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I love... the Hunger Games, Pjo and HoO ( it's a DAM obsession), House of Anubis, Harry Potter, School for Good and Evil, The Mortal Instruments, Digimon, The Maze Runner, Total Drama.

A Slytherin (The best house by far), Daughter of Demeter (A badass cereal obsessed lady), School for Evil (I'll have you know I was only 54% Evil), Vampire (Because Vampires are cool, don't judge), District 8 (I love it so much. I have no idea why either), Digidestined (Deal with it) forever!

I will Remember

Luke Castellan, who died to save Olympus

Zoe Nightshade, who went on a quest knowing that she would die

Bianca di Angelo, who sacrificed herself to save her friends

Silena Beauregard, who died a hero

Charles Beckendorf, who let himself die for the greater good

Ethan Nakamura, who redeemed himself in the end

Michael Yew, who knew that his plan would kill him, but went through with it anyways

Everyone who died in the 2nd Titan War

Bob, Damasen, and Small Bob, for fighting Tartarus to save Percy and Annabeth

My favourites characters... Damn well this is hard... One from each fandom I guess then...

Percy Jackson- Percy Jackson/Ethan Nakamura -Favourite Ship- Percabeth (Come on, it's my freakin OTP)

Hunger Games- Glimmer or Peeta Mellark -Favourite Ship- Everllark (Crack pairing's Glarvel xD)

House of Anubis- Patricia Williamson -Favourite Ship- Peddie (they could really be considered one person tbh)

Harry Potter- Fred and George (Pls don't make me choose) -Favourite Ship- Don'ts gots one

School for Good and Evil- Hort -Favourite Ship- Sort (This came out of almost no where but i still love it)

The Mortal Instruments- Simon Lewis -Favourite Ship- Sizzy and Malec (Argue and i will hurt u)

Digimon- Takeru/TK -Favourite Ship- Takari (They were practically Digidestined to be ;))

The Maze Runner- Newt -Favourite Ship- Thomihnewt duh XD

Total Drama- Courtney -Favourite Ship- Duncney (Opposites attract?)

My Dead Tributes:

Ella Crank (36th Hunger Games; by AVeryConfusedUnicorn) 24th out of 24th

My poor baby, Ella. You were abused, tortured. You were plagued by horrific visions, hallucinations, and nightmares. Yet, you carried on. You never stood a chance, when your interview time came, you kept repeating the same line over and over again. Crazy 'ol Ella. You were ridiculed back home, in District 3, and you were ridiculed in the Capitol. They pegged you as a typical bloodbath, but you were so much more. None of them understood you. But I'm letting you know that your District partner Battery, stood by you in his dying, last seconds of life. You are in a better place now, away from all the memories, for memories may have been the most horrific monster for you in the games anyways. You were always suicdal anyways, just be glad you got a painless death, you may not be missed by anyone back home but you will be missed by me.

Lilith Teacup (The Capitol Games; by TheLonelyGreek) 22nd out of 24th (this may not be accurate)

You were bland and dull, and definitely intended to be a bloodbath. You had little to no backstory and personality. But what you did have still managed to shine through. One of the lowest training scores, you were forgettable. One of the hundreds that are forgotten each year. I didn't like you as much as my other tributes, and your little paragraph of remberence will not be as long as my others. But you were still mine, and I still cheered you on, even if I knew what your fate would end up being. You may have just been more of an average Capitolite, but I guess we'll never know. You've developed on your own without me. You had the potential to be much more, parts of you never explored. Say hi to Ella for me.

The First Annual Hunger Games (Yesterday)

D1F: Maya Spencer (OoOgx1256)

D1M: Midas Ambertide (OoOgx1256)

D2F: Artemis Neverending (MaddyOdair)

D2M: Asher Valentine (HungerGamesTribute12)

D3F: Zelda Knightly (Fire'sCatching)

D3M: Velkan Findlay (Sparky She-Demon)

D4F: Marrisa Zale (SophiaAtheneDaughterOfWisdom)

D4M: Oliver Seadown (Sparky She-Demon)

D5F: Diana Riverton(Fire'sCatching)

D5M: Christian Powers (Sparky She-Demon)

D6F: Iris Elmswood (EllaRoseEverdeen)

D6M: Aston Swifte (luka11303)

D7F: Veronica Delaney (Fire'sCatching)

D7M: Oakley Axemoore (MaddyOdair)

D8F: Rosemary Finch (EllaRoseEverdeen)

D8M: Thread Flynn (Sparky She-Demon)

D9F: Leilani Tareyn (FierreDrelieve)

D9M: Hollis Pobarr (MessyModgePodge)

D10F: Haizea Lobo (Sparky She-Demon)

D10M: Buck Chandler (luka11303)

D11F: Sparrow Blackmore (luka11303)

D11M: Thorn Willows ( HungerGamesTribute12)

D12F: Lilith Cadow (OoOgx1256)

D12M: Alarik "Rik" Dayne (Sparky She-Demon)

SYOT (Yesterday):








Relationships (Friends, family, etc...):



Token (Optional):

Outfits (Reaping, Chariots, Interviews):

Training (Previous, Training Center, Private Session):

Training score:

Interview Angle:

Weapon of Choice:



Estimated Place:


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