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Author has written 4 stories for Ranma, and Harry Potter.

Name: Matthew
Age: 24
Location: Wisconsin, USA

07/05/11 - I still don't have anyone that has taken up the sequel to Ranma Muyo, it's still available if anyone wants to take it! I uploaded a test chapter to a new story called Wiztergo. It's a Harry Potter story that will more than likely be crossed with other genres later. I'm looking for feedback on whether I should continue or not. I have a basic idea of where the story will go, but nothing really fleshed out yet.

05/23/06 - K, I completely forgot to update this. Well, Ranma Muyo is finished. I am not doing the sequel, even though it is ended in a way that would need one. I've got one offer for someone to do the sequel so far, and if that pans out than I'll throw the link up here for it so ya'll know where to go.

Ships: Ranma/Akane: Ain't gonna happen. I have nothing against them, but I cannot stand Akane. She's far too violent for my taste. Not that Ranma doesn't deserve a good hit upside the head every now and then, but she takes it too far. I can't see that relationship working.

Ranma/Kasumi: My personal preference, haven't quite figured out why, but I just think that out of all the girls in Ranma 1/2 he'd do better in a relationship with Kasumi.

Ranma/Nabiki: This is a ship I like, and I might expand on the slight view we get of that in Protecting At Any Cost if I ever decide to go back and do something more with that story. It's still up in the air. Nabiki I don't think is that bad of a person, just has a bad rep, and she got that doing everything she had to to keep a roof over her families head.

Ranma/Shampoo: Dun really care one way or the other, if it's well written I like it, but I probably won't ever write one.

Ranma/Ukyo: Can we say redneck wedding? It'd be like Ranma marrying his sister, or at least that's how I view it. If ya dun understand the redneck comment, ask someone about marriage habits in the deep south of the US. J/K!

Keitaro/Naru: Same with Akane. She's got some nice points, but her ability to jump to conclusions and beat Keitaro is just plain wrong.

Keitaro/Motoko: Even though she's violent I kinda like this pairing. With her code of ethics I think she can be brought to see the light of her mistakes a lot easier than Naru.

Keitaro/Mutsumi: Just from looking at the anime and not adding or changing any events I honestly think if Keitaro wanted a relationship that'd work Mutsumi would be the one that it would work best with. She's Kasumi's parallel in the Love Hina world.

Keitaro/Haruka: Um, no incest please.

Keitaro/Tsuruko: I've rarely seen these, but I like the idea of it. I may write one myself one day. Just from the little bit we see of her she seems a lot more calm and ready to listen to the facts before whipping out her sword and dispensing 'justice' upon hapless males. Cor, gotta kill off her husband before it'd work, lol.

Keitaro/Shinobu: Can we say robbing the cradle? Dunno what japanese men have with younger women, but I sure as hell don't wanna date a middle-schooler.

Keitaro/Su: Same as Shinobu. I honestly see Keitaro treating both more along the lines as little sisters instead of love interests.

Keitaro/Kanako: Um, refer to Haruka. Even if she isn't blood related I just can't see Keitaro ever treating her as anything other than the sister he's grown up thinking her as. Unless she gives him a love potion from the Cat Cafe or something, lol.

Now that that's outta the way dun bitch at me for bashing Akane or Naru. I really can't stand Akane, and Naru ain't much better. I'd swear they were cousins or something. I'm probably never gonna write an SI, because I won't even read them let alone write them.

Story Progress:

Ranma Muyo: Complete. I left it off with room for a sequel, so if any of ya wanna write that go for it. Just give me a link to the story so I can read it.

Protecting At Any Cost: Done, at least for now. I'm going to be coming back to this storyline later and working it over, I already have a chapter done for it, but it's not top priority right now. It'll be a Ranma/Evangelion crossover since I'm going to be doing time-travel with a different story I'm writing.

Ronin: That's done. The only way this story will be worked on is if I take it down to include it in the new story I'm thinking of writing, in which case it'd make it a Love Hina/Ranma crossover and would need a new title anyway.

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