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It’s interesting that people who I offer criticism coughflamecough often say that I am a coward because I do not write.

I did not create this file to write tripe, but to review it. I think that the excuse, “It’s just fan fiction” is babyish. If it is just ‘fan fiction’ to people get up in arms if their pitiful offering is called what it is?

I never say anything that I do not see as the truth. So, bite the bullet and if you get a flame from me know that I almost never retract a statement I have made.

I am created only to flame those who dare post bad fan fiction. As I am already hated, this will only be par for the course. Any questions you have may be answered below.


1. It's only Fanfiction! (That's right, Fan. If you were truly wrote fan fiction, you would care enough to get it right.

2. But the books are so long! (As will your punishments be!)

3. I'm too lazy too find out! ( We're too lazy to pay attention that that excuse.)

4. Who cares if they're out of character? It's my story! (Why are you writing about us if you are going to leave out any recognizable features besides our names?)

5. If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all! (It's called review not “mindless praise”.)

6. You're just mean! (Yes)

7. It's not a Mary-Sue (Yes, it is.)

8. If you don't like it don't read it! ( And we're supposed to know in advance that we won't like it?)

9. Who cares about spelling and grammar? (Everyone whose eyes work.)

10. But Legolas is soooo hot! (If you persist in slanderous remarks, prepare to be sued by the Webbalicious Lawyers of Mirkwood and be eaten when you lose.)

11. I suck at summaries. (Strive to un-suck.)

12. My computer doesn't have spell check. (Yes, it does. If not, then get your money back.)

13. I have read the books! (Then show it.)

14. I'm not Tolkien! (Gee, you don't say!)

15. I'm only a wheeny little baby of _ years. (Then share your story with your kindergarten and not in a public place.)

This list is from the awesome fic by Camilla Sandman to be found here

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