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Hi everyone! This is bodacious.piratebabe, aka Amy :D

WIM is now complete! Yay! I got mixed reviews on the ending, but I have so many reviewers, and I love all of them so much (well, almost all of them... I really appreciate constructive criticism - I think it's great - but if you're going to post something just to be mean... all I have to say is "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!"... you know who you are...). Anyhow, I'm set to get cracking on a new story, almost...
A little about me...

I'm 16 and going into my senior year of high school. I'm on the short side compared to Caucasians (I'm 5'4"-ish), but I tower over all the other Asian girls (cackles evilly). I think I'm pretty average in terms of height/weight/overall looks, but I've been told a wide variety of things - that I'm a stick (umm... no... and I don't even want to be one - no offense to the stick-people out there, of course...), that I'm fat (my 20-something year old cousin who just had a kid told me my stomach is bigger than hers, which it so totally IS NOT!), that I'm the prettiest Asian girl ever (yeah, right snorts), that I don't look Chinese (all I have to say to that is... erm...), etc., etc. I used to have that stereotypical long, stick-straight, glossy,flowy black hair that was always up in a ponytail... but then I got it permed (actually, I think it was called a body wave, but whatever), so it was long, flowy, glossy, wavy black hair that was always up in a ponytail... but then I chopped off 11 inches or so (HA! I bet you weren't expecting that, eh? lol). So yeah, now I have really short hair, and the other 11 inches is off somewhere, being made into a wig by the Locks of Love people. But enough about my hair, as fascinating as it is...

I absolutely love English/Literature, which is why I'm taking tons of writing classes at the local college. And, I suppose, that's also why I'm reading and writing at FanFic...

I got (drumroll, please...) 2320 out of 2400 on my SATs! I'm really excited, because now I can apply to some of the "better" schools and not get laughed at! Hehe...

And perhaps most importantly of all, I LOVE COLLEGE BASKETBALL! Particularly Duke... Hee.

I've been reading the stories here for a while now (well, not really, more like... not a very long time), but I just recently decided to join and try out writing.

Basically, I love all things Dramione.

Ah, yes, and a brief shout-out to Faint Hope, Flame of Night, and ParadiseNdarkness - I will love you three forever for being my first reviewers. :D
By the way, how pathetic is it that I have over 100 hits for American Pie, but only one review? In fact, for 3 stories, as of 2:24 pm on the west coast on 8/17/05, I have a grand total of 5 reviews. It makes me sad. :( But I'm happy that at least 5 people like me. :D
Hehe, I just saw The Dukes of Hazzard the other day... It was really funny.

Bo Duke: I'm never getting' out of this car again! I'm gonna eat in it, I'm gonna sleep in it, and I'm gonna make sweet love to it!
Luke Duke: You mean you're gonna make sweet love in it.
BoDuke: No, I'm gonna have sex with it.

Daisy Duke: You know what's gonna happen. They're gonna get caught and get thrown in jail. Then I'm gonna have to shake my ass at somebody to get them out.
Uncle Jesse: That's why we love ya, honey.

And I just have to put this on here - it's one of the most amusing things I've ever read:

“You are peer pressuring me into having fake sex with you, Draco Malfoy, and I do not appreciate it one bit,” she said as she sat on the bed indignantly.

That's from hermyandronforevr's story, How to Fake a Marriage. Everyone should read it - it's really good.

Hee... Anyways...
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