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Author has written 18 stories for Fire Emblem, Evangelion, and Matrix.

Hey all! Here's my info . . .

PenName: IceBlade28

Real Name: Taylor

Age: 17, licensed to drive, and ready for the roads- providing I have a fully licensed driver in the front passenger seat over the age of 21. But still, it counts!!

Lives: Well, I used to live in tiny little Tasmania, Australia, but we've moved. I now live in Texas. I want to go back to Australia. Next subject.

To a dear friend. She knows who she is.

He said the first thing that came to his mind:

"I'm already there; take a look around.

I'm the sunshine in your hair; I'm the shadow on the ground.

I'm the whisper in the wind; I'm your imaginary friend,

And I know I'm in your prayers.

Oh, I'm already there."

We may be a thousand miles apart,

But I'll be with you wherever you are.

"I'm already there- don't make a sound.

I'm the beat in your heart; I'm the moonlight shining down.

I'm the whisper in the wind, and I'll be there 'till the end.

Can you feel the love that we share?

Oh, I'm already there."

It's been a bumpy ride, yet here we are. Thanks for sticking it through ;-)

Likes: Fire Emblem. These games have so much potential for fanfics.

Also Likes: Romance/Action/Angst/Humourous fanfics. Heck, just fics in general. Unless they suck. Particularly if they're a waste of space that should be filled by the good fics.

InuYasha- the music is so cool! Every Heart is so sweet! (kawaii) Inu-Yasha can be a bit mean sometimes, but he really loves Kagome. They're so sweet.

Anything to do with The Matrix. Bullet time is good.

Neon Genesis Evangelion. This anime is DEFINITELY worth watching, though the nihilism and powerful angst in the later episodes may deter some viewers. And the theme song rocks too! Cruel Angel's Thesis . . . I'm borderline obsessed. I know because I have memorised every Japanese lyric to that song. Both verses. And it's still good. Heck, any kind of J-pop is good. I wrote my own English lyrics. I also started a forum on it. Take a visit! Please . . . I also own the entire TV series and one of the movies. I would not have that unless I love it.

The Blues Brothers- They set the genre, they pwn the music, they're on a mission from God, and . . . they have 106 miles to Chicago, a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and they're wearing sunglasses.

InsideOut: Probably the GREATEST a-capella group in existence. They are so amazingly cool! -Listen to some of their clips!!

Bon Jovi- Nothing more needs to be said. One of the greatest musicians I've ever heard. Absolutely unbelievable music. Rock on! Plus, I have his Anthology, arranged for piano and vocal. And I'm learning his songs. (rocks out on piano). For The Bon Jovi Pwneth. Amen.

Dance Dance Revolution Games: (raises hand guiltily). Addict. I love the games, the lights, and the music. . . especially the music. DDR is so fun!! And I can do two and a half Heavy/Maniac songs, with more on the way . . .

Eiffel 65- People've forgotten about these guys. Try 'em out. 'Silicon World' is particularly addictive.

Favourite Food: Pie. I loooooooove pie. All kinds of pie. Particularly chicken and vegetable, but I'm also a fan of shepard's. Pie is good. Banana cream, and the Pie of Pies . . . the humble Aussie Meat Pie. Best pie ever.

Song Of The Day: 1812 Overture- P.I Tchaikovsky. Classical cannons. Me like much.

Quote Of The Day: "Why don't you try smiling?"- Shinki Ikari, Evangelion. I quite like it.

Religion: LDS. A.k.a The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. A.k.a Mormon. We believe in Jesus Christ, we believe in the Godhead being three seperate personages, we believe in baptism, and we believe that the Book of Mormon is another testament to Jesus Christ, as well as a companion to the Bible.

Coolest Anime Songs: Cruel Angel's Thesis, Yoko Takahashi. Note the rants.

I Am- 2nd Inu-Yasha theme. Psychotic drumming.

Rage Your Dream- Initial D. SO COOL! And I can play it on piano!

Don't Stop The Music- Initial D. Wicked fast synthesizer and steady drum beat!

The Final Countdown- Initial D, again. Amazing. It's all there is to say.

