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soooo i am new to fanfiction.net ... well not really I've been lurking around here for years ... YEARS.

oh and i am old (i feel that way anyway), not too old, but old enough to be older then most of the population on fanfiction ...

i am in college at the moment, studing art and merchandising

argh i hate writing profiles, anyways

my favourite thing in life is: x-men a.k.a comics: uncanny x-men, excalibur, x-men, ultimate x-men, atonishing x-men, x-men ulimited, wolverine, ultimate spider-man, ultimate fantastic four, fantastic four, all of the specials involving the marvel universe

right now i am reading: secret invasion: fantastic

say NO to DC, MARVEL makes comicbook geeks look good! lol

so there will probably be alliterations to comics throughout my fics ...

my next favourite thing in life is: harry potter ... no way! and sigh transformers, yes i can't believe it either ... gone were the days when i used to make fun of those transfans ... and i must say its a little embarrasing to go into my local comicbook store, and ask for the newest transformers comics to be put on my list. Because we all know that transformers is a cartoon first

lol i joke

fav characters

x-men: nightcrawler :) when i first started to collect comics, i tried to get every comic he was in, now i start to drift ... i even buy other comics without the x-men in it these days, still my favourite character though

gambit come on who doesn't like gambit?

deadpool i think i am attracted to humorous characters ...

agent x just read the mini series ... (okok so deadpool and agent x arn't x-men, not even mutants... but still)

wolverine i couldn't resist

oh and i am going to say mystique too


STARSCREAM! hes megatrons punching bag :) i don't know what it is about him, but i enjoy seeing him get hurt and being stupid ... aww poor starscream

Red Alert also holds a special place in my heart

other characters:

Dr strange
Iron man

Other fav things:

Greek mythology
video games including God of War, X-men legends, Ultimate Allience

tv shows: house md, the office, transformers, x-men, avatar

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