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I will give this site one more chance--ONE MORE! I have uploaded a story called "Her Guardian Angels." It deletes that story, and I'm done with this site. FOREVER.

My name is H E A T H E R

W R I T I N G is my A R T; R E A D I N G is my P A S S I O N

M U S I C is what I L I V E for; J O N A S B R O T H E R S, F A M I L Y, and F R I E N D S is what I'd D I E for

K E V I N J O N A S is my secret love;

J O E J O N A S is my funny guy;

N I C K J O N A S is my guitar hero;

and F R A N K I E J O N A S is my bonus Jonas


Who's the last person you talked to and what did you say?

Grandmom: We're leaving! (To go to my bro's concert)

Where are you?

Basement. (That's where the computer is)

Look up. Now look back. What did you see?

My ceiling?

What's the last thing you ate?


What's your personality like?

Fun, nice, kind, random at times, shy.

Who do you have a crush on?

Kevin Jonas. And this kid in school...

What was the last thing you thought?

I dunno. Something about me hating my life?

Say "George Bush". What's the first thing that comes to your mind?

Sucky president?

You now have a million dollars. What do you do?

JONAS BROTHERS TICKETS! And a laptop. And a video camera. And a car. And a PUPPY! = And a house.

What are you eating/drinking right now?


What are you writing RIGHT NOW?

Um, I'm taking this quiz.

Find a globe. Spin it. What does it say?

I don't have a globe. And since when can globes SAY anything? I didn't know they could talk! o.0

Find a book. Turn to page 56, line 18, word 6. What does it say?


What can you hear right now?

"Goodbye" by Everlife.

Have a conversation with the closest living thing to you other than yourself.

No one's home...

Turn on the T.V. What show is on?

Entertaintment Tonight.

What happened last time you were typing here on this computer?

I had to leave for work.

Stand up. Close your eyes. Spin around three times. Stop. Open your eyes. What's the first thing you see?

Basement door. Erg, and I got dizzy!

Find the third letter of all your answers. Underline them. What do they spell?

ascenvncntioeootaa...what does that spell? =/

If you just read the quiz, copy and paste it onto your profile.

THIS IS FOR EVER KEVIN JONAS HATER OUT THERE: Why do you hate Kevin Jonas so much? He's just as important as his brothers are, he's just as sweet and as kind as his brothers are. People say they're true fans, but then they turn around and make fun of, or mock, Kevin. True fans like Kevin Jonas, too, not just his brothers. True fans don't hate the girls they date just because they want the boys for themselves. True fans want the boys to be happy, in whatever they do. True fans aren't "obsessive" and think that one day they're going to MARRY them. True fans don't yell at other people when they say, "I'm Mrs._Jonas." True fans love every one of those boys equally, including little Frankie, and even their parents. Put this on your profile if you know you're a true fan. Started by JBisLIFE91

I'm a girl, from New Jersey

98 percent of teenagers have either smoke pot or tried to smoke it. If your one of those 2 percent, copy and paste this to your profile

My mom is Irish and a lot of Polish (I'm very Polish, too)

My dad is also German. That's where my last name comes from. It's German

Name: JonasFreak07 (Oh, you meant my real name? Okay, okay. It's...Sea Breeze...0.o Seriously. I loved the sea so much my mom changed my name...)


Dad: What do I hear when you mom talks?

Me, bro, and Dad: Blah, blah, blah. Blah blah blah blah...


Daquann: You Irish?

Miss Finley (Bio teacher): Yes, half.

Daquann (in Australian accent): G'Day, Mate.

Miss Finley (laughing): That's not Irish; it's Australian.


Mr. I.: If the shoe fits...

John R.: ...Wear it.

Matt D.: ...Steal it.

John A. (causing me and my friends to laugh): ...Smell it.


John S. (talking about Beverly Hills, CA): 90210? The last time my mom saw that, it was when she stepped on the scale!


Age: What's 103 minus 10?

Me: Are you kidding?

Age: It's 93, right?

Me (sarcastically): No, it's 95.

Sean (after Age called him): What?

Me: What's 103 minus 10?

Sean: Uh...92?


Age (after someone was talking about skiing): Is Denver in Colorado or Massachusetts?

Me: Are you serious?(looks at her funny) Denver is in Colorado.

