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Name: Catryna

Age: 16

Siblings: 2 brothers, 1 sister

Grade 11, Junior...Go class of 2007! We've almost made it!

Hometown: Wakefield, Mass (originally Malden in a big blue New England farmhouse on a hill, but we moved away two years ago) To anyone out of state, "I'm a Bostonian and proud of it!"

Pets:4 cats Zakum (my lil' furry fluffball!), PoPo (thin lil' brown menace), Julius Caesar "el gato" (black and white caesar of the house!), and Omelet (brown and white stray cat that came with the house)

Me gusta...WRITING & READING, chilling with my family, playing piccolo in Marching Band (Yeah WHS MB, Goin' for Gold this year '05! "Magical Mystery Tour"), sleeping and dreaming fabulous dreams, English and Spanish class, the espanol, german, y italian cultures, horror movies, anyone who can make me laugh(aka John Cena), Dance Dance Revolution, cats, everything GREEN, arty things Art Club, ceramics, brownies, cherries & bananas, drums/drummers, Chuck Taylor All Star high top Converse Sneakers, traveling, September-December & March, archery, waltz, salsa, jazz dance, meeting new people, trying new things, being single, Disney characters TIGGER, animation, wrestling, politics, soccer, badmiton, The Phantom of the Opera, shooting pool, masks, Seed of Chucky

No me gusta...talking on the phone, my band director Darth Maule (f off u MB hater), violins & other string instruments, math and anything related to the subject, dogs, computers, drugged-up football players and anorexic sexaholic cheerleaders, some Japanese cartoons, singers who can't sing, stupid people, Pres. Bush

Cartoons: South Park (Kyle), Danny Phantom (Danny), SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron (Razor/Jake), Static Shock (Gear), the original Pokemon (Charmander, Ash, Vaporeon), Family Guy (Brian), Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (Grim), Ed, Edd n Eddy (Edd), Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (Wilt)

Video Games: StarFox, Resident Evil series, Silent Hill series, The Sims, Nation States, Morrowwind, Super Smash Brothers Melee

Aspirations: foreign affairs/tax attorney, novellist, journalist, photo-journalist

Fav. Movies: Seed of Chucky, Sleepy Hollow, Something's Gotta Give, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lion King, Ju-On (The Grudge)

Fav. Books: Dandelion Wine, The Catcher in the Rye, Shattered Mirror, The Joy Luck Club

Fav Wrestlers: John Cena, Rob Van Dam, the Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Torrie Wilson

To Do in Near future: learn the alto saxophone, drums, and get into Suffolk University (Business Major, Creative Writing minor, then Law School)

Shout out to my Banda Buddies, no matter where we go, we'll always have one another and the band seasons past: Piccolo Pals, Feta wat would I have done without you? It's been a great three years; Meg with the cherub face and beautiful hair, my freshman, now my soph, i luv u Cutie Pie!; Katie, well, we finally found some common ground, glad to have met you!; Andrea and Rachel, you both know you're the best; Daisy Flower, I heart your smile; Jeni Jen, keep it up as section leader, u'll never know the greatness I see inside of you! Annie and Hannah, as freshmen i hope you return the next three years and keep the pics alive... Alto Saxes: Lil' Pat Comeua (i know i spelled ur name wrong, so shoot me) ur the best freshman to date! Your attitude rox and you make drill practice much more...interesting THRILLER! See you till graduation; Cory H. with the most mesmerizing brown eyes I've ever seen, I really love our friendship and hopefully we'll see each other after band season, smarty soph in math class, watch out i might join the saxes next year ;) Woodwinds forever; Colorguard Beth, Laura, and now Ali- keep flying those flags girls. I love you so much. Skittles Flags, THE PHANTOM; Nick in the Clarinets "How ya doin?" "Don't knock me over again!" Smiles

Greetings from Malden, to my friends who never left my Side or my Heart, thank u all for everything from K-8. Ashlea, my sister, my other half, my soul, u know me inside and out better than I do most times, thank u for being there and staying with me thru this long journey we have only just begun. We made it thru high school, college watch the hell out! "People think we will grow old and break apart, but I say let's kick their asses cause its you and me forever." Mei Li, GLITTER CRAYONS, 2nd Grade, you can always make me laugh my Squirtle! I can't remember one bad time I ever had with u around, u make my life shine and smile Keep up the comedy! Emily, hockey star of the US, thank god u moved here, I don't know what I'd do w/out you! Dane Cook, b-day party! thanks for including me in your world. Other friends that I'll always remember: Olena, Samantha, Sasami, Henry, Connie, Lena, Chalea, Taramatie, Heather, Kayla: "See you all on the other side."

Twisted Beauty's Mastercard commercial which was so smart:

Wrestling tickets 100
T-shirt 40
Food 35
Finding out your hero is a complete and total asshole... priceless

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