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Nov 22/07

ah... where to been...?

well i'd like to clear some things. first, a huge resounding thankyou to every who has read and reveiwed my stories. if you can't tell (pfft) i've been seriuosly busy lately. i'm currently a grad student and have been doing my best to keep up with my work. i taking psychology and have two ongoing advanced art classes. i'm also retaking a class i failed last school year. secondly it has come to my attention i'd much rather spend time reading manga again (recently i've been very much into onepiece... hmm pirates...) and i haven't been able to put down my latest project. third, My best Story "the twins uzumaki" just hasn't been able to lift off the floor since i left it there. in other words i just haven't been into naruto as much as i normally am. i'm going to finish it of couse yes i defenitly plan to but i can't really give anyone a certainty as to when i'll post the next up date. i thought for to long on how damn long the series was (c'mon guys and gals it's like into the 500's with the manga chapters i've barely made it to where kakashi ties naruto to the log...) and realized in should probably think through what i was doing. i started making notes on what i want to do and what i want to change or what naruKo affects in the story... and it escalated into a whole new story. i haven't even really done much since i last updated. i've been working on other things and other stories.

don't mean to disappoint or up set any one but i guess my point is, is that i will being joining the ranks of un-deccisive writters until i get back into Naruto again.

if you've got something to ask me (or alternativly see my growing story alert list, i only put complete stories into my favourites) just email me.

pease don't sent death threats i just use them to threaten other people

GAN aka Grey and Nameless.

October 29th 2008

Wow... it's been a long time hasn't?

i know some of you must be frustrated at my lack of change. or notice. or whatever.

Sadly my own frustation got the better of me and i am sad to anounnce that i have no interest in continuing "the twins uzumaki". You see i read alot of Fanfiction. so much that i somewhat prefer it to the actual manga now (sad isn't it?). That's because after Sasuke ran off and basically ruined team seven everything seemed to go down hill for me. but i guess that should be expected i am a very nostalgic person and i tend to float over things like that for ages. it's also expected from Kishimoto-sensei, i have a sad feeling any attempt on my part to revive my interest will be in vain. Shinobi are living weapons after all. But i will say i won't let the story die. Instead i'll be handing it over to someone who wants it. I don't want to leave the people kind enough to watch and wait for so long to be left hanging on loose threads. i hate it when a good story (good idea or just really great writting) goes un finished or is deleted because it's author has no love for it any more, and i'm very much sure there are other people out there who feeling the same way.

But because i know can't just hand it over to any one i'm going to hold a challege to see who should have it. for all of my procrastination i did have plenty of ideas of where i should go with the story. i have the unfinished chapter five saved on my computer and lots of notes and ideas on how some events should happen and lots of random scenes including how naruko meets other character and how she effects some situations. the person who can impresse me with their writting and or ideas to my liking. of course this is not a fool proof method. for all i know the person who takes over will turn it into a crack fic. or a harem story of negima like proportions. or do such i good job i'll be left wondering why i didn't just give it to them in the first place. whatever happens i can only hope Naruko is in good hands.

So to get things started i'm posting the un-finished chapter here as well as some guidelines (what would a challege be without guide lines)

First: i want everyone to know this is story was meant to follow the original story as closly as possible. Naruko was a great big wrench to throw into the machine and it's a bit of a challege getting it to flow right. in short try to make it as accurate as possible(names, jutsus, training regimens, characters actions/reactions). also try to adjust it so Naruko and Naruto stay together. until Naruto leaves on his two year training trip i don't think they would have let anyone speparate them.

Second: it can be any length you want. as for how far you want to go with it i suggest anyone attempting to past the wave country arc stop there. i don't need anymore time/info than that to get an idea of who should get the story. since accuracy has a point so does time and input. if you just write write down how you think things should go that's fine. Detail vs output. though i hope some of you do more than lists of events. i prefer a long story to a short story. and Naruto is one long story.

Third: try to figure out how the seal on the twins bellies works. i don't really have all the infomation on that beyond the spartan bits i've gleaned from forums and chatrooms. if you can come up with a logical way for the seal to work between two people go for it. this is pretty important to the story so spent some time on it

so here's the unfinished chapter. please know that i haven't paid much attention to it's spelling. i did spell check it before i posted this

Chapter 5

Iruka watched as the server set down two wooden sushi plates. He thanked her and she left him there with the third. The Hokage picked up his chops stick and looked at him.

“Well…? What is it that you want to discuss Iruka?” Iruka nodded solemnly.

“Well… it’s about team seven… I know how very unusual it is for a four-man cell… and I also wondered about the Jounin in charge of them…” ‘By team seven, you mean Naruto and Naruko…’ the third watched him through one eye.

“There was a reason, for a four man team… the twins have a lot to do with this reason…” Iruka nodded, expecting that much.

