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Author has written 5 stories for Gundam Wing/AC, Teen Titans, and Invader Zim.

Oh, has been a long, long time since I last logged in here. 18, huh? Six years almost without an update. I don't know if I should be ashamed or not. In any case...I came by, started clearing the dust off of some things here and there. College happened between then and now, hence my lack of activity. I feel kinda bad for all my readers I left hanging on my open-ended works. The worst culprit being Endgame...Part of that came from simply losing interest and/or being burned out on Teen Titans. Looking back on it, I still like the show and the characters (Raven is still my favorite, of course :P )...but I dunno if I got it in me to finish what I started. I should. I really should...but I can't force creativity, especially when it comes to writing.

Anywho, for those of you that are still lingering around and hoping for signs of life...I'm here and trying to get back into the swing of things. Hopefully I'll have updates coming down the pipeline soon, but don't hold your breath. I got a lot of things going on these days living life as an adult. Only so much time left in a day between work and whatnot, right?

Name: Joshua B.

Age: 24

Location: IN

Interests: Reading, writing, drawing, animation, combat sports, gaming, movies, fishing, camping, and a slew of other activities


The Chronicles of Raven: Painful Beginnings: This is the opening book of the trilogy that I have decided to call "The Chronicles of Raven". Set a few years after the end of the show, making all of them roughly between the ages of 17-19, everything for the Titans seems to be going well. Though, after the discovery of a certain book, as well as memoirs of her mother, Raven begins to feel homesick. Upon leaving Titans Tower to make the spiritual transition in peace to Azarath in another dimension, something...terrible happens, and is befallen by the worst possible nemesis, Slade. Made his apprentice and forced to be a pawn in his sick, little game, Slade's conquest is not a mere threat, but an eminent reality. Raven must decide, to fight her friends to save them...or to retaliate against Slade and kill thousands of innocent people in her choice. The blood of many on Raven's hands is what stops her from making this choice, so what must be done must be done. All but hope had been lost, and Beast Boy comes to Raven's side, even after all the terrible things she had done in Slade's name against her own friends. Slade fears all is lost, and only one thing left to take care of...kill Raven.

The Chronicles of Raven: Second Coming (Resurrection, not sure what to call it yet): After a climatic battle with Slade out of sheer retaliation and protection of what she held dear, Raven and Slade are thought to have perished in the collapse of his lair. In truth, Raven is aided by her mother and the Elders of Azarath by being given a second chance, a literal new lease on life, as Raven's life is part of a grander scheme inscribed in the Archives of Azar upon Azarath. Her destiny demands that she continue living, and after a sacrifice of unknown proportions, Raven is revived in a sense, and placed back on Earth. Though, she is far from home and has no hopes of making contact with the Titans, she must forge a path to reuniting with her friends the hard way. Finding out she is powerless because of the injuries sustained from Slade and the transition back to Earth, she is her own enemy once more without control of what power she does posses. Raven is far from giving up hope, and with a little help along the way, she hopes to return to the Tower. Unknown to her, the Titans attempt to continue going on without her, thinking she is long gone, but not forgotten. Slade's original plans are edited somewhat, and used to the Titans' disposal, doing what he had planned all along and used Raven revive Terra. By a miracle of science, the effects of her fossilization are reversed, living and breathing once more. Things have changed, and she must adapt to them, especially with what has happened to Raven, and how attached Beast Boy was. Though, a serious twist and turn of events eventually leads to a mutual break up of the Titan Order in Jump City because of serious happenings in pursuit of those who had any help or offered aid in the literal murder of Raven.

The Chronicles of Raven: Endgame: The final episode in the tCoR trilogy, Raven finds an "alternative" to her powerless state after a sought meeting and training with the True Master, the very same Robin had sought out. After 3 years of training, she feels as if she is ready to return, and more than ecstatic to reunite with her friends. Though, upon returning to Jump City after nearly 5 years...things had changed drastically. The city was overladen with crime, and the Titans nowhere to be found. Raven searched high and low, eventually finding her friends and teammates, but they had settled into everyday lives...and were happy. Crushed, she didn't know what to do, but a change of heart by those who were quick to judge makes the Titans come back to life to protect the city once more. Though things seem good and well, Raven even finding a mentor to help possibly reawaken her dormant powers once more, something...sinister is afoot. That something is the brainchild of Professor Chang. Thanks to his sick, twisted take on cybernetics, as well of the recovery of a "colleague", Raven's absolute worst nightmare is realized, and she is nearly powerless to stop it. Something must be done before she meets and end...for good, but she is still searching for the solution. Time is running out, and that's all she has left.

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