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Hey guys. It's spiralstars. Just letting you know--I'm back~! .

Name - spiralstars

Other name(s) - sore-statsu-chan

Link -

Gender - female

Speaks-English, French, and a bit of considerable Japanese.

Nationality - Canadian/Philipina

Where am I - Well, right now, i'm in front of my computer (haha...I also lack logic).

About me...

Hey there! My name's spiralstars! I'm a writer of Hamtaro fics and i'm thinking about moving on to another topic, but i'm still a rabid fan of the lil' guy. Well, to start...

I'm exactly 5'ft. I'm short and, let's be honest...i'm fat (okay...plump...I'm not that bulgy... D8

Well...there's the stuff about me..hehehe...nice to meet you! C'est une plaisir! Hajimimashite!

I Like...

Bubble gum

white chocolate (actually...anything besides DARK...ewww)

Linkin park

Japanese Music (teehee...Miyavi :3)


Red Onions(don't ask..had to put a vegetable thar XD)

Halloween ( the actual THING, not the flick)

Nice people

Gothic stuff...(I'm not goth though...I like drawing the fabric XD)

Nice DITZES (those people are AMAZING)

People who respect sexualities

I Despise...

Homophobes (jeez, grow a back-bone --.--)

People who diss love relationships or sexualities


Complainers/lazy ditzes

People who throw their weight (think they are so cool)

Myself sometimes ._.;

People who think that their race/religion/sex is superior

Naru-tards (people who are DIE-HARD Naruto fans I like the anime, just not the DIE-HARD fans ._.)


Tsuna Io ( translation: Moon light Sulpur): A young HamHam thats has an occupation as a writer. Her crush died from a fight with a cat while protecting her, leaving her suspicious to falling in love. . Her last finished novel was named "Heart out to the Sea"

Looks like: is a small, minish hamham with a white body. She has ink blotts all over her and a crecent moon on her back. She also carries a necklace that has a heart and a cross on it. She has bluish/purplish eyes.

Age: 16--17-ish

Crush's: Suzuran (was going to marry him, but he's dead now. And Pazu (Tsubaki Munegawa's character. She ends up getting married to him in "Fushigi Da Ne?(great fic, read the manga too!), and becomes his girlfriend in Nothing But Music)

appears in: In the Writers view (deleted), A Psycho FairytaleGame, Fushigi Da Ne? and Nothing but Music.

Suzuran Nagisa( translation: Lily of the Valley Beach): The lover of Tsuna, he was described as a bit of a punk slash jerk. He came into Tsuna's shop to buy a novel when his attention was carried away from him.He died for Tsuna. Before dying, he told her and made her promise she would move on and find another one to love, but lately, she hasn't been keeping her word...

Looks like: a brown hamster with black highlights. He has a black bandana thats on backwards and has 2 earrings on one ear. He has chocolate eyes

Age: probably 19--or--21 if you think he's that age.

Crush's: Tsuna (well, he was going to get married to her, but...)

Enemies: No one

appears in: (mentioned in Fushigi Da Ne? by TsubakiMunegawa) Nothing But Music

Merodi ( translation: Melody) : still working on her... A small little Ham-girl that appeared out of no where, with no past or memories, what-so-ever...She goes to Kawaia High, a high school where the Hamhams go to in another story. Her best friend is Crystal and she has a major crush on her class mate, and senior, Jingle. But instead of going on with him, she ends up getting people together on her attempts.She appears to be intolerent to the cold, and loves music, especially Jingle's. She has a shy and timid nature when around a crush,which makes it easier to break her heart. But when annoyed, her negative side is visible, ...yeesh.When she sees Jingle with another girl, she notices the sacrifices and pain she'll have to take just to let him do his own free will.

Looks like: a small, black hamham with blue highlights and short hair. She has pale iris eyes.

Age: 15-going on 16

Crush's: Jingle (has no clue about it)...and soon someone un-expected

Enemies: Rose (has no clue about it) and Reno (despises him)

appeares in: Nothing but Music

Rose Hyde: The twin sister of Merodi. One word to describe her? EVIL. Yep. EVIL. Once Merodi was born, she became jealous and would beat her several times in her life. The latest blow has caused Merodi anmesia, thus foreward dumping Merodi in the middle of the Town where our fellow Hamhams live!

Looks like: I'm not sure if you want to know...well, she is a powdery white hamham who wears blue mascara and eye-shadowand a diamond earring. She also carries around this fluffy lavender scarf. She has pale blue eyes, close to Merodi's colour.

Age: probably 16-ish

Crush's: Jingle (was his ex-girlfriend)

Enemies: anyone who gets in her way, most likely, Merodi

appears in: Nothing but Music

Reno Ainsland: A young teenager who is a bit of a jerk. He has an attitude of a mule and at first has a crush on Crystal (Crystalgurl101's character) but then understands that Crystal likes Stan instead. He is always carrying this type of stick to thwack people with, as a sign of his ignorance. I based him off of a character in Final Fantasy (hence the name, Reno. Ainsland, his last name is actually a made up last name)

Looks like: a white hamham with messy red hair and goggles on his head. He has these streaks beside his eyes. He has striking blue eyes that stand out.

Age: I suggest about 16--17

Crush's: Crystal and...?

