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Why hello there...

First off, thank you for taking the time to read this! And I hope that sentence guilted you into reading this whole thing if you weren't planning on it originally... ;) Anyway! My name's Caroline, and I'm a eighteen year old, Harry Potter loving, horseback riding senior in highshool. I started writing these the summer between my freshman and sophomore years, so I'm curious as to what everyone would think of the difference between, oh, The River and Silence. I've loved Harry Potter since I started reading it years and years ago, and I'm one of "those people" who knows all the ridiculous facts that JKR herself might not remember. Away from Harry Potter, I'm a HUGE horse lover. I have one of my own, an amazing Thoroughbred gelding named Draco (Ok, sue me, I can't get away from HP for too long!). He's 17.1hh and black, with a large-ish star on his forehead. Unfortunatly, he's almost as injury prone as I am, so we've gone through quite the vet bill in the past year. Regardless, I adore him, and I'm quite grateful he's only 11 so I can have him for a long, long time. When I'm not with my horse, you'll either find me at camp (if it's the summer) or at Loon (if it's the winter). Skiing is my passion and my greatest talent (aside, perhaps, from writing), and there is nothing more inspirational or thrilling than flying down a mountain. I don't quite know how to explain it, but all I know is that the burn in my legs after I've whipped down the mountain is the greatest feeling in the world.

My Stories

Forgotten Monument- This, while not being that good, is one of my favorites. Fred's death really frightened me because I can relate to the relationship he has with George. I always thought the twins would be the ones to survive the books, but when George lost his ear at the beginning of DH...Anyway, I know that if I lost my sister, I'd be inconsolable for a year or six.

Impulse- This is a very...different story than the other stories I've written lately. Unlike Those Who Fell, Shining Knight, etc, this is much more angsty and sad. I've always thought that it would take George a lot longer than expected to recover, and I can't see him being all right right after Fred died. I think it'd take him...Well, I don't think he'd ever get over the depression that would probably accompany it. Impulse is a glimpse into what could happen.

Insomnia- Much like Impulse, this is a very, very angsty fanfiction. It's got (almost) nothing to do with Fred, but simply addresses the madness that George might feel in a certain situation. The writing style in this story is also very different; I reccomend that you look at it with a fairly open mind. I do, however, like it. I think it's very... emotional, I guess. Powerful.

My Angel- Another Fred-centric fic. At first, I was disgusted that JKR put George with Angelina, but now...I guess I can understand it, to a degree. Anyway, Angel and Monument both lie the foundation for a series of oneshots I'm planning out in my head. I do like this story; I think it's sweet. And sad. All of my stories are sad.

Rely on Me- Perhaps my favorite fanfic. Ron/Hermione pairing (my favorite), and I guess it was a bit of a glance into Hermione's head. I've always viewed her as being very independent and not about to admit that she needed Ron, especially after he left in DH. It's also inspired by my relationship with a certain friend of mine if it had gone the way it should have.

Shining Knight- I love this story. Knight is just a quick glance into Hermione's reaction directly after the Battle of Hogwarts and the discussion between Ron and Hermione after their (very cute) first kiss. I, personally, love the imagery in this story but...hey. I'm just crazy.

Silence - This is a very unique story for me, as it's more of a character analysis than anything else. I tried to get a look at how Ron and Hermione felt a few months after the final battle, as well as trying to address the depth of their relationship. Please let me know how you like it!

The Eulogy- This is my most popular story, and also the one that was the hardest for me to write. It was inspired by an absolutely twisted project that my Health teacher made us do. We had to write a eulogy for three people close to us, and I honestly thought I was going to puke when I wrote it. Anyway, I started thinking about Fred's funeral (because everything makes me think about Harry Potter) and how George would react, and what he would say. Thus, Eulogy.

The Grey of Morning - Ok, so not only is this my newest story, it's also one of few that I think will be developed into a fuller, multi-chapter story. It isn't Ron/Hermione, it isn't George-angst. Nope, it's Draco/Hermione, a ship I never thought I'd be able to tackle. However, this plotbunny won't go away, and I've wanted to write something like this for a while... Plus, there's an absolutely perfect model I can base a certain character... You'll have to read it to find out, of course.

The Leaky Cauldron- I don't know what I think about this fic, because it's really quite pointless, but..I don't know. I guess I can picture this happening in the world of Harry Potter. Plus, I wanted to get inside Hannah Abbott's head a bit. Don't ask me why, because I coudln't tell you, but I just did. It's not bad, it's not good, and the title sucks.

The River- My first and least favorite fanfic. It's not bad, not good, I might take it down in the near future.

Those Who Fell- I've wanted to write something like this for a while, because I need to give George some closure. I might expand on this one because of the responses I've gotten; I'm really not quite sure. Ang and George really amuse me, so...yeah. The dynamics of their relationship and how it came to me fascinates me.

Wish to Remember- If Rely on Me isn't my favorite fanfic, then Wish to Remember is. To get the ending you should probably read Monument, but otherwise it can stand alone. I did, though, intend for it to be a bit of a companion to Knight, Up to you. This is just a short, sweet little fanfic about a fight between Ron and Hermione. After all, the fighting is an intregal part of their relationship.

I've come to the realization that I am a canon writer, and will only be a canon writer. By saying that, I mean that I will, in all liklieness, write about couples I hate with a passion (Harry/Ginny) because that's what JKR wanted. HP is, after all, JKR's creation. I try to respect that, even though some of her decisions make me want to punch her in the face. (George and Angelina? :'()

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There was a constant shade of grey surrounding everything, a grey she would have once considered beautiful in the morning after a rainstorm. It was the soft grey of his eyes, with the same sadness Draco possessed. NEW TITLE!
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“We were like Hogwarts – we’d been repaired, but still scarred. And there were few left who knew what we used to be, few who could remember a time when evil didn’t leave a physical impression on those who experienced its final stand.” H/R oneshot, post DH
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There were so many reasons this man should be killed; why was it that God would take the innocents but not the guilty? But, then again, he’d stopped believing in God long ago...Oneshot
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But then they’d found a bit of Fred in each other, and neither would deny that was what attracted them to each other at first. Angelina had the only memories of Fred that George didn’t know; George was Fred with a few subtle changes. Oneshot. DH Spoilers
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