Age: Which one is in Massachusetts?(thinks) Boston, that's it! I get Boston and Denver mixed up.

Me (laughing and talking to my mom): Denver is in Colorado, right?

Mom: What?

Me: Age wants to know.

Mom: Oh, for a second I thought it was you asking that.

Me: This is the same person who asked me what 103 minus 10 was last week.

Age: Hey, don't go there!

Mom: And you're in what grade?

Age: 9th...


Me (looking at my French toast in Gateway Diner): Does French toast have meat in it?


Me (about Day Light Savings Time): How does the sun know not to come up?


Me (talking to my friend at lunch in 9th grade): I asked my dad if French toast had meat in it.

Britt (all serious): It does, though.

Me: What?

Britt: Yeah. You know those little specs on the crust of the bread?(I nod my head) That's bacon.

Me: Really?

Britt: Yup.

Me: Hm...

Britt (after about ten minutes starts cracking up laughing): You are so gullible.

Me (confused): Why? And what's so funny?

Britt: I can't believe you believed me when I said there was bacon in French toast. You are hillarious...

Me (getting more and more embarrased as this conversation went on): Oh...

Britt: From now on, I'm calling you "Gully".

(And for the record, she's been calling me that ever since)


Me (about my mom's weight watcher chicken): You should make your weight watchers chicken. You haven't made it since you've made it!


Mr. Bennett: Did you ever stop to think...and forget to start up again...?


Mr. Walker: German is the closest language to English.

Amber: Say something in German.

Walker: Sprecken sie Deutesch?

Amber: That's nothing like English!


Amber: I'm gonna go into your car and tell your dad, "Hola, sprecken sie Deutesch?"

Britt: Hola is Spanish...


Me (while stopped at a red light): Stop means go...

Mom (looks at me and starts laughing): Stop...means go...?

Me: Yeah, didn't you know that?

Mom: And you're getting your permit tomorrow?


Amber (talking about a map quiz in history): I can't even remember the states in this country, and you want me to remember states in the other countries?!


Samantha (talking about American Idol, which I CAN NOT stand): You should watch tomorrow's episode...

Me: Why would I do that when I don't like the show?

Sam: Because its in Dallas.

Me: And...?

Sam: Well...its home to the Dallas Cowboys...

Me (interrupts her): You mean the Dallas Cowboys are in Dallas, Texas?! I never knew that!

Pat (can't stand him but w/e): That was a good one...


Sam (talking about Sanjaya Malikar from American Idol, who Sam idolizes): I made my own Sanjaya website.

Me: Wow! (Sarcastic of course) That must have...(Thinks)...well, including fan!


(At the movies, watching "The Eye")

Jacki: I see how it is. You can have some of my popcorn but I can't have a bunch a crunch?

Me (shaking the box): They're all melted together!

Jacki (she takes the box and eats the last one): Didn't think I was gonna do it, did you?

Me: Not really.

Rachel (she was laughing and turns back to the screen; a guy popped out): Jesus Christ! What the fuck was that?!

(Jacki and I were laughing hysterically, by the way)


(Still at the movies)

Guy: Achoo! (He sneezed if you hadn't guessed)

Rachel (five minutes later): Bless you!


Me: What's 'what' in Spanish?

Dad: 'What'? Isn't that que?

Me: No, that's what.

Dad (He stares at me): Isn't that what you asked me?

Me: Oh...

Mom & Doug: (They laugh hard)


Dad (Reading a menu in a diner): What are scallions?

Me: Don't they live in the ocean?

Mom: (She laughs) Those are scallabs.

Me: Oh.

Dad: Heather, I think those blonde highlights ran a little too deep.


Zach: Does anyone have a writing utensil?

Me: Maybe you should come prepared to class.

Zach: (He starts saying something) Damn, I just got told.

Vanni: Yeah, you did.

Zach: I have nothing to say to that, except--(He pretends to cry)--okay.


Mom: (She smacks me)

Me: What was that for?

Mom: So you can smack him.

Me: Oh, okay. Hey, Dad, come back here so I can smack you.


Me: (Reading a billboard) stop) Why is it "um"? Shouldn't it be "un"--(I stop as I realize why)

Dad: Maybe because it's "Underwood Memorial"? Geez, Heather, how deep did those high lights go?

Me: Well, they're supposed to look natural, so...