Enemies: No one, really, he's just annoying. He likes to pester Stan.

Appears in: Nothing but Music (hmm...should I make more fics for him?)

Favourite pairings...


-Hamtaro/Boss (...not really...but more of a cute big brother little brother thing... >_>; )

-Boss/Bijou (on occasion)




-Kether/Sandy (very cute and kicks ASS. Kether is ketherandsandy4ever's)

-Stan/Crystal (my only favourite Stan pairing cause it's absolutely PERFECT! CrystalGurl101's character. I wrote a one shot about them! That's just how much i love the pairing )

-Pazu/Tsuna (OMIGAWD, thank you Tsubaki Munegawa! Pazu is his)

-Ice/Sparkle(Ringa-chan's character and pairing.Thank the Lord--HALLELUIAH (sp..?)


-Jingle/Pashmina (cute)

-Jingle/Merodi (my pairing...not alot of people like it though..merodii's so under-developped..!)

-Panda/Ringa (how could I forget, my first fave! So kawaii! )

-Jingle/Stan (this one's not very good for those of you who hate this kinda stuff...but I find it kind of funny! xDD )

And...the not-so-hot...

Boss/Bijou (on those kinda...obsessive and literal RAPE fics..you people scare me...o_O)

Stan/Pashmina(Cute when a good writer publishes it...but...ugh, no, he's with Crystal!(evil cackle)



Anything having to do with the dog

Incest (sometimes) and gay/lez couplings (it's admirable though...how brave you people are! I salute you!)

so, onto the personelles...

Favourite authors...

Tsubaki Munegawa: he was my first friend at FF.net and he treated me so nicely! But the thing I wont ever forget, is that I mistakened the poor guy for a girl! OH MY GOD! I was so embarrassed after that! I was very ashamed, but furthermore... He's such a sweet person, always there and is very supportive. If you need a friend...(points at Tsu-chan) he's the guy for you. Yay for Tsu-chan~!

Crystalgurl101: an inspiration to my stories! She makes me feel better and she's so very nice! Her coupling, Crystal and Stan is so cute! Hey, if you don't believe me, my sister loves reading about this couple too! Very up-forward and a true-blue friend, she's a girl you can count on. Well, if she wants you too. Eh-heh...Long Live Crys-chan! On of my favourite friends! Wait...all of my friends are favourites! ((hugs))

cappyandpashy4ever: One of the first people to review my stories. She's very good at making stories, I love reading 'em! She's so cool and is always there to give me advice on my stories in reviews. She rulez, and you know it. If you dont think she rulez, then go in a ditch. And die. I'm only kidding, I'm not a meanie.

Ringa ham: Dude..If you don't like this gal, you're crazy. She's one of the best story writers I know! Her OC hams ROCK. Ice and Crystal are so my favs, and they know my OC's Julian and Yuumei! She's such a nice person, and is always there to review first. She's so cool and all that, and again and sorry...SHE ROCKS! GET TO KNOW HER, AND QUICK! You keep on ROCKIN'! ((hugs))

ketherandsandy4ever: A real good writer, at stories. Her work is very formal and she's always there for people, hey, read herf()bio! Her coupling, Kether and Sandy are so cute, they're both in my list of FAVS. Did you hear me? FAVS! FAVS DAMMIT! (small voice: you go girl!)

Mel-Girl: a gal who deserves to be called kewl. Uh...cool. She even calls me cool. Trust me. I AM NOT COOL. But she says I am on her profile, well, at least when I last checked! She's such a good writer and has a wonderful imagination! She even reviews my stories from time-2-time. Respect her, DAMMIT!.

-Agustin-: such a quiet guy...very modest about his stories, but such wonderful stories they are! Loves Eragon, and speaks a language I'm interested in! I'm here to cheer you on, buddy!

sparkleshine101: Is that how you spell it? If I spelled it wrong, hit me. She's such a sweet-girl, who's reviews make me smile, laugh or make me feel better. She makes such heart-warming stories and she's got a kick-ass personality! She's always there to review your stories and she needs to be known throughout the world!((hugs)) You rule!

The Bunny Queen: Diss this girl, you die. By MY hand. That's right buddy, MY hand. She's such a sweet person and she asked me to be her friend, not me asking her. It was nice of her to do that. LOL! I have friends now! I've just noticed, lol...

i'm stupid, I know.

So, if I missed you, please inform me! I dont want a friend missed. So, thats for today. See you all later! SHOUT OUT TO YOURSELF, DON'T BE SHY!


Favourite male ppl:

Reno - Final Fantasy 7 (plus advent children :D)

Alba Meira - The King Of Fighters Maximum Impact (ZOMG, teh sex!)

Soiree Meira - The King Of Fighters Maximum Inpact 2 (ZOMG, teh OTHER sex! HE DID NOT DIE!! sob)

Luxord - Kingdom Hearts 2 (lol, so what if he has facial hair? HES A GAMBLER!)

Strider Hiryu - Strider (zomg, cutest ninja ever~!

Jingle - Hamtaro (he's hawt :3)

Stan - Hamtaro (he belongs wiff Crystal...but he's still hawt)

I'm not going to add any girls yet to my faves cause I'm still working on it...so...yea...

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