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I am a 27 year-old female Portuguese Canadian student. (Doesn't matter what age I am, inside I feel 18. Pretty much going to be 18 until I die! lol) I enjoy reading and writing poetry, essays, and fan fiction a lot in general. However, punctuation is not my strong suit. Sometimes I like to express my opinions about life through my stories. It’s about the only thing I do when I surf the net. Read, write, and browse lovely artwork. Everything from Renaissance pieces to abstract, and also fan art on my favorite couples. That’s me.

If I had to describe my personality, it would be pretty old-school classical but also a cartoon character in a sense as well, I feel somewhat ancient in a sense despite my young age. I would also like to think of myself as a mix of different essential qualities and traits that I have come to recognize in myself over the years. (Hey, aren't we all right? lol)

Some of these traits I have come to enjoy observing and acknowledging in some of my favorite characters such as Elizabeth Bennett’s wit from Pride and Prejudice, Hermione Granger's bossy know it all attitude with a dash of a hot temper for good measure, and Luna Lovegood's uncomfortable but truthful observations while always believing that "Wit beyond measure is indeed man's greatest treasure."

I also have a sort of intense Sue Sylvester/Frasier-like type of blunt sense of humor most of the time. I find the more stories I write, the more it comes out in them (also I am sure you can tell in this profile) hah! I also enjoy writing my characters this way... and I am sure whoever reads my stories will recognize it. I like to think of myself as similar to the female version of Frasier Crane one of my favorite characters I can be overly critical and very opinioned at times.

Anyways here are a few of my favorite things...

Favorite Topics of study: Mythology, English, Art, Animation, and Ancient History and civilizations, Legends, such as King Arthur and Camelot, Ancient Rome, Egypt and Greece, and many different kinds of Art in general.

Favorite Authors: J.K. Rowling, C.S. Lewis, Anna Sewell, L. M. Montgomery, Jane Austen, William Shakespeare, J.R.R. Tolkien, The brothers Grim, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the Bronte sisters and many of my fellow Authors on this site of course! :).

Favorite Books: Black Beauty, Heidi, any kinds of fairytales (especially the dark ones with rich illustrations!), The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, Gods & Pharoes, Fairies, anything illustrated by Alan lee, From Anna, Games of Thrones, The chronicles of Narnia, and Ancient Civilizations.

Favorite Singers: Billy Joel, Sting, Richard Marx, Sarah McLachlan, Loreena McKennit, Sinéad O'Connor, Train, Wendy Moten, Annie Lennox Wham, Jewel, Tom Jones, Michael Jackson, Kenny G, Michael Bolton, Adele, Coldplay, Bryan Adams, Norah Jones, Linkin Park, Lady Gaga, Darren Hayes, Toni Braxton, Heart, Abba, Pink, Eminem, 8090's Madonna, Sade, Jewel, Lisa Loeb, Julie Andrews, Evanescence, Chantal Kreviazuk, Alanis Morisette, Amanda Marshall, Bette Midler, Nat King Cole, Natalie Cole, Prince, Bruno Mars, Sara Evans, Taylor Swift, Terri Clark, Martina Mcbride, Tara Lynn Hart, Chicago, Cristine Seeber, Cristina Aguilera, The Temptations,Train, Elvis Presley, Bill Withers, Vonda Shepard, Robert Downey Jr, Celine Dion, Nouvelle Vogue, Edith Piaf, REO Speedwagon, Supertramp, and Peter Cetra.

Favorite Songs: Annie Lennox's "Walking on Broken Glass", Anything by Billy Joel, Loreena McKennit, Sade, Richard Marx, Celine Dion, or Bryan Adams.

Favorite Composers: Howard Shore, John Williams, Eckart Seeber, Beethoven, Mozart, and Tchaikovsky.

Favorite TV shows/miniseries: Long Ago & Far Away (with the always amazing James Earl Jones!!), Reboot, Shadow Raiders, Frasier, Red Shoe Diaries, Rome, Gargoyles, I Love Lucy, The Carol Burnett show, The mists of Avalon, All in the family, The Golden Girls, Once Upon a Time, Faulty Towers, The Vicar of Dibley, The West Wing, Xena Warrior Princess, Game of Thrones, True Blood, Legacy, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, Little House on the Prairie, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hercules Legendary journeys, Camelot, Hell’s Kitchen, Iron Chef, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Beast Wars, Jon Hammer's series of animated shorts known as "The Minds Eye", The Vision of Escaflowne, 90’s episodes of Rupert, Johnny Quest, The complete tales of Beatrix Potter, The Simpsons, Modern Family, X-men, and Spiderman, and Shera:Princess of power.

