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Hey everyone, I decided to update my profile. I'm still kind of a newb here, but I'll update nonetheless... Here's some important stuff: I have an obsessive love of turtles, I like Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon, I don't like dubs, I love drawing, and I love writing. More detail is below.

Interview: Know The Writer

Q: Who are you?

A: I am Catapult Turtle. Only One member knows my true name... I'm pointing to you Bakura Girl...

Q: Name one friend.

A: That's not a question. But my friend is Bakura Girl.

Q: Are you guy or a girl?

A: Neither. I'm a 106 turtle. Actually, I'm mostly female.

Q: Where are you?

A: Just outside of reality, take a left and you can't miss it, you stalker!

Q: If I had a red chicken, and you had a gold chicken, according to the law off genetics and ressecive/dominant genes, what would be the possible offspring?

A: What does this have to do with me?

Q: Pineapple...?


Q: What is x times 89?

A: I think you know me now. Let's skip to the profile...


Name: My real name is for me alone.

Location: Just outside of reality.

Eyes: 4. Your typical brown eyed glasses wearer.

Hair: Long, with bangs in a dark brown that doesn't come from my mum or dad.

Occupation: Part time teenager.

Favorite genre: Humor and Spiritual/Tragedy. I've got a wide ranging mind.

Favorite show: Yuugiou DM and GX, as well as Pokemon.

Favorite Characters: Pfft, I couldn't put anything in order if my life depended on it. I don't play favorites, but in no particular order, I like these people/creatures:


Soren (C'mon, who doesn't like SOREN?)

Coryn (Coryn rocks)

Gylfie (She rocks too)

Otulissa (I love Otulissa because she's very complex, very well drawn out. And she developed the most :D)

Twilight (Made me partial to Great Grays)

Digger (expert tracker, expert thinker-- love him!)

WARRIORS (Both Prophecies, major spoilers, read up to Dawn first!)

Firestar (A little too perfect sometimes, but I will never forget the scene in which he becomes leader)

Bluestar (never been so frutrated at a fictional character in my life!)

Sandstorm (Fight the power!)

Graystripe (He's actually my favorite... Now don't go tell everyone that...)

Feathertail (I really liked her...)

Crowfeather (first character I've ever cried for)


Seto Kaiba (I am most like him)

Yugi Mutou (Not Pharaoh, just Yugi. I pretendignorehim, but I find myself staring at pictures online of him a lot. It's his eyes! They send subliminal messages!)

Hiroto Honda (The unimportant dude in the friendship circle)

Ryo Bakura and Yami/Theif Bakura (Can't help it. My friend likes Yami Bakura. And Bakura actually eats in this series!)

Pikachu (KAWAII!)

Ash (Kind of forced to. He is a "Mary Sue" sort of guy but I think I can learn a lot about attitude from him)

Misty (She was tough, but sensitive, and I just missed her when she left the series)

Judai Yuki (He's much more complex than any of the DM characters could ever hope to be. However, you have to keep watching to see him develop)

Sho Marifuji (He's actually kind of cute -_-; Yeah, it's just me. But I really admire him with his facing of brother troubles, and I find him to be a complex character)

Hayato (He's a lot like Sho. He has more of a fighting spirit though, but but he's really complex as a character and pretty well designed)

Manjoume (Gotta love the stubborness)

Professor Chronos (Ahhh, the comic relief)

Prof. Daitokuji (The feeder of the cat. He's a really funny coward who adds to comic relief)

Pharaoh (Gotta love the kitty)

Hane Kuriboh (My Aibou. Kuri Kuri!)

Favorite pairings: I am a major supporter of Absolutely-Nothing-Shipping! NobodyxNo one else! Yeah, I don't like pairings or romance in general. However, in the anime there are he likes/ she likes things that I often stretch, but all romance in Yuugiou and Pokemon is generally one-sided.

Favorite book: Guardians of Ga'Hoole series by Kathryn Lasky. A hero shall rise from the darkness... My fave book is The Rescue, Book 3. Closely following is the Warriors series by "Erin Hunter" who is actually Kate Cary and Cherith Baldry! I also like the Bartimaeus trilogy (Jonathan Stroud) and Tooth and Claw (Jo Walton).

Favorite animals: Turtles of any kind! Hands down! But my favorite birds are the Common Raven, all of the Parrot family, my favorite mammals are Gray Wolves, my favorite fish are Cleaner Razzes, my favorite amphibian is the Red-Backed Salamander and my favorite insect is the Honey Bee.

Favorite plants: I love the Coast Redwoods (thetallest trees in the world) with their heads in the clouds. I am facinated my the Medlar Tree and conifers such as Maidenhair Genkoes.

Other: My birthday is July 29th, 1992. I'm in the 8th grade. I'm a MAJOR skeptic on the idea that there is no living God. Reread that. Reread it again. Yup: I am a devout Christian. And I don't believe in "evil"ution either. I love God and love others. So good day to you, brethren and sisterthren!

And that's all you really need to know. I'll update my profile as time goes by.

Till then, see ya lovers.

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