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Hi! Welcome everyone who happens to stuble upon my page! I imagine that if you have then you probably have read or are reading one of my stories. At the moment I only have two fics posted and they areGinny's Diary and AnotherRiddle.

Here's a brief description of my stories:

Ginny's Diary is about what happens to Ginny in her sixth year at Hogwarts. The couples that I have in that story are GW/HP , GW/DM , HG/RW and my made up character Annick with a few others. I also have Colin Creevey with well,almost every girl at Hogwarts! The story focuses mainly on Ginny seeing as it is her Diary. Feel like reading someone else's Diary? (I am planning on eventually writing a fic where Annick is the main character. After all, despite the fact that this fic may lead you to believe it, she didn't just appear in Ginny's sixth year. Oh and anyone with a suggestion for a last name for Annick just mention it in a review of any of my stories!)

Another Riddle is about Voldemort having a mudblood half sister. Although she isn't related to the side of his family descended from Salazar Slytherin she certainly has the heart of a Slytherin! (No, I haven't abandoned this, I've just beentoo busy to post. I promis that Chapter2 will be up sooner or later)

I'm also considering writing a Voldemort (or Tom is you please) / Ginny fic. I have been inspired but some of the ones that other people have writen and it makes me really want to write one of my own. If you want to read a really good one then I reccommend You Belong To Me! by Kitty D1 . It's probably the best one out there, certainly the best that I've seen. The only thing with that one is that she doesn't update too often so you may need to go for a while waiting for the next chapter.

I have just started writing a sort of Voldemort(Tom)/Ginny fic. I got the idea from the challenge that Jay FicLover has been posting in reviews. What happens:A deathly ill Ginny is taking captive by none other than Voldemort. Unsure as to what his plans for her are, she sits alone remembering a happier time in her life. Here's a short excert from the first chapter of this story (may change though) : She glanced up to see who it was. The first thing that she noticed was black hair. Harry, she thought happily. But one look at the eyes and the truth hit her like a bludger. It was none other than Voldemort. She remembered the days when she would have been scared by this discovery. She wasn’t anymore. She would be almost happy if he killed her.

And another fic that I'm planning, my inspiration coming not only from the Harry Potter books but also by a book called The Forshadowing. I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to call it... Well anyways, the main character Cosetta is a muggle born witch with a special "gift", she can see the future. But what she sees isn't the bright happily ever after type things, no, it's generally deaths and great trajedies. (I still suck at descriptions...)

I'm also planning on writing a story that I will call The Power Group or maybe The Golden Group or something like that. Well it will be about a group that is composed of a Griffindor, a Hufflepuff, a Ravenclaw and even a Slytherin. With a Ravenclaw's knowledge, a Hufflepuff's loyalty, a Griffindor's courage, and a Slytherin's thirst for power will this group be able to outshine even the greatestfrom theirrespective houses ? Will they be able to get along well enough to attein such a status? (Thisstory will be set later on, after Harry's time, and no, I don't think that my 4 will be direct descendants of any of the major characters, I do like working from scratch. And I'm not quite sure what genders I want for each. My trouble is always deciding whether I want it to be 2 girls and 2 boys. Or 3 girls and 1 boy. Or 3 boys and 1 girl. What I'm sure of is that I don't want them to all be the same gender, that's just annoying... especially if they're all girls. Please vote for whichever you think is best in your review of any of my stories!)

And eventually me and my friend Kyra111491 will probably write a Marauders story together. It'll probably be role play style. She wants to do when Sirius runs away from home and goes to live with James. In which case I'll certainly be playing Sirius!

Well enough about my current and future fics. I mainly read Harry Potter fics. Not that I would say no to a good Lost, Artemis Fowl or Lord of the Rings fic. My fav characters for Harry Potter are Ginny Weasley, Draco Malfoy, Tom Riddle (before he was Voldemort), the Weasley twins and of course my all time fav Sirius Black. But I still read fics that aren't about my fav characters.

If anyone can reccommend a good Harry Potter fic please do! Just mention it in a review of one of my stories. And I truly reccommend all of the stories under my fav fics. Well I've wasted enough of your time already by going on and on like this. I hope you enjoy my stories!

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