(We were talking about taxis for some reason)

Me: I didn't know taxis ran in this part of Jersey...

(Now, everytime we see a taxi, my parents go, "Oh, there's a taxi. There's another one...")


Mrs. Wolk: (We're starting to read "Dante's Inferno") How would you escape hell?

Johh: Kill the Devil.

Mrs. Wolk: How do you kill the Devil?

John: It's very tricky.


Mrs. Wolk: (She hears someone talking) John!

John: That wasn't me, it was Mike Turk!

Mike: What? No, it wasn't!


Jason: Yeah, Bosco's bringing a supermodel.
Bosco: She's not a SUPERmodel...just a model.
Jason: Yeah, he's bringing a manequin. not sure at ALL how to spell that word
Me: Wow, she must be a stiff date.
Jason and Bosco start laughing
Bosco: That was a good one!



Joe: No, I don't have a third arm. Silly fans.


Joe: In one week, our album's coming out...This is...I'm gonna go run in traffic! (Runs into an empty street) There are no cars in Oklahoma!


Kevin: That means, like, real time.

Joe: That means in sync with life.

Kevin: Like time!


Nick: Yo, that's illogical. I can't have it.


Joe: Hey, Kevin, what are you doing in the shower?

Kevin: know...stuff...

Joe: Awkward!


(From HM episode Me & Mr. Jonas)

Nick (To Miley/Hannah): Wow, you're pretty...(Kev smacks him) I mean...uh...pretty good with the...singing that you do...(Stares at her) You're pretty.

Kev: Nice save.


(From HM episode again)

Nick (To Robbie Ray): You're like a legend, dude...uh, sir...sir dude!


Kevin: One year we built an igloo! It caved in the next day and turned into a dome.


Nick: I'll be standing at our meet and greets, playing the air drums, and it actually makes sense in my head what I'm playing. But to everyone else, it just looks like I'm flinging my arms and spazzing out.


Kevin: Joe's nickname is danger. It just is. Everything he does is danger.


Interviewer: Who is the one who always got in trouble?

Kevin (Looks at Joe): Danger.

Joe: No, I didn't always...I always got blamed for everything.

Kevin: Yeah, I was the one who actually did the thing. I just blamed him, and he got in trouble.


Kevin: Nicholas got attacked by about 30 screaming fans!


Joe: On the street, we call each other crazy names! Usually its Thunder Bolt, Lightening Bolt, and Fierce Tiger.


(This is the sweetest thing):

Nick: Joe took me under his arms like the hero he is. Joe saved my life, so I owe him.



Peter (while eating breakfast): Brian, there's a message in my alphabet! It says 'Ooooooo'.

Brian: Those are cheerios.

Nicknames: Frodo (Call me that and you're DEAD!), Strawberry Shortcake or Shorty (I'm short; get over it) and Gully (I'm gullible). My cousin also calls me Feather because he couldn't pronounce Heather when he was starting to talk. My friend aslo gave me the nickname Hezzah or even Hezzy sometimes. And my friend Britt calls me Hezzah Fezzah now which I actually started to really like

Fave sport: Bowling. I've been bowling for ten years. Eight of those ten years I've been bowling with my best friend Age

Fave Shows: Supernatural, Friends, Inuyasha, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Futurama, Ghost Hunter, Ghost Whisperer, Home Improvement, Smallville, The Bonus Jonas time, Living the Dream, J.O.N.A.S (I know its gonna be awesome!), and many, many more

Fave movies: CAMP ROCK!, Lion King (first movie I saw in theaters), Gone But Not Forgotten, X-Men 1-3, Pirates of the Caribbean 1-3, Saw 1-3, Stay Alive, Click and many, many more

Fave Football Team: Dallas Cowboys! My family is an Eagles kind of family but three of my aunts and I are Cowboys fans.

Fave Baseball Team: Phillies

Fave Hockey Team: New Jersey Devils

Fave Actors/Actresses: Ashley Tisdale, Miley Cyrus, Emily Osment, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, FRANKIE MUNIZ, Mitchel Musso, Tom Welling, Chris Evans, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Dean Cain, Mario Lopez, and many, many more

Fave Singers/Groups: The Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Ashley Tisdale, Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus, Superchick, Everlife

E-mail me here:

These are the pairings I like:


Oliver and Miley

Jake and Miley (kind of, maybe...haven't really decided yet)

Jackson and Lilly (maybe, everyone says how cute they are together)

Oliver and Lilly (maybe, haven't decided on this pair yet either)


Nick Jonas and Miley Stewart (I know Nick has only been on one episode but he's so cute, they look so cute together!)


Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar (They are so, so, so cute together!)

Jemily (Joe Jonas & Emily Osment)

Jemi (Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato)

Kashley (Kevin Jonas & Ashley Tisdale)

Nelena (Nick Jonas & Selena Gomez)

Nemi (Nick Jonas & Demi Lovato)

Nemily (Nick Jonas & Emily Osment)

AND (my FAVORITE couple)...

NILEY (Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus)

Stories I've Finished


When Tragedy Strikes: Taylor and Chad just professed their love to one another. But when something bad happens at their senior prom, something Taylor never wants to talk about, can Chad help her? When she's in a car accident and put in the hospital, can Chad and the others figure out how to help Taylor...even when she doesn't want their help?

Locked in With a Killer: Taylor and Gabi are missing...Can Chad and Troy get to them before its too late?

Eating Disorder: Taylor is going out with an abusive and degrading boyfriend. Can Chad and the others help Taylor when they find out what he's doing...and what he's making Taylor do? But how can you help someone...when they don't even want your help?


Miley's Nightmare: After Jackson fails to pick Miley and her friends up from the movies, Miley decides to walk. She is attacked by a guy, Lilly and Oliver forced to watch. Can Miley make it through the night? Or is she going to die without knowing how sorry Jackson really is?

Whever You Feel Like Giving Up: The Jonas Brotehrs are back in Malibu for a charity concert. When Miley, as Hannah, goes to the concert to cheer for them, Nick sees something Hannah never wanted him to: bruises, all over her arms. Now, Miley must reveal her secret and hope to the moon and back no one but JB find out. Can Nick, Kevin, and Joe stop her abuse before her boyfriend kicks it up a notch? Will Miley realize she's in love with the youngest Jonas...and will he feel the same way? Or will they get that fateful call? Will Miley be okay in the end? Or will Kevin and Joe lose their best friend, and will Nick lose the love of his life?

I Miss You Most At Christmas: Miley had a disease which has left her dying. Her family and friends spend Christmas with her but Nick and Miley's 16-year-old son is nowhere to be found. When his mother passes away, and he isn't there, will Ryan's girlfriend, uncles, aunts, and cousins, along with his father, help him get over the guilt he's feeling?

Appreciate: Sequel to Whenever You Feel Like Giving Up. Miley's secret is out. The world knows that she's Hannah Montana. Miley went into the bathroom, and JB heard her scream. Is she okay? What happened? How will she handle her secret going public? Will Nick, and his brothers, be there for her, like they promised? Will Miley's singing career as Hannah Montana survive? Or will she leave her singing in the past and try to live a normal life again, with Nick J at her side?

Wedding Day Blues: Miley and Nick are finally getting married. But their wedding day is the farthest thing from happy. Joe learns that Miley has a stalker, and that Nick knew about it. Kevin is in Hawaii on his honeymoon, and no one has any way of getting a hold of him. On Miley and Nick's wedding day, Nick is shot and put in the a coma. When Kevin finds out about his little brother, will he be there for him? Or is marriage life really everything he hoped it would be? Will he pick his brothers and sister-in-law over his new wife? Will she realize that "blood is thicker than water"? Will Nick be okay in the end? Or will Kev and Joe lose a brother, and will Miley lose the love of her life?



Prom Night Horror: Miley’s prom is coming up but she and Nick decide not to go together. Miley wants to lay low, and showing up with her rock star boyfriend isn’t helping any. So she decides to go with Jake as FRIENDS. But what if Jake doesn’t want to be just FRIENDS with Miley? What if he wants to do more than just DANCE with her? Jake gets a room, without Miley’s knowledge, and then slips something in her drink. After Miley starts feeling out of it, Jake takes her to the room he reserved. Miley is too weak and too out of it to stop it from happening. She doesn’t tell anyone what happened, partly because she was ashamed she didn’t stop it, partly because she was afraid of what Jake would do if he found out she told. Miley starts gaining weight, and starts to show other symptoms of pregnancy. Will she tell anyone what happened? Or will she let Nick think that she cheated on him? What if the only person who knew about it was sworn to secrecy? What happens when the night of your life turns into your worst nightmare? Who will be there to pick up the pieces when your whole world comes crashing down?

