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Author has written 14 stories for School Rumble, Naruto, and One Piece.

Name: Uncle T

Age: 20 'n (sigh)... countin'...

Nationality: wished i was Japanese, but i love my hood mo'

Interest: Manga, anything that smells japanese, rap music, diplomacy (not politic, well maybe a little)!

Okay, let's see...

First thang first, i am definitely not a pro writer so 'obvious' mistakes n stuffs r bound to happen, i don't have much experience with people's taste so it'll b a hard one to make a story that pleases everyone, if not impossible. but that ain't wat i'm on about, what i want to say is, before i write a story, someone asked me, "dude, if you write a story, who are you going to write it for?" my answer is simple, "first, it's gon be for me, second for other ppl to enjoy. My reason? because if i write something that doesn't make me feel good or happy or whatever, it's goin to be a waste of time AND a disrespect for my soon-to-be-readers. hence, my fics r first and foremost for myself, before i could give something enjoyable for others. but anyway, that's not wat's important since, philosophical stuff ain't my thang n sounds too serious, let's just skip this shit.

then next is... uh... oh yeah, i apologize in advance if whatever i say, write, or do offend some of y'all. I'm but a normal human, bound to piss others either consciously or unconsciously. So yeah, Sorry! Gomen! Desole! Maaf! Scuzi! Duibuqi n so on, n so on...

Basically i like many kind of manga, but my number one will always be GTO, then many come up as second place, such as Naruto, One Piece, Love Hina, FMA, Fairy Tail, Genshiken MARHeaven, Bleach Shina Dark and many more...

Tho I like many diff' manga wit diff genre, I'd sometime read fics 'bout 'em tho currently, I'm more interested in Naruto fics... that being, fics about NaruHarem. NaruHarem rocks! lol... i'm not really picky as to who's got to be with whom, in other words, the pairings, but one thing i don't like is yaoi stuff (sorry for those who luv em...). also i don't really like OCs... dunno why, go figure... Even so, I'd still read 'em if the story's flow's good n beside, even tho I don't particularly like something, but I'd always at least try it and if it doesn't bother me too much I'd continue. Yaoi is undisputable, I just can't stomach it, but I don't diss it to the point of spitting on it or something, some people still like it and so, I'd tolerate it and let it grow freely so long as there are people who're still interested in it.

Oh and yes, my Naruto fics are hugely influenced by great authors such as Ryushi-the-DutchEroSennin, ThePuppetMaster, shadowmaster62, and Diamond Avatar... I suggest y'all to read their stories... although I'm sure that the majority of Naruto lova have already checked 'em out...

Also I know it's nobody's business but I just wanna state that I'm currently hooked to NaruTema, NaruTayu, NaruYugi, 'n NaruIno pairing more than NaruHarem but still NaruHarem shall be my first choice as long as the story is a good one (go figure as to how a good story is like) also beside that, fic that surround the life of jinchuuriki's good too, especially since that infamous page cover, hahaha...

And just to remind y'all, my fic shall always be OOC (unless stated otherwise which I doubt), if not slightly different. I still going ta have to put OOC in every new story i'mma post up but dang... that's tiresome!! As to why my characters r goin to be OOC is because I like to have variations in these characters, not monotone to the ones in the manga/anime, I mean in my defense, fanfic shud be the place where u can put up ur imagination in a character right? Not to make it the same as he or she is in its respective series.

Anyway, as i am quite a lazy person, i'm too lazy to write A/N in every stories and such, as well as disclaimer... so i write 'em here,

If you find some similarities between my stories and some other stories that you've read (from different authors of course) then, i want to give credits to those authors and dedicate it to them as it is NOT my intention to rob their ideas and such... no, really... i'm serious dattebayo! lol

also I DO NOT OWN NARUTO GODDAMMIT! It's too good for me 2 own it... beside, if i do own it, I'd be making Ryushi-the-DutchEroSennin's From Ramen With Love a manga and anime already... seriously, it's a damn fine story y'all...

Oh, and yeah, one more thang, if i got a review, i'll be sho' 2 reply even if it asks for next chapter or anything, even if its flames... flames makes a person stronger... or something hahaha... anyway yeah, i'll always try 2 reply to reviews, flames etc. so b sho' 2 review... or not, whatever... juz take yo tym 2 read me fics, that's what i appreciate da most! thanks!

so for me last words, Naruto rocks! Booyah!

