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August 7, 2007--Message


Although it has not happened yet, an update to From Hogwarts with Love is definitely in the works. Coming soon! I have muddled around the Lily and James world for the past few months and I think I'm ready to begin a bit again. I just need to pick up my old thought process threads (and, you know, get packed for college). Stay tuned!

Reposted from previous note: "I have opened an account at the Unknowable Room and its relatively new database. All of my Harry Potter stories will be there now, I think, unless I double post them [... I have a story there that is NOT here yet, which you may want to check out. My name there is CandyCaneJones."


best harry potter fanart...accioBRAIN!

Lightning at Hogwarts... My baby. My magnum opus and first fanfic. It concerns Lily and James at Hogwarts and sets up for their life ahead. Furthermore, it is a seventh year tale told through both POVs but overwhelmingly Lily's. This story is TC, or totally canon. Everything--every named or unamed character or thing--was written by Rowling herself. "Lily Evans has always hated James Potter an--" Nope, not this story. Different.Better.Real. Completed.

However, I consider this a first draft. No new chapters will be uploaded, but changes will be made to existing chapters. Eventually. Because I hate some of them.

Nominated on the old The Hourglass Awards in the Intermediate Romance catergory.

Paradoia... So I might never update this again but whatever. It's the very worst of every story you've ever read compounded into a crazy parody.

What A Guy... This is a one shot story that is both weird and--in my opinion--the closest any of my stories will ever come to being like a real conversation with me. It is another Lily and James thing, of course, but like none other I have read. Note that it will be mysterious at first, but then things will be clear by the end.

From Hogwarts with Love... It is the companion to Lightning at Hogwarts and it takes place right at the end of Lily and James' Hogwarts career. So it's their real lives, basically, including mayhem with friends, families, weddings, death, and the Order of the Phoenix. It will chronicle Lily and James' lives until their deaths. TC just as in Lightning at Hogwarts.

Susan's Age... Wow, a Narnia story amidst the Harry Potter! This is a quick one shot containing my thoughts about a possible conclusion to Susan's life as it stands at the end of The Last Battle and after. The Chronicles of Narnia are actually my favorite books of all time, so I had to write something. After you read the story, note that in it I used Lewis' name only on a whim, not as an actual suggestion of what happened. I wanted to include (as much as could be) only names that Lewis himself had been connected to or wrote. "Canon all the way!" of course.

Stories of Will and Lyra... Whoa, whoa, a His Dark Materials story in Candy Cane Jones' profile? WTF, man? But yes. Those three books are now revealed to be (sorry, Harry Potter) my second favorite books ever. Even if I love The Chronicles best, Philip Pullman is my favorite author. This story is moving piecemeal and will continue with snapshot chapters alternating between Will and Lyra. Once I finish Lyra's Oxford, things might change, but otherwise it's based solely off His Dark Materials. Things can't qutie be totally canon because of the ambiguity of Will's world and such, but I'm not inserting desperate Sues/Sams into the tale.

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Stories of Will and Lyra reviews
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