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Author has written 14 stories for Harry Potter.

Oi! I am ~ginny~, reader, writer, wanna-be comedian (but can only do it in fanfic and improv) actress, and insane asylum patient! (but only part time.) I love writing Voldy fics, where I have fun springing the most impossible situations on him and his Minion.

My grammar is okay(ish), and my spelling sucks. Yes, I just admitted it. But on the plus side, in the past year I have finally learned that "during" is not spelled with two "r"s, and due to their frequent occurrences in my fics, I can spell "seizure", "convulse", and "involuntary" without spell-check.

Hopefully, the sneakily placed advertisement above for my fics has tricked you into reading them, and, incidentally, reviewing them, as everyone wants to know what kind of weird story involves seizures, convulsions, and involuntary seizures and convulsions.

Current News:

Inching along slowly in my latest fic, Misadventures. Inch by inch, chapter by chapter. Inch... inch...

Catch ups:

This is for those who started reading my Voldy fics at Roadkill or Show Biz. Sorry guys, but life will be much easier if you just read iVoldy. Honestly. But if you're too lazy/you don't want to have the guilt of not reviewing, here's the basic overview:

Voldemort likes PC technology, hates everything from Steve Jobs, and is slowly losing his evil demeanor. When he says 'Minion' he means 'Snape'. Snape is obsessed with tea. Lucuis is obsessed with TV/Will and Grace/Friends. Bellatrix is obsessed with drugs. Postman has problems, and a fear of Toy Chihuahuas. Harry, Ron, and Hermione are practically not existent by this point. Mutant Cockroahces live in the basement of Malfoy Manor. And everyone breaks the fourth wall. Everyone.

Oh. And Snape is a Buddhist. He goes by Soy-Reincarnation Faster, because Death Eater is offensive to him.

The only "copy and paste" thing I will do is this one, because I was laughing my ass of when I read it, and will, should it acutally happen.

Notes for Current/Upcoming Stories:

Latest creation: The Misadventures of a Dark Lord and his Minions - Ayup. The title says it all. Not sure where it came from, not sure where it's going either. Will probably involved lots of Snape scenes, and maybe some Kraft macaroni and cheese.

Holiday Cheer - A fairly ongoing little thing that'd I'll update whenever I'm feeling cheery, joyous, etc. A fic of all faiths.

Voldemorts Holiday: the Attempt - HAITUS I can't believe this story is still alive, to tell you the truth.It has about 75 percent chance of continuing. After Show Biz. Actually, after the fic I'm planning after Show Biz... ha ha... But yes. Since it is on this list, it will continue once I run out of plot ideas and need a fall back.

Vote for Voldy! - HAITUS It will finish, yes, but not as planned. The final chapter will (obviously) not be posted Nov. 5th... but I can still predict it to be a bucket load of political comedy and commentary! (Much like Capitol Steps, except... not...) Plus, Jon Stewart and Stephan Colbert are doing an hour long, live special together Nov. 4th... and can you really expect me to miss that to write a final chappie? Ahahaha... yes, I bet you can...

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