On-going Projects:

Dream~Reality- takes place sometime after team Kakashi busted Orochimaru's lair and met with Sasuke. Naruto was broken, and to make matter worse, his status as shinobi has been taken off. One night, he met with Jiraiya and decided to become a sennin, thus they went on a journey/training to Sunagakure, meanwhile a dark secret was about to be revealed involving a certain pink-haired kunoichi. I think it could be a NaruTema, oh it also involves a slight role of a certain demon with 9 tails and some 'EXTREME' OOCness (as one of the reviews I've got said). Just don't follow the main manga story plot for a lil' bit and let your imagination go wild by gettin' immersed with my touch... For the early chapters, there might not be many humor, coz this story would most likely be angst or drama or the equivalent of those words i guess... but hey, Angst/Humor? Anyone?

Ramen Mix- is basically a collection of one shots which tells a story between Naruto and each girls/women. Am currently working on it, more information inside... UPDATED! Come n Check it Out! Latest chapter: a NaruKin AU! Check it out!!

Puberty is da Shit! Wait... Maybe Not...- once again former rookie 9, but now they're hitting that age, yes, puberty. Story evolves around Naruto, who hit puberty and having so many changes in his life, one of them including nosebleeds. No pairings intended and some suggestive adult themes i guess... but no lemon, I ain't good with lemons... oh humor btw, but u shud have figured that out already ne? currently put on hold since my data was gone due to an 'unprofessional' unplugging from my friend (sigh, what would I do wit you...)

Future Projects:

Kage- Set in a different setting, our good ol' Naruto world is now living in a modern-day city, sin city if you like, problems arise when a certain blond returned from his trip, a certain black-haired boy became an assassin... that wears pink ski-mask, oh did I say pink? Yes, fellas, I did say pink, pink ski mask! Oh My God! To put it simply, it's my usual style, a mix of humor and suspense, no pairing intended for now, and it's gonna be T-rated, or M for swearing, but oh who cares... Coming soon (in the distant future)!

Kitsune no Yuutsu- hmm, one night, Naruto took a walk under the full moon, then he met Anko, they had a drink together only to find himself half naked with an evenly half naked Anko under her overcoat! Wow, what's more, Naruto can communicate with Kyuubi! Oh lord, the chaos!! I'm going to finish up my Dream~Reality fic first then start on this one... or something... but a few things that i can tell yall is: NarutoxAnko, humor, Kyuubi acting OOC, and a few spoilers here and there... nothing big...

I Will Get You! - well, if you ask the 12 y.o Naruto if he would die to have girls fightin' over him, he'd definitely say yes! without a second thought, but if you ask the 15 y.o Naruto, he'd think twice... no, thrice before answering you. Why? Because his tail's hot in pursuit by two stunning and beautiful girls, to say the least. Sometime he'd even wished that Sasuke had killed him back when they fought at the Valley of the End, but unfortunately for him, he's still well and alive... and lucky? Humor.T.OOC (well, in fics they're all supposed to be OOC anyway...).TAYUNARUTEMA! nothing beats an excessively swearin' girl and an intimidating blonde to the pursuit of a loudmouth blond hahaha... coming soon (also in the distant future)!

Untitled - is it a post-war society that you want? is it a certain blond boy's parents being alive and well that you want? is it perhaps the another universe nuance where the almightly Uchiha clan is taking control of the entire Hi no Kuni while the once-venered Senjuu clan put aside in exile that you want? or perhaps, is it an entirely new concept of fanfiction that you want? A clash of modernization and tradition, the reverse role of characters, the partitioned of land according to a new regulation, the civil war between the ones in power and the ones in exile, the legend of a prophesized young blond that goes by the name of... Namikaze Naruto...

Coming soon (yes, unfortunately also in the distant future), biatch!!

Frontline - the Narutoverse is now a battlefield which is comparable to the FMA world during the Ishbalan War. With Konoha Empire 's third outer defense line taken down by its sworn enemy, the Akatsuki Kingdom, the Hokage has but to rely on their most powerful, not to mention first inner defense line or more popularly called the Empire's fourth defense line, to hold the invading army of Madara, their archenemy. With the commander of the fourth defense line that goes by the name of Namikaze Minato, injured by a roadside bomb in an assassination attempt by the Akatsuki Kingdom, the fourth defense line has only one choice and that is to rely on their dear commander's right hand-man, the infamously known one-eyed Major General of the Leaf Empire, Hatake Kakashi. War is but their daily activity and Peace is their hell. Coming Soon! Okay, maybe not THAT soon, but still!


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