“After watching them almost all their lives… I’ve noticed something about their Chakra. It seems… as though Naruto and Naruko are sharing Chakra… not just transferring it to the other but it’s flowing back and forth between them…” Iruka was amazed. He knew it was possible. Twins that became Shinobi together were uncommon but not unheard of.

“And there is something else as well… because of that incident… they not only share Chakra but when it flows between them, it gets just a little bit stronger… in the end they have plenty left over. Even performing the Kage Bushin. Or… that other Jutsu they learned…well there’s also the fact that they needed a good teacher.” Iruka became alert and held his hand up a little.

“Hokage-sama… that is also a question I wanted to ask…” the third nodded pulling out a little book with the symbol of the hidden leaf on it. Iruka took it and open it to the first pages. He nearly dropped it in shock.

‘This is that teacher…’

Kakashi was mildly surprised. He never suspected the Uzumaki twins to actually get the bells. It seemed as though they hadn’t even touched them. Sasuke had touched them, the Uzumaki had looked like they were fooling around.

‘Why didn’t I notice it? It was only a henge… wait they can’t know that technique can they?’

“Does this mean we get to move on Sensei?” Kakashi frowned discretely. They didn’t get it yet.

‘Well they worked together but…’

Sakura was still shocked out of her wits. Though in a hidden corner of her brain she was thinking ‘at least I’m with Sasuke-kun…’

Sasuke had his glare on high, but wasn’t really looking at the twins. He was thinking about… Do I even need to tell you guys?

Kakashi looked over the twins. Naruko had handed one off to her brother. Well he had considered an out come like this… but it was because of Sasuke.

“Well… you guys…” the twins waited so eagerly, their aura made Kakashi smile.

“…Still fail.”

The dead looks on the Uzumaki faces would have been funny if it was any other situation. Sakura shared this look. Sasuke had a rather demented cross between shock and enraged. Kakashi just smiled

“Come on I’m tying you two to the stump…”

“Wah!” “Ah! Let go!”

Naruko and Naruto were both glaring at Kakashi as he stood across from them leaning on a large black stone. Sakura and Sasuke sat free on the grass in front of them. Kakashi scanned over his students before speaking.

“Well… I’ve made my evaluation of you all… and…” the four young ninjas waited as if on the edges of their chairs.

“That you all should quit as ninja,” Sakura gasped as the twins yelled and Sasuke’s scowled deepen further.

“What?!” screamed Naruko. “Okay, okay-!”

“-But we got the bells!” Naruto yelled. “Why do we have to quit?!”

Kakashi looked bored. Maybe even slightly irritated.

“Because all of you are just punks who think they want to be ninja”

Sasuke reacted first. With a rush of speed he was only a few feet from Kakashi. A second later Kakashi was sitting on top of Sasuke holding Sasuke’s arm and pressing his face into the dirt with his foot. Sakura screamed.

“Wah! Don’t step on Sasuke-kun” She covered her mouth with her hands as the two Uzumaki stared shocked completely.

‘’He was holding back…‘’ they thought

“That’s why you’re a punk…” said the Jounin looking down at Sasuke. The still tired Genin just gritted his teeth. Kakashi’s single eye stared out at them from his tilted hitai-ate.

“Aren’t you guys underestimating ninjas?

and that's as far as it goes. it's not alot but it's what i have to offer. if anyone wants to they can copy and paste this and keep writting form there or simply restart the whole chapter from where the last one left off. i do have some notes for this one i don't want to make a big deal of them so here they are

-naruko and naruto did not skip breakfast, in fact they packed lunch and hid a bunch of things somewhere if the forest with kakashi's book.

-the Technique Henshin no Jutsu is basically the 'kage bushin' to henge. it needs more chakra and only decent chakra control. and it's alot harder to detect without byakugan. some random things about it was to make it a 'shifty-er' transformation. if you don't understand think of the difference between acting like someone and actually becoming that person. animal transformations would be more comfortable. it was going to be naruko's signature technique.

-it is possible to get the bells and still fail the test. naruko and naruto were going to be tied to the same log. the hand off would be the same.

-kakashi was going to going think over the twins and how they've never had to rely on anyone else but the other and thinks about breaking them of that habit.

-the twins chakra works like the this: it's a looped flow. as the chakra flows in a stream between them almost constantly it gains just a droplet more. if the twins are separated for to long the flow is strained and they don't get the extra droplet. in extreme cases it might just stop entirely and 'retreat' back into them. it restarts as soon as they're close enough together.

and that's that. post it on fanfiction and give it your own title. please write "Gan's Uzumaki Twins challege' in the summary and try not to make it more than one chapter.

you have until about decemeber to write and post your story. if i give it too long someone will get mad and just drop out and for all i know they could have what it takes. if you have question, email me because i'm far more likely to get that than any message-in-a-reveiw. until then, i'll be patiently waitting, reading and writting. good luck and may the force be with you.

...and for pete's sake check your spelling and grammer. "your" is not "you're" and it never will be. if you can't get it right say 'you are'

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