Favorite films: The Shawshank Redemption, A Very Long Engagement, Amelie, Pan’s Labyrinth, Dangerous Beauty, The Dutchess, What dreams may come, Ever after, Merlin (BBC miniseries staring Sam Neil), Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Prestige, The Illusionist, Now and Then, The labrynth, The count of Monte cristo, Sin City, GoldenEye, The World is not Enough, Casino Royale, From Russia with Love, The Watchmen, Mirrormask, Titanic, The mask of Zorro, BBC's adaptations of Pride & Prejudice (both 1996 and 2003 versions), Sense and Senseability, Jane Eyre, Emma, North & South, The adventures of Robin Hood, starring Errol Flynn. The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Ben-Hur, the Ten Commandments, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, The little mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, The Lion King, Cinderella, Peter Pan ( The 2003 version with Jason Issacs is the definitive version!!), The Great mouse detective, The Black cauldron, Fantasia, and Fantasia 2000, The sword and the stone, Love Actually, The King's Speech, The Mummy, Something's gotta give... Anything thats a period piece with beautiful costumes, I pretty much will enjoy.

Favorite inspirational characters: Xena Warrior Princess, Dot Matrix, Andrea, and Mouse from Reboot, Catwoman, Gail, Hermione Granger, Jane Smith, Brienne of Tarth, Arya Stark, Dr. Henry Indianna Jones, Elizabeth Bennet...

Hobbies and Interests: Reading, and of course Writing Fanfiction :), short stories, poetry, and creating Romantic genre Tribute You Tube Videos about some of my favorite couples. I like to work on them when I have writers block or in my spare time. Check em out!

My chidhood fantasies...

Being a Goonie. Still sort of am at Heart. As well as wanting to be onf of the girls from the film "Now and Then" LOL

Going on Reading Rainbow and recommending my favortie books.

Crazy Dreams of mine that I would like to see happen sometime in the future...

If Anthony Hopkins, Alan Rickman, Richard Armitage, and the always fantasticly glorious James Earl Jones all came to the local University and performed Shakespeare on stage together! Including myself! hehe! That would be an absolutley wonderful!!

For those who have seen the amazing film, "A Very Long Engagement"- My dream home would be very close to the one Mathilde's aunt and uncle own. What a lovely stone house! Also owning a bar with a wooden one-handed barman would be pretty neat I think! LOL! I simply love the locations in that movie! So many amazing shots!

Directing, writing, and voicing a richly dark animated fairytale film thats in the tradition of a dark 80's old school films like Secret of NIMH, and The Black Cauldron, and The last Unicorn.

To play Velma Kelly in a version of "Chicago" in my city. Hopefully someday, someone will want to bring it here.

Remember how Lucille O Ball was the "Queen of the B-movies"? well, I would like to one day be "Queen of the period films". Starring in all kinds of old fashioned period piece films would be awesome.

Wayne Gretzky gets back on the ice one more time, either to play a game with the Edmonton Oilers or the Vancouver Canucks. just to see one more gleaming of the great one and maybe help lots of Hockey fans remember the glory days again.

Owning a Hobbit house in New Zealand and tending a little farm whilst blowing a few smoke rings from an old fashioned Gandalf replica pipe in the processs! and having friends and family over for Tea and second Breakfats!! (If I can keep my larder full enough of course. lol)

Someone creates a time machine so I can be sent back in time one day to either 18th or 19th century England, 17th century France, or 18th century Italy...Why? because at the very least some of the men were more vocally eloquent back then, even when breaking up with you. True, the health care sucked, but the sex was rougher...and possibly more fun because we had lots of big Alpha males prancing around, right? lol..oh alright thats my overromanticized side thinking out loud again. If you were a poor person in those times you mine as well have carried around knives with you all the time. If you were rich, you should have caried around a pen. Various forms of armor.

If someone could please clone Yul Brynner, Kevin Tod Smith, Elvis, Brandon Lee, Vincent Price, Jason Issacs, Alexander Skarsgard, and Brad Pitt. Those are the male actors I enjoy watching. The world could be a much hunkier place! Possibly more shallow though but still, YUM! lol Coincides slightly with my other dream of finding a lover who is very passionate, thorough and intense.

