crew - need to investigate, but those who are exposed to it the longest are affected first... (possible Albel/Nel, will likely include a trip to 4D space. Multi-chapter)

Digital Helix (working title) - a Star Ocean: Til the End of Time fic where a hacker has somehow obtained access to some of the Eternal Sphere's code and has begun to change things. As you might expect, the ones who defeated Luther are among the first targets. But the changes aren't what you might expect... (definite Albel/Nel, includes 4D space and possibly other locations, like Moonbase. Multi-chapter)

Laughing - a Star Ocean: Til the End of Time fic based off of the song 'Laughing' by the Guess Who. This really weird. I don't want to spoil too much by summarizing it before it comes out. (sort-of Albel/Nel'll see. One-shot. May become part of a series of one-shots based off of different songs, see the 'Extremely Vague Ideas' section.)


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Stories in the Extremely Vague Ideas Stage
Heh, I bet you thought I was all one-dimensional since all my 'Planning Stage' Stories are some form of Albel/Nel, and they're all SO3 fics! Well, I do have other stories in the works, it's just that if I concentrate on too many things at once, nothing will get done. So here are some things that may appear somewhere in the foggy, nebulous future.

(Untitled so far) - a Star Ocean: Til the End of Time fic, in the same series of one-shots as Laughing, but this one is Mirage/Cliff. Dunno when and where exactly this takes place, but I'm thinking of a pregame fic at the moment. Yes, I know which song this will be based off of, but if I told you what it was, it would give away too much. One-shot, probably.

(Untitled so far) - a Final Fantasy VIII (Gasp! Not SO3?) fic that's actually been in the ideas stage since before The Nature of Strength even existed! I was so inspired by mintbaby & co's awesome stories (Bookworms and Booya, Crest's Maxim, etc -- If you like FFVIII, check all of them out, they're awesome! And I've got the link to their homepage if you want it.) that I wanted to write something in their universe. Of course, before I even touch any of their characters, I'll make sure to get permission, and if I can't get that, the idea will have to change slightly, but at the moment the idea deals with an OC, Kiros's daughter, who is raised without knowing him (the reason for that is explained - he knows about her, but thinks she was killed, she was too young to remember clearly, etc, etc), and is invisibly present during some game events (e.g. This will explain why there was a Weapons Monthly magazine in Deling's sewers, among other things!) and she eventually meets the characters post-game. Remote possibility of this character x Irvine, since Irvine doesn't seem to be paired in mintbaby's works. Multi-chapter.

(Untitled so far) - a Final Fantasy X-2 fic having something to do with restoring Macalania Forest post-game. Maybe, maybe, Paine x Baralai. Maybe. That's how vague this one is right now. Multi-chapter.

And I'd love to do some kind of story (FFX or FFX-2) with Kimahri, because he's so awesome. And he's blue! But no ideas just yet.

I'd also be interested in doing some kind of story for FMA, but I have neither the anime nor the manga; I've only played the two PS2 games (Broken Angel and Curse of the Crimson Elixir), so I'm not all that confident about it...but if I did it'd probably be Roy x Riza and/or Ed x Winry. Though I really like Al...


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Reviewing Status

Darn it, I have been falling further behind in my reviewing, but don't worry! I am keeping all of the new chapter notices in my inbox and not cleaning them out until I review them. So I promise, I will get there. I have approximately 100 new chapters to review right now!


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Beta-ing Status

While I do have several people I beta for occasionally, I currently have no documents that I am proofreading. So feel free to send me an email if you would like me to beta something. I have more time for beta-ing than I do for reviewing, since I can bring docs home to proofread them, while I can only leave reviews during breaks at work.


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DeviantART Notices

Mwa-ha, I got myself a deviantART account. I even put a few drawings out there. I have several drawings for other people's fics, one for my fic, a couple random scribbles, and I put a comic-thing in my 'scraps'.

DeviantART update - 10/24/2005 I put some pics up in my 'scraps' of an awesome prank we pulled on a guy here at work...we tin-foiled his entire cube - chairs, walls, computer, everything!

DeviantART update - 01/20/2006 - Demoneyes_14 and I have started up an Alnel Club. We need more art to post! If you are an Albel/Nel fan, please check it out. We're just getting started, so there's not much stuff yet, but we're getting there!

DeviantART update - 03/27/2006 - The Alnel Club is having a contest for people to draw a wedding-themed Alnel pic! The deadline for entries is April 10th! Check out the Alnel Club for guidelines if you're interested.

DeviantART update - 7/10/2006 - The first Alnel Club contest is finished, it's just taking awhile to create the prizes... In the meantime, the second contest has begun! The theme is cooking. Good luck to all. And I got myself a digital camera so feel free to drop by my page and see some pics.


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Arc the Lad III Challenge!

I have been inspired by SorceressMyst's Albel/Nel challenge to come up with a challenge of my own! Those of you who have played Arc the Lad III, I challenge you to write a Lutz/Cheryl fic! Maybe Lutz manages to create something that actually works at the Item Society, and tricks Cheryl into testing it. Only he didn't know what it was, and it ended up being a love potion! Or whatever! I just would like to see some Lutz/Cheryl fics. If you've got an idea for a story with this pairing, but don't have the time to write it yourself, email it to me and I will add it to the list of suggestions here!


Anyway, I am open to just about any or all suggestions, about my profile, my fics, whatever. However, non-useful flames will be ignored and, if possible, deleted.

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