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My name's Lucia Williamson-Waggoner!

I'm seventeen years old, and on the autism spectrum, which I'm certainly proud to be. I'm into mathematics, biology, singing, drawing comic strips, reading and playing the piano, and most of all, writing stories and watching all my favourite TV shows!

My favourite show is currently Gravity Falls, although The Owl House is coming a close second. I love mystery, adventure, humour and shipping, and of course, happy endings. I think it's very important that a story ends happily. I'm an absolute sucker for fluff, especially between Dipper and Mabel and their grunkles. There are very few things on earth I love more than Pines cuddles and family fluff, and I can never get enough of that in my stories. I'm also pretty obsessed with Bill Cipher. He is naturally my favourite character. I even have earrings shaped like him, and several self-sloganized t-shirts with him on.

I'm currently following the shows Amphibia and The Owl House as they air, and I am SO HYPED UP by both of them! Between King Andrias finally showing his diabolical true colours, the revelation Marcy actually sent them all to Amphibia on purpose, Anne's superpowered form generated by her connection to the blue gem and that GROUND-BREAKING cliffhanger of Marcy dying and Anne and the Plantars being teleported to the human world, I'm SO terrified and excited for what will happen next! And it sure doesn't stop there, what with the Calamity Box's mysterious backstory, and that unnamed frog and toad in Andrias's flashback who were clearly the same ones from the torn painting seen in The Sleepover To End All Sleepovers. I'm also curious how Valeriana and her "order" were wrapped up in all of that, AND what the heck is up with that million-eyed creature from the end of The First Temple that Andrias appears to be working with; what this apparent "prophecy" that was being "undone as they speak" is all about. And the castle basement is definitely added to my list, too, what with those ghostly creatures from the crypt, plants growing suspiciously well without sunlight and chained-up mossman. And as for The Owl House, the Season 1 finale Young Blood, Old Souls just utterly melted my heart! I've been waiting for some serious "I love you"s between Eda and Luz for so long, and I was crying when it finally happened. I can't wait to see what'll happen in Season 2, now that the portal is destroyed and Eda and Lilith's powers have been zapped, as well as what's up with those mysterious letters to Camilia that claim to be from Luz but aren't. Also what's going on with Belos and Kikimora with that portal that they're building. I'm not sure whether I believe all Belos's questionable claims about being able to talk to the Titan and all that other stuff, and more importantly, what does he WANT with a portal to the human realm? I mean, he's CLEARLY a bad guy, but if he doesn't want the portal to invade the human realm or anything "boarish", to quote, then why does he want it? What else would a tyrant like him want with that portal? What's this whole "Day of Unity" thing he keeps talking about? What's his plan?

I am an enthusiastic shipper, and enjoy making art and writing on my favourite pairings. Shipping is one of my favourite parts of being a fan, although I do not have any interest in crack shipping or LGB shippings/characterizations that aren't canon. I want people to understand that this is NOT homophobia; I just don't like the idea of switching characters to LGB if they aren't. Really just the same concept as hating crack shipping. It feels really messy and gross, and one of the things I most hate about fandoms is how they mess around with characters and abuse their personalities and roles so much. It's pretty disgusting. I also don't like genderbends, humanizations, crossovers or timeskips, for pretty much the same reason. And I REALLY hate interactive specials. They're just SO annoying!

A few of my stories occur with alternate endings applied to episodes or seasons, because when a show jumps the shark, like My Little Pony did in Season 8, Star Vs. The Forces of Evil and Rick & Morty did in Season 4, and Atomic Betty did in Season 3, I refuse to treat those seasons as canon to the show or to my stories. Any season past the point of shark-jumping, or any episodes in general that are OOC, never existed in my stories. Though that is not the case for my Gravity Falls fanfictions, as Gravity Falls was a perfect show with a perfect conclusion and a plot that never jumped the shark, so none of that applies for my Gravity Falls fics.

I find anything involving sex and porn very disturbing, and I hate any kind of art or fanfiction that involves it with any of my favourite shows, which are meant to be completely clean. The main thing I despise about fandoms is what some disgusting fans do to characters and scenes in their art and fanfiction; make them sexual and pervy, as well as shipping incest and pedophilic ships. It's dirty and utterly repulsive, and I do not wish for that to be something I ever have to think or talk about, which is why I never read anything rated higher than K-plus and never watch anything over PG. I intend to live a clean life and not give anything otherwise a thought.