(Hey, I said they were crazy right? LOL)

My Favorite couples from Books, Movies, or Television:

Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle (Batman and Catwoman) -Ahhh yes, the boy scout and the dominatrix/thief!! What a lovely couple they made in Batman Returns! They had smoking chemistry! I am sorry but Nobody does it better than Michelle pfeiffer did!...well...except for maybe Ertha Kit. I did enjoy Anne Hathaway's portrayl in The Dark Knight Rises. Now Bruce can tell his kids... "The moment I met your mother, She literally knocked me off my feet." LOL Bruce Wayne has always been a boy scout in dire need of a good whipping!!! especially by the queen of dominatrixes we all know and love! lol

Draco & Hermione -Ron's character comes off to me as just not right for Hermione at all. He’s like a whiny momma’s boy who I feel simply does not match Hernione's fire. She deserves a challenge! He cannot tame her! She needs someone like Draco. How dare she just settle for some momma’s boy who drools over her and worships her without question. No strength of will! Its like he needs her diciplinarian side to keep him in line. I am sorry but the romance between these two felt like a painfuly obvious copout in the books. This is my only gripe with J.K Rowling's books. Hermione should have gone with either Harry or Draco (but only if she could change Draco's attitude about muggleborns in general)...Hex, she could have gone with anyone but Ron. Dracos a bad boy and thanks to fanfiction a hex of a lot more flushed out, need I say more?

Ares & Xena-another fantastic couple from this show, and it simply didn’t get the credit it deserved. Ares and Xena had such fantastic chemistry. They both had dominant personalities. I kept feeling a sisterly vibe from Gabrielle/Xena mostly anyways. I think Xena was bi-sexual at least. It’s proven in one of the eps. Ares was sex on legs. How could Xena turn him down? R.I.P. Kevin Todd Smith, They should have cloned you. You were incredibly talented and sexy as hell!.

Eric & Sookie-Ah Eric, Mr. Mighty 1,000 year old Sex God Viking King. What an interesting character. Very dominant and just plain yummy all over. Sookie: an innocent, naive but brave and courageous hearted girl who just can’t seem to stay out of trouble. I like the show True Blood pretty much just to watch the interactions between these two. The chemistry between them is red hot!!

Spike & Buffy- I usually watch just the episodes with Spike because he possesses such an intense, raw, sexuality about him. He put the bad*ss back in British for me. Yet another fantastic show that simply didn’t get the credit it deserved. I am glad it got recognition for its briliant writing in season 2 though. Another couple that had fantastic chemistry from the start, but was poorly written for in the sixth season. What an awful travesty. In my personal opinion Buffy should have been with Spike from season two on. I missed not seeing big bad arrogant season 2 Spike in other seasons.

Gail & Dwight- Sin City is a treat to watch! Roasrio Dawson simply stole the show as the prostitute with a collection of different styled handcuffs who will "always and never" completely belong to Clive Owen's warrior woman loving Dwight! Clive Owen's British accent was wonderful to hear! Gail's witty tongue fiering off barbs beautifully. The kisses! the fire! Their chemistry together was utterly terrific! Gail reminded me a bit of Michelle pfeiffer from Batman Returns! It was great to see another kick butt, take no prisoners, fiery dominatrix/catwoman type back on the big screen again! Hurray!

Mozenrath & Princess Jasmine- He single handedly conquered the land of the black sand, He became the most powerful Soccerer of our age and...He secretly desired and liked Jas for being "a girl of action." lol. Not only did Jonathan Brandis have good looks but he also possesed one of the sexiest voices on the planet!! What a tragic shame it was that he left this earth. I woud have loved to see an episode where he seduces the princess right from out from under Aladdins arms. Now, That would have been an episode! Jasmine being held captive by Mozey! lol yum! The Aladdin Tv series had some really interesting and creative ideas and some really good writing to boot. Especially when it came to its villans. Who would forget the first time Aladdin met Abu. That was an epic two parter! RIP Jonathan Brandis. You were a Great talent and are very much missed.

Niles & Daphne- Such a fantastically written intelligent show all around, but I guess we all have Christopher Lloyd to thank partially for that. Niles and Daphne had really nice slow burning chemistry as a couple over time and I just thought a really nice aspect of the show to watch other than the hilarious situations that the Crane boys got themselves into.

