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NOTICE: In light of current policies that have been changed regarding "M" rated stories on FF.net I have taken down any sexual content in my stories. I don't want to risk having my stories taken down. There will ALWAYS be a original version of the chapter and if you're interested in reading the chapter with 'sexual content' then you're welcome to email me at setudor7@gmail.com i'd be happy to send the original chapter to you. I hate that i have to do this, but i'd much rather take caution than have my stories taken down/banned from FF.net. Hopefully all of this will blow over soon, until then i'll gladly send you them :) You'd have to give me a few days to send it though. Enjoy.

Hello! :)

As most of you know, I'm S.E Tudor - a simple girl who lives in the simple state of Ohio living a blissful life. I like to write, read and sing during my spare time. Right now i'm in college and i'm unaware of what I want to be when I completely "grow up." Settling on two things right now and it certantly is a tough decision. Anyway, I was born May 9th 1990, which makes me twenty-two years of age. I enjoy the normal things twenty-two year olds enjoy. I love wine (it's my favorite! if you guess what kind i'll write you into a story of your chosing that's not complete yet! ;D) and apple martinis. Aside from that, I'm not a big drinker. I also am in LOVE with the Avengers. I kid you not. Favorite move of all time right there. Captain America and Tony Stark really tie for my favorite super heroes but Loki is my all time favorite supervillian. I am also a whovian! please, feel free to contact me to talk about Doctor Who stuffs! I'll totally enjoy it. I'm currently on season four so and won't be able to watch anymore until the library releases them to me. But please, if you're a whovian then message me and we'll talk! Uhm, I must mention that Tom Hiddleston is my favorite actor of all time, and like, my favorite person of all time. So smart. ahem. My favorite author is F. Scott Fitzgerald and not just because Tom Hiddleston played him in Midnight in paris either. He has been my favorite author for a long time, at least eight years. My favorite book of is is The Great Gatsby. handsdown. If you haven't read any of his works I encourge you all to d so. Your life will be changed for the better. I promise. Well, if you'd like to know more about me (i'm currently at the library and the keyboard feels weird and the keys are typing so slow) then feel free to PM me. :)


10/18/2012: I've officially joined twitter under my pen name! Please feel free to follow me! @Setudor when a new chapter is posted i'll inform everyone, and perhaps interact with the lot of you a lot more. Now i just have to sync it to my phone and we'll be in business :D Literally, cannot wait to start really interacting with everyone :) if you have any questions about the stories or anything just ask! I'll gladly answer

08/14/2013: As of 08/12/2013 I'm officially on semi-hiatus. I started the Disney College Program on the 12th of this month and have a very busy five months ahead of me. I hope that you all continue to read my stories and if you're interested you can follow me on tumblr www.sarahsdisneyjourney.tumblr.com if you'd prefer just to wait it out for five months then I'll see you all in January!


Email: setudor7(AT)gmail(DOT)com
Twitter: setudor

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Friend, Sister, and a Pain in the Rear by yarnandahalfspinner reviews
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Passion and Vengeance by PhantomMalevolence reviews
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My Father The Phantom by Eriksangelofmusic4ever reviews
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Whether or not you should reviews
Emma is Tony Stark's daughter, Steve is a man still lost in the new world - Loki has been planning his revenge for two years and strikes when oppertunity arises and takes Emma. Steve, refusing to lose the love of his life, assembles the avengers one more time. Steve/OC
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All I knew was that he needed me, the master of the city needed me. Was I going to let him lay here and suffer? my cross had burned a perfect imprint on his chest, I sighed and sat down beside him. When someone needed me, I was there for them, but was it the same for the living dead? I didn't know but I knew that he needed me, and I needed him.
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Christine meets Erik as a young girl as she and her father make a stop at a traveling gypsy sideshow camp. Christine and her father take Erik away after they find him beaten and half dying in the woods. Instead of turning Erik back into the gypsies, Gustave takes Erik in and raises him as his own. What happens when Erik and Christine grow up? E/C
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