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The PuddingBandit: I'm an 18 year old that lives in the rather busy tourist-magnet town called Orlando, FL. I am currently going to Valencia Community College, getting my A.S. Degree in Nursing, RN. My mother is a full-blooded Filipino and my father is an Italian/Yugoslavian/American. That would make me a big ol' mixture of cultural goodness. My parents have been divorced for the past 17 years or so and now I have a loving All-American step-father. He's very cool, somtimes moody but cool none the less.

The Obesessions: My obsessions right now consist of three things: Asian Stars, Asian Movies and High School Musical. I have a thing for asian actors/singers like Twins, Boy'z, 2R, Gackt, Otsuka Ai, Ping Pung, F.I.R, just to name a few. My asian movie collection has reached up there in the 100's and is still growing. My favorite movies right now are "A Chinese Tall Story"(Hong Kong), "Kamikaze Girls" (Japan), "S Diary" (Korea) and"Bcuz of U" (Philippines). And just recently, I fell in love with High School Musical. I pretty much love Disney movies but this one is one of the better ones. I especially love Sharpay and she should totally make babies with Troy.

The Fanfics: I have been writing stories about almost everything since I was in 5th Grade, maybe earlier. Its was about 3 years ago when I wrote a FanFiction about Good Charlotte, my friends and I. Kinda silly huh? My more current FanFictions have been posted on They have mostly been about Hong Kong music groups, Twins and Boy'z. Im now hoping to venture into the more advanced FanFiction writing. More description, more mature storylines (nothing graphic, just nothing about sunshine and rainbows) and more mushy romance, my favorite.

The Future: As for my future, I don't know. I am hoping to finish my Nursing, RN degree in about 2 or 3 years. From there, I will hopefully get a job at the county hospital here in Orlando (ORMC). Then I'm hoping to go to the University of Central Florida, get my BS in Nursing then head on off to Med School. But thats just a plan. And I also have plans on moving out of the parentals house in a year or so with my best friends. The future is tough to predict though.

My Favorites

Couples: CharleneSteven GillianKenny (Twins/Boy'z) RyokiHatsumi SubaruAkane (Hot Gimmick) SamLuka AbbyCarter RayNeela (ER) BrianMichael TedEmmett JustinEthan (Queer as Folk) RinHatsuharu (Fruits Basket) CloudAeris YuffieVincent (Final Fanstasy VII) IchigoRukia (Bleach) KyoYuya (Samurai Deeper Kyo) TroySharpay (High School Musical) ReginaTom (Cry_Wolf) MargaretJoe (Siblings)

Foods: Asian Food (Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean etc.), Chips and Dip, Chips and Salsa, Ranch Dressing, BBQ Sauce, Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese, Nutella, Greasy Meat Sandwiches, Siapao, Adobo and Rice, Lumpia, Toron

Movies: Beyond Our Ken, The Unusual Youth, Battle Royale, Bend It Like Beckham, Shaun of the Dead, My Sassy Girl, Sky High, Volcano High, The Eye, The Eye 2, The Eye 10, Death Curse, Twins Effect, Twins Effect 2, 6 AM, Good Times Bed Times, Ab-Normal Beauty, The Attractive One, It Had To Be You, New Police Story, Shutter, The Sisters, Conduct Zero, Bcuz of You, My First Romance, Road Trip, Moon Child, Initial D, Cry-Wolf, High School Musical, Brokeback Mountain, Sex is Zero, S Diary, She's on Duty, Siblings, High Tension, Cow Belles...(The list could go on and on...)

TV Shows: ER, Queer as Folk, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Robot Chicken, Freaks and Geeks, Full House (Korean Drama), Mars (Taiwanese Drama), Thats So Raven, Greys Anatomy, Sex and the City, Dead Like Me, Charmed (with Shannen Doherty), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Lost, Footballer$ Wives, Lazy Town, Wanted, The Closer, Supernatural

Music: Twins, Boy'z, F.I.R, Ping Pung, Otsuka Ai, 2R, Gackt, Psycho Le Cemu, Orange Range, Rain, BoA, Se7en, Baby Vox, Jewelry, Jolin Tsai, Lee Hom Wang, SHE, Heart Evangelista, M-Flo, Edison Chen, Cookies, Black Eyed Peas, Natasha Bedingfield, Spitalfield, Estrela, From First to Last, Fall-Out Boy, Punchline, Paramore, Fire at Will, HIGH and MIGHTY Color, Utada Hikaru

Books/Manga: Hot Gimmick, Happy Hustle High, Doubt, Othello, A Perfect Day for Love Letters, Hot Spot, Bookends, Hana Kimi, Imadoki! Nowadays, NANA, Absolute Boyfriend, Anne Freaks, Bleach, Tokyo Boys and Girls

My Not-So-Favorites

Couples: AbbyLuka GalantNeela CarterKem (ER) BrianJustin MichaelBen MichaelDavid (Queer as Folk) KennyCharlene StevenGillian (Twins/Boy'z) AzusaHatsumi ShinoguHatsumi (Hot Gimmick) YukiTohru KyoKagura HatsuharuKisa (Fruits Basket) IchigoOrihime (Bleach) DodgerOwen (Cry_Wolf) TroyGabriella RyanGabriella ChadTaylor SharpayZeke RyanSharpay TroyKelsi (High School Musical)

Foods: Anchovies, Pizza, Dinuguan

Movies:Halloween 3-Resurrection (minus H20), Friday The 13th 2-JasonX, Nightmare on Elm Street 2-NewNightmare, Child's Play 2-3, Stacy, Ichi the Killer, The Cheetah Girls, Cadet Kelly

TV Shows: Charmed (with Rose McGowen), Angel(when Darla came back), Buffy The Vampire Slayer (when BuffySpike happened), ER (Season 7 AbbyLuka), Fear Factor, Nip/Tuck, My Super Sweet 16,The Real World(Any season AFTER New Orleans)

Music: Ayumi Hamasaki, 50 Cent, Will Smith

Books/Manga: Chobits, Peach Girl, Wedding Peach, FAKE, Gravitation, Initial D, Sensual Phrase, Dragon Knights, Dragon Voice, Warriors of Tao

My Top 5

Movies: High School Musical, Shinobi (Japan), Cry_Wolf, A Chinese Tall Story (Hong Kong) and S Diary (Korea)

Groups/Bands: Morningwood, Paramore, Metric, Aly and AJ, and Flyleaf

TV Shows: The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, That's So Raven, Supernatural, ER and Flight 29 Down

Actors: Jared Padalecki, Zac Efron, Hal Sparks, Johnny Pacar and Jake Gyllenhall

Actresses: Ashley Tisdale, Kristy Wu, Brenda Song, Aly Machalka and Charlene Choi

Manga/Anime: NANA, Paradise Kiss, Hot Gimmick, Happy Hustle High and Anne Freaks



What up homies? I am so stoked right now that I am out of school. That means I am going to be doing a lot of writing.I have some new ideas for a couple of new fics and I am just trying to get all the details together before I can actually start writing them. I can tell you one is going to be a horror/suspense story with character deaths and the other one is yet another romance/drama.

"A Room With A View" is also going to be ending soon. It's going to be about ten chapters or so but there is going to be a sequel. Let me tell you right now though, it's going to be twist, after twist, after twist and then just when you think the twisting is over...OH SNAP theres another one.

So thats the recent news. If anyone wants to chat sometime, I have both AIM (which I never really use) and MSN (which I'm actually on all the time). You can also PM me if you want to. I love talking to people. So hit me up sometime.

Love Y'all,

Puddingbandit 3

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