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About Me

Name: Theresa Hoyer but I prefer to be called Razi. Razi is an African word meaning secret and I love it. So, call me Razi.

Age: 15, sophomore in High school, oldest of 4 kids

State: CA

Hobbies: Dance, writing, ceramics, drawing (which I’m bad at), and lots of other stuff.

There really isn’t much about me that everyone needs to know. I first started writing in sixth grade when I wrote my first book, Bear Family Diaries. I am trying to transfer that story from one computer to the next but it is taking me sometime. Ever since then, I have never stopped writing. I just love to write and it has always been like that. I have been doing short stories for my brother’s class (which need some work) and the kids love them. I have my own bookshelf in their classroom. Writing is my strong point in high school. I love to write and will always take advantage of a writing project when I have the chance.

Anyway some interesting facts about me:

I have been dancing for 12 years, since I was 3.

I have 3 younger siblings and a beagle

I have made some really interesting ceramics projects, such as an elephant pitcher, and a snake which is actually an Australian didgeridoo. (I’ll try to post pictures)

My favorite artists are Emma Lahana, Heather Headley, Karmina, Jason Raize(who is dead, committed suicide), Phil Collins and some others. I will listen to anything as long as you can dance to it although I hate wrap.

I collect bear plushies and have a little more than 100. I haven’t counted them in a while but they all have names.

I am blind in my left eye due to an under developed optic nerve. It’s been that way all my life. So one of my eyes is black and the other eye is hazel.

I am obsessed with The Lion King trilogy.

I guess that’s all you need to know about me now. If there is anything else you want to know about me, ask. So, enjoy my work! Let me know what you think and please, critique my work and let me know where I can improve (because I know I need to).

Note: My work tends to be very long so I suggest you read my work when you have free time on your hands. Please do not be afraid of my work because of the size and content. Just give me a chance and you will be amazed. If you have any requests or questions or anything reguarding my works, please fill free to e-mail me. I will take any advice or even the harshest of constructive criticism. I also tend to procrastinate. That's just the way I am. I also may not update my stuff a whole lot since I have a lot of other stuff to do in my life besides write, even though it is a priority. I will start many projects but take my sweet time on every detail so don't expect a whole lot of updating from me! Sorry :p

Works in Progress

Take Flight: The sequel to "The Rise of the Phoenix", explaining the lives of the Phoenix Rangers and how they cam to be. There are 2 parts to this story.

True Desires: Last set of stories in the Rise of the Phoenix series (although I will continue to use the Phoenix characters in my other works) What will the Rangers have to do in order to be rid of Zabia and Mesogog once and for all. Many twists and turns in this fic. With a new character, Audrey Gaghan. How will she turn the Rangers world upside down? Also, a Ranger falls in the line of duty? Who is it? Just wait and see.

Always Been Your Girl: Kira and Tommy have been married for 6 months and Kira is now pregnant. As the days go on, Kira and Tommy get closer until someone steps back into Tommy's life, Kim. What will she do to Kira and Tommy's relationship?

I Wish I Wasn't: Krist has come back into Conner's life and is now trying to take him back from Skyler. Skyler doesn't nkow how she is going to get Conner back and is very intimidating by Krista. This fic is very similar to "Always Been Your Girl". What will Skyler do to get Conner back?

I Wanna See Christmas Through Your Eyes: Kira wishes she could have one Christmas where her family was all together but her parents are in New York. Tommy get's Kira a ticket to go to New York but she has an accident before she leaves. Kira get's amnesia and can't remember anything. How far will Tommy go to give Kira the perfect Christmas? (This was started before the holidays but still isn't finished. GGRRR.)

At the Beginning: Simple fic about the day of Tommy and Kira's wedding.(COMPLETE)


Hey People! Sorry for the lack of updates. I have recently have a MAJOR computer crash, and have lost 100, everything. All my stories, photos, other stuff, GONE! Please, bear with me as I try to get everything back in order.

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