Speedy Speed Boy- Initial D. Their soundtrack is awesome.

Night Of Fire- Initial D. Good stuff!

Sparks In The Dark- Initial . . um . . . well, you get the point. Really cool.

Space Boy- Initial D. Like an Initial D medley of most of the songs above, therefore, highly AWESOME!!

Blast My Desire- Initial D. Yeah, you really get the point.

Tobira no mukou e- no clue what it means, no clue where it's from, but it's pretty good.

Good Or Don't Be- Neon Genesis Evangelion. A piano-arranged, slower version of Cruel Angel's Thesis, played in the final moment of the final episode, and packing so much emotional punch that I loved it upon hearing and still love it now. It is so beautiful, and it perfectly epitomises Instrumentality.

The Heady Feeling Of Freedom- Neon Genesis Evangelion. It's the theme song, Cruel Angel's Thesis, but arranged for string quintet with acoustical guitar and keyboard backup. Very pretty.

We'll See Heaven- Initial D. Lovin' teh D.

Over The Rainbow- Initial D. Speed guitar!!

Fav Pairings/Trio's: (Fire Emblem 7 and 9)

Serra/Erk/Priscilla (these three rock as a love triangle- try them out!)

Nino/Jaffar (Of course . . .)

Lyn/Kent (I know the whole 'knight in shining armour' thing has been done to death, resurrected, and done to death again, but these two are so cool. No question. Except I just killed Kent in Person's Unknown. Oops!)

Serra/Lucius (I love the mayhem that can occur . . .)

Rebecca/Raven (These two are cool!)

Tactician/Lyn/Kent (Not as a love pairing, as an action pairing.)

Rath/Lyn/Florina (I'm going to try one where Rath likes Lyn and Florina likes Rath- could go up in flames, could be brilliant, who knows . . .)

Ninian/Eliwood (Contrary to popular belief, these two do not suck. I think their supports are actually kinda romantic. Anyway, I am planning to have a very interesting spot for Ninian in 'Person's Unknown'. Hee hee hee . . .)

Heath. (He has a lot of pride, as well as honourable standards, and I admire him for that.)

I just realised I'd never added Matthew/Leila, when they're not only one of my favourite pairings, they're one of the BEST pairings. Definitely Matthew/Leila.

Tauroneo (He is by FAR the coolest looking General you can get. All silver and shiny, with a nice big Silver Blade.)

Marcia (Quirks, laughs, cute face, great stats- what more could you want?)

Tanith (Personality's lacking, but her SWEET Skill makes up for it. You can't tell me you haven't used Reinforcement at some time.)

Ilyana (She's always hungry! It's great! And she's got pretty decent attack magic to boot.)

Ena (I thought she was cute until I found out she was a Dragon Laguz. Then I thought she was cool until I killed her. Dang.)

Boyd (Boyd is to FE9 as Dart is to FE7. They're big, use axes, and mow down everything in their path as effectively as a nuclear bomb. Or an APU from The Matrix Revolutions. I want one.)

Marcia/Rolf. (Just because these two are funny.)

Ike/Marcia. (That's right, MARCIA. She is awesome.)

Soren/Ilyana. (A little pairing of my own design.)

Ulki/Mist (A completely random pairing, thought up when I had this sudden mental image of Mist riding happily on Ulki's back through the clouds. o.0)

Sothe/Astrid (No, Sothe does NOT suck! At lvl 20 he MAXED OUT his Stength, Speed, Skill and Defense, and was one or two points away from maxing out Luck! And Astrid is cute, cool, and frail. I upgraded her and gave her a Steel axe, with an A support with Sothe. Sothe had a Stiletto. Things died.)

Calill/Nephenee (Their supports rock! Poor Nephenee, but you so rarely find the simple country girl persona in games these days . . .)

Mia/Largo (The guy's a BERSERKER, for crying out loud! And he's so scared of Mia that he'd rather challenge her to a knitting contest than a sparring contest! Just 'cause he got whooped . . twice . . .)

