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Updated as of October 10th. All new updates will be in bold type.

Ha, I finally figured out how to write in my profile! There's not much to me. I love Harry Potter and think JKR is a total and absolute genious. I can't wait to have children of my own to read her series to. I love writing. I've been doing it ever since I could put a coherant sentence together on paper, albeit not wonderfually sometimes, but I try.

Stories I've currently got going or completed:

Broken Bounderies - Completed. A HG/GW femme/slash angsty romance fic.

The Disappearance - Up to chapter 3. A DM/HG humor fic with an interesting twist.

A Day in the Life of...Dudley Dursley? - It's a humor one-shot I'm almost finished with. Hopefully it will be up soon.

Of Drabbles and Daydreams - Up to chapter 2. This is a fic I composed to keep all of my drabbles and short one-shots in. I will only be updating it when I've been issued a challange. This is my attempt at author/reader interaction. Any challenge you can think of. An example would be: write ahorrordrabble or one-shot on Fred Weasley and Albus Dumbledore, including the line(s) "enter your line(s) here" or them doing (enter what you want them to be doing here). I will tackle any and all challenges issued with as much vigor as I can muster. Harder challenges will take a little longer to write. Try and stump me you guys, I dare you!

Alone - Completed. A Snape/Lily romance/angst fic, short and to the point. Maybe I'll expand, maybe I won't.

Built Ford Tough - Completed. A short humorous one-shot I derived from a challenge.

Hemorrhoids or Gemstones? - Completed. A humorous one-shot about Draco Malfoy.

Brother of Mine - The sequel to Broken Boundaries. Still in the writing process, hopefully it will be done sometime soon. Title subject to change.

The Last Vestiges of Me - A sort of Hermione/Snape angst fic. It was supposed to be a romance, but it's turned more towards spiritual. Still in the writing process. Title subject to change.

I'm currently in the process of trying to buy myself a house and things are pretty hectic between all the stuff that entails and work and trying to have some sort of social life in order to keep up my ongoing search for the perfect man. For the next month or so, my stories may be sporadically posted, but after all the crazyness is over I should be belting them out again. Sorry for the delay's in updates...I'm really trying y'all. And if anyone knows how I can go back and edit my fics after they've already been posted to read, I'd really appreciate you telling me how. I've noticed some mistakes I missed, and when somehow some of the spacing between some words has become non-existant. I'd really like to fix it because it just bother's the hell out of me.

So take a peek at my stories and tell me what you think. I'm welcome to suggestions, criticisms, and yes even any praise you think my fics deserve.

Updates for Chapter and Story Completion

I don't really know how many people look at this, but as long as there's one person that checks here, I'll keep it up.

I'm afraid, The Disappearance may be scrapped because I just can't get any inspiration on it. If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it.

The sequel to Broken Boundaries is in the works y'all! It's a long one-shot and it will be dealing with Hermione finally telling Ron, but not heavily dealing with that. The fic revolves mainly around Ginny and Hermione. Right now, it's titled Brother of Mine, but I'll probably end of changing that. I'm about half-way through now. I got stuck a little in the middle of it because I had all these other plot bunnies in my head and they were insisting that I write them.

The Last Vestiges of me takes place the one night during the summer after the trio's sixth year. I was challenged to write a romantic moment between Hermione and Snape. Being two of my favorite characters, I thought it would be easy. I was very wrong. I just can't find a way to bring the two of them together, so I decided to make it a more spiritual moment. But, it could still vaguely resemble something romantic. I don't know, y'all will be the judges of that.

I'm still trying to finish my Dudley Dursely fic, but I'm stuck with his school. When I started writing it all came so easy, but when I got to his school, I realized I knew nothing about British schools. If anyone can help with this, I'd really appreciate it.

I hated to do it because it took me so much time and was something I really wanted to do, but I had to scrap the Reviewer Recognition part of my profile. It was just getting way too long and too hard to keep up with. I wishFFN had some place for me to reply to all of my reviewers like MNFF does, but it doesn't. I'm very sorry, but know that I appreciate each and every one of you! If you have any questions that really need to be answered my e-mail is in my profile, and I check it a gazillion times a day, so you won't be missed. Again, I'm sorry... This is just a quick one for SoulAstray, I will try my best to write a Fleur/Hermione fic. I'm a little leery about it though because I don't know if I can properly write Fleur's accent. If you have any ideas on where you would like me to go in this fic, plot, certain reason for them to be together, happy or sad ending, angsty or fluffy, whatever you can think of, then fire off an e-mail to me, hun. Thanks!

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