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january tenth oh my gosh, i feel so horrible for not updating. anyway, chapter three is up for Seven Years Ago and i plan on updating more often now. anyway, not much to say other than please check out the story and give me some reviews because that's all i live on people. i need to know if i'm doing a good job because if nobody says anything the story goes to the trashcan, sadly it does. and ohmigoodness, Calling All Titans was by far the best episode of the season. though i thought that Hide and Seek was pretty cool just because it had Raven and kids in it, but still definitely my favorite episode. and after seeing the preview for Titans Together,i about crapped my pants because i'm so exicted. anyway, only a few days away and then i can finally see it.thoughthat means only two more eppys left until we must say goodbye to Teen Titans. everyone, light your candles and find a boat to sail them away in. well, off to bed, catch you all later!
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december twenty-ninth working on the third chapter to Seven Years Ago right now but i really don't know how to start it. due to the second chapter (which will be up shortly) i am not sure if i want to do another lemony scene. but it wouldn't make sense if i just fast forwarded the story or made it where they had already had sex without protection. the best way would just to be write it out but then again... im losing muse for this story and that's really sad. i hate speeding up the story, and unless i can find a good way to do so then this story will be flushed down the toliet. i knew i just should have started it where she found out she was pregnant... it would have save me a lot of time. damnit.
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december twenty-seventh i finally got my computer back up and running and good news to everyone... all my stuff is still on here. so that means i can still continue on with the stories and since it's Christmas vacation i will have a lot of time to do so. i hope everyone did have a happy holiday and i hope that the rest of your vacation will be wonderful. for now, im out and off to work up some muse for more stories. once again, if you want to talk or have any ideas im open and free to talk to anytime. cya later.
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december eleventh well i would have to say that i have some bad news. my computer crashed a few days ago and that means no writing new stories and putting them on here. i was actually beginning to start one but thanks to the fact we are going to have to reboot the system, i no longer have any of it. i am on my computer at my mom's and i don't feel comfortable writing stories over here. plus, im just not used to this freakin' keyboard. anyway, i am hoping to get back on my other computer as soon as i can. also during the mean time i will write up plots for new stories. if anyone has anything to help me with, feel free to message me or email me, i will get back to you as soon as i can. i plan on doing a story of Raven being a mother, for some reason i am getting some baby mojo. of course, everyone knows who the daddy would beso now one has to worry about that one. either that or just another one shot, though i am getting tired of those. i don't know. oh, butalso, thanks everyone for the reviews on my two short stories, it really does mean a lot to me. -smooches-
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december second not much to say right at the moment besides i am at my mom's house until sunday. i won't be able to update any time when i am over here considering i don't have the same files. though when i get back i will update everything as soon as i can. all you all have to do is just hang in there and everything will turn out great in the end. lol, anyway i updated a bit more of my profile and made it more presentable. enjoy luffs.
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november twenty-eighth well i haven't been on this thing for a long time, i guess you could say i just kind of forgot about it. but i am going to be updatinga little more considering those role-playing posts between Raven and Beast Boy that my friend and i had been working on is now over two hundred thousand words. see how much you can get done in just a few months, even with school. wow, i am impressed with all of that. anyway, i will still be adding chapters to the story that is if anyone reads and reviews.
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