I give my readers a guarantee that every single one of my fanfictions will be completely 100% clean, and will not in any way breach the limits of the show itself. The only fanfics that may contain swear words or mild drinking in them are my Rick & Morty ones, but only because they are an essential part of the show's atmosphere, and I promise the stories will never contain any gore, sexual activity or unpleasantries. There will be no implications of mature content in any of my other fanfictions, as Rick & Morty is the only older audience show I watch. I guarantee that everything else will be squeaky clean, and that none of them will contain character death or nasty endings. All writing is platonic unless stated otherwise.

Most of all, I hope people enjoy my stories, and will comment on them and follow me in the meantime! Reviews really make my day, and would be much appreciated! Please do not criticize any of my writing, also. I just write whatever I want, and I would rather not receive any critical or nasty comments from anyone.

Favourite movies:

Zootropolis, Coco, Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2, Wreck-It Ralph, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2, Trolls, The Emoji Movie, Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, How To Train Your Dragon, Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Ice Age 4: Continental Drift, Wolfwalkers

Favourite shows:

Gravity Falls, The Owl House, Amphibia, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Star Vs. the Forces of Evil, The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants, H2O: Just Add Water, No Good Nick, Hilda, Rick & Morty, Atomic Betty, Teen Titans Go, Free Rein, Kid Vs. Kat, DC Super Hero Girls, Ever After High

Favourite ships:

Gravity Falls:

Dipper Pines x Pacifica Northwest
Mabel Pines x Mermando
Mabel Pines x Gideon Gleeful
Soos Ramirez x Melody
Grenda Grendinator x Marius von Fundhauser
Robbie Valentino x Tambry
Bill Cipher x Pyronica
Ford Pines x Jheselbraum the Unswerving
Sherriff Blubs x Deputy Durland
Rumble McSkirmish x .GIFfany

The Owl House:

Luz Noceda x Amity Blight


Sprig Plantar x Ivy Sundew
Hopediah Plantar x Sylvia Sundew
Percy x Braddock
Joe Sparrow x Bessie

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic:

Applejack x Flim
Twilight Sparkle x Flam
Pinkie Pie x Cheese Sandwich
Spike x Rarity
Fluttershy x Bulk Biceps
Rainbow Dash x Zephyr Breeze
Apple Bloom x Tender Taps
Silver Spoon x Rumble
Big Mac x Sugar Belle
Quibble Pants x Clear Sky
Octavia x DJ Pon-3
Lyra Heartstrings x Sweetie Drops

Star Vs. The Forces of Evil:

Star Butterfly x Tom Lucitor
Marco Diaz x Kelly
Princess Spiderbite x Slime

The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants:

Erica Wang x Melvin Sneedly
Bo Hweemuth x Other Sophie

H2O: Just Add Water:

Cleo Sertori x Lewis McCartney
Emma Gilbert x Ash
Rikki Chadwick x Zane Bennett

No Good Nick:

Nick Franzelli x Will
Jeremy Thompson x Eric


Alfur x Adeline
Jorgen x Valfreyja

Rick & Morty:

Morty Smith x Jessica
Rick Sanchez x Unity
Summer Smith x Toby Matthews

Atomic Betty:

Maximus I.Q. x Zulia
Betty Barrett x Dylan
Sparky x Princess Shangri La-De-Da
X-5 x Flavia

Teen Titans Go:

Raven x Beast Boy
Cyborg x Jinx
Robin x Starfire

Free Rein:

Zoe Philips x Pin Hawthorne
Becky Sidebottom x Alex
Marcus Greenbridge x Mia MacDonald

Kid Vs. Kat:

Coop Burtonburger x Fiona Munson
Dennis Chan x Estelle
Burt Burtonburger x Miss Brannigan

DC Super Hero Girls:

Barbara Gordon x Barry Allen
Karen Beecher x Garth Bernstein
Diana Prince x Steve Trevor

Ever After High:

Raven Queen x Dexter Charming
Apple White x Daring Charming
Ashlynn Ella x Hunter Huntsman
Bunny Blanc x Alistair Wonderland

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