Future Stories I'm Working On Now:


Never Again: Denise has had to put up with years of abuse, ever since her third son was born. When they were younger, the boys had to deal with the crying at night, the bruises, and all of the fights. They never realized what was happening under their own roof. But as they got older, they realized that their father wasn’t the man he used to be. So Joe and Nick, trying to protect Frankie and with Kevin off at college, try to protect their mom as best they can. But when they stand up for her, try to protect her, that just ends up giving THEM black eyes instead. But that’s the way they’d rather have it. It was seemingly their ‘DIRTY’ little secret. But Denise’s long-time friend, Paul Jonas, knows about it, and he does everything to get Denise to open up. Can he convince her she doesn’t deserve this man as her husband? Will her kids learn to trust another man after what their father did? Everyone is entitled to happiness, to a happily ever after. Will Denise finally get her?

Should've Said No: When Miley's boyfriend cheats on her, she runs to her best friend Nick for comfort. But what happens when her boyfriend wants her back? Who will she choose? Actor Jake Ryan or rockstar Nick Jonas? Who will win Miley's heart in the end? The boy who has caused her so much heartache or the best friend who has been there through all the ups and the downs, the good and the bad, through thick and thin? Jiley?? Or NILEY??

Tied Together With a Smile: Nick Jonas' life isn't at all perfect. His brothers are always on dates with their girlfriends; their parents are rarely ever home; and to top it all off, someone from Nick's past made his way to Nick's present, and uses Nicky J as his own personal punching bag. Will his brothers come to his rescue after something major happens to him? Or are they too wrapped up in their love lives to notice when Nick comes home with a new bruise? MILEY MAY NOT BE IN THIS STORY!! IT MIGHT JUST BE A JB FIC!!

If I Never Knew You: After having a bad day in school, and an even worse fight with her boyfriend, Miley falls into a restful sleep. But when she wakes up, she has a totally different life. She was never Hannah Montana, there was never any secret, she has a new mom, a new boyfriend, and new friends. She's a member of the popular click. Her and Nick Jonas have never met but she's dating the most popular boy in the school. When Miley starts tiring of her new life, and of the popularity she suddenly has, will she realize that her old life, and everyone in it, wasn't as bad as she originally thought? Will she ever get her life back to the way it was? Or will she be stuck to live this life out to the end, only wishing things were the way they used to be, the way they're supposed to be?

I Knew It Was You: (Title subject to change) Lilly and Joe used to be the best of friends. But when JB moves away, Lilly decides to move on with her life. But then they come back as the famous rock group the Jonas Brothers, and Lilly goes to one of their concerts. Joe sees her, but doesn't remember her. After they start talking, Joe realizes he was always in love with his best friend. But when she comes to another one of his concerts, she collapses. Will she be okay? Why did she pass out? Will Joe tell Lilly how he feels? And will Lilly feel the same way?

Just A Dream: Miley's fiance has to leave for the war. While he's oversees in Iraq, Miley stays faithful to him. But then the day comes and she breaks down. Can Miley ever get over the love of her life's honorable death? Or will she die alone? Can Nick Jonas, her best friend, help her out of the depression she's in? And what about the baby inside of her? Will he or she never have a daddy?

Mommy's Girl: It's Miley's wedding day. And even though she's ecstatic to be getting married to long-time boyfriend Nick Jonas, she can't help but wish her mother was with her. Will she go through with the wedding? Or will she let the memory of her mother stop her from doing the one thing that will truly make her happy?

You're Perfect Just the Way You Are: Lilly and Joe Jonas have been dating for almost three years. But when Lilly runs into Joe's ex-girlfriend Aj Michalka, Lilly takes some of Aj's hurtful words to heart. She starts skipping her meals and no one, not even Miley, knows what she's doing. On the eve of Joe and her anniversary, she collapses and Joe takes her to the hospital. Can Joe and the others help her get better? Or will she only get worse?

Hope you enjoy my stories and the summaries for stories yet to be written.

Now that I'm done telling you about my boring life, you can resume what ever it was you were doing. Oh, and thanks for visiting my bio page!

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