Goliath & Eliza Maza- What else can be said about these two that hasn't already been said? They are so fantastic together! Even their voices meld beautifully. Gargoyles is still a classic show to this day!! and for the 90's. THis took risks and had an edge. A great Time travel/Shakespearean reference laiden, Beauty & The Beast story at Heart. I remember loving the art, themdark complex themes and story lines, the voices! So many great ideas and a great long burning romance. Still a treat to watch.

Grave Heart and Jade- ShadowRaiders was another one of those great animated 90's television program with smart writting. These two had great chemistry together and the show actually took the time to show how these two work well. He, the disgraced exiled mineor persecution from his King for trying to save his planet and people by aligining with a people considered to be an enemy of his own people. She, A skilled cunning warrior, who held the Kings trust and favor, threw it away for love and took up with the rebels to help defend their homeworld...and found much more in the process.

Jack & Lisa - There certainly was something there between those two! Fantastic underlying chemistry!!! The sound of Cillian Murphy's voice alone is worth repeated viewings!! Racheal Mcadams was beautiful!! I think after watching this film left gaping at the chemistry betwee these two leads just saying to yourself "But...but they would have had fantastic sex in the end!! oh! why did he have to be the villan of the piece? Its not fair." I hope a Red Eye sequel is made someday, with the two leads becoming romanticaly tangled this time of course!!

Favorite quotes:

"Live! Life's a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!"Auntie Mame

"I need to write like a siren burns the night." Me

The key to a long and sustainable marriage... "To fight and to love with equal amounts of passion and keep it going for a long stretch of time is the real trick." Me

"Life is a tragedy for those who feel, but a comedy to those who think." Horace Walpole

"Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, today is God's gift, thats why we call it the present." Joan Rivers

Diluted Ravings drawn from my conflicted mind and soul:

Jan 30th, 2012

Still trying to get over a bad case of writers block, and searching for a beta reader/editor. Also working on some Youtube Vids. I have a lovely idea for a Valentine's fic, and heres hoping it formulates in my mind fast enough so I can post it mistakes and all!! also working harder on the second and third parts of ASP, I decided that what I wrote at first was not nearly up to par, so I have to really try to work on it harder and perfect it. When I am all finished and my updates are ready to go, Then I will begin an active search for a beta. P.S. If any of you brave souls would like to take on my appaling run-on sentences and overly deep descriptions, Please pm or email. Much appreciated!!

August 14th, 2011

Trying to get over a foul case of writers block. bleh! I need a super boatload of energy to have one of those long, good free writing frenzys. Please be patient everyone I am gonna try to get back on the boat.

April 17/2011

Whew! my final exams are finally over yaaaaaayy!!! this means more time to write and get my butt in gear! So hopefully I will have something new up in the next few weeks or so.

Feb. 21/2011

I am working on a few more one-shots currently and am trying to find some free time to give them a good polish before releasing them. I also recently uploaded my very first avatar on this site. I figured I should have a nice picture by now.


YAYYY!!!! I finally did it. I am sorry to all those who were expecting a new chapter to my other story "A Serpent's Possesion" but I thought I should get out this little tidbit first. Never fear!! a new chappie will be coming soon. This one-shot was meant to tide you all over until then.


Hello again everyone! I am working on getting rid of a few crazy plot bunnines hopping around in my head. I am also still ironing out the details of my longer stories and changing up a few things. Don't worry I have not abandoned any of them but with work and school I have been finding lately that I have had less and less time to really let my creative juices flow.

But eventually you will be reading more from me. I cant thank you all enough for your marvellous reviews, favoriting, and comments. I really appreciate them all.!!!!!!!

Happiness and health to everyone in this new year!!


Happy New Year everyone! Thank you to everyone who has read and reviewed my story! It is has been lovely reading everyone’s reviews! Rest assured I will not abandon this story! I have the plot all planned out but I have not had the time to write out all the chapters just yet! I WILL NOT abandon this story at all EVER!! But looking back on chapter 1 recently, I feel that there seems to be something missing from it so I will reedit! Not cutting anything out of course, but just adding more to it and then continuing on!

I just have to find the time to work on it! currently I am holding down a part time job, I am currently in school Full time taking a business course. So I haven’t had time to work on it, but I will make sure at some point this year I update as much as I can.

Thanks to everyone for their understanding! I wish you all a very prosperous and Happy New Year!

Also could anyone suggest a beta/editor that particularly specializes in Adult Draco/Hermione stories? I need some help. Thank-you!

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