Volke (No-one ever likes the shady guy. But make him an Assassin, and he's as untouchable as Jaffar. Or X, for that matter.)

Disliked Pairings/Characters (FE 7 and 9):

Lowen (Quite the tanker in the game, and I mean a TANKER, but his personality's nothing special.)

Marcus (Who likes Marcus, for crying out loud?)

Merlinus (An absolute crybaby, but fun to torture! Moo hah hah . . .)

Dorcas/Bartre (These two just plain suck, no question.)

Makalov (He is stupid, useless, looks like he's drunk, gambles, and is a disgrace to Marcia's name. Dang him.)

Tormod (The kid's a brat, and I already had two Sages. Three if you count Calill later. I just didn't need any more magic users!)

Rhys (Dang you Rhys! Why'd you have to die halfway through Stage 4 of chap. 17? WHY! And you're always so frail and sick! DANG you!)

Jill (I tried with about 15 different characters and couldn't recruit the stupid chick. So I killed her.)

Haar (I like my sleep too, but come on! Plus, I couldn't recruit him with anyone either. I suspect I should have used Jill. I got fed up and killed the idiot too. Say hi to Jill for me.)

Lucius/Raven (No more fetching shounen-ai of these two! It's making me see red!)

Rath/Wil (See above.)

Fav Characters in Anime etc.(Includes graphic novels):

Misato Katsuragi (She knows her way around a handgun. Plus, she absolutely SAVES Shinji's behind in the movie of the end of the series. Except for the swearing. Bad Misato. Just because it's the Apocalypse doesn't give you an excuse to cuss.) (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Rei Ayanami (BEFORE I found out that she was a clone, made for Third Impact, and the scriptwriters completely screwed up her likeability. But there are some really pretty pics and fanart of her out there.) (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Mana Tatsumiya (She is tall, has a craplot of guns, and she knows how to use them!) (Negima!)

Chachameru Karakuri (Tall. Android. Gadgets. BIG honking gun. Combat prowess off the charts. Automatic mention. Plus, she gets emotions later in the series and is kinda cute.) (Negima!)

Maya Ibuki (She's cute. And she's honest. In fact, she's so sweet-hearted that she won't even use a pistol to defend herself; she can't bring herself to take another life. Awwwwww! And she works under Ritsuko- meaning she actually half-kills an Angel! I'm so proud of her!) (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Kaworu Nagisa (He likes Ode To Joy. In fact, Ode To Joy is his theme music. It sounds awesome as he breaks into a secure facility and tries to destroy humanity. Therefore, he pwns. I have the recording. It pwns too.) (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Rakka (Haibane-Renmei is one of the sweetest, most heart-wrenching animes out there. There is real humanity and development in the characters, and it's like a little slice of peaceful paradise. Poor Rakka.) (Haibane-Renmei)

Aoba Shigeru (Anybody who can air guitar while an Angel is razing Tokyo-3 to the ground has a place in my good books!) (Neon Genesis Evangelion. Again.)

Actually, I haven't seen that much Anime. Probably because I used to live in Australia.

Notes, Updates, Etc Etc:

That's about it, really! Although, the one thing I love to do is writing and getting alerts and reviews! So keep them coming! (Turns Chibi) Pwease . . .?

For those who had the brief chance to read Fire Emblem: Calamity Bringer, I had to delete it and reformat it so it was no longer in a script format. Annoying, but there's no sense in taking chances of my account being deleted. So, sorry to all my fans, if all goes to plan it should be up after part 5 of Person's Unknown and another fic or two of mine that's going into my C2 community, Sacaen Pride.

This one is particularly important: After a couple more chapters of Person's Unknown and random, inspired one-shots, I'll start to rewrite, compile, and generally 'make better', the Memories Never Die trilogy. This will, of course, involve the third part actually being WRITTEN. It should be up by about June or something. Or whenever I can be bothered to put it up.

End of note thingiemabobies.

This is one of my opinions, a rant; pay no attention unless you want to.

One of my friends once said that "people are writing stories and just using the character names and places. They're not using their personalities." This is very very true. OOC's are pathetic- they're only used when the author is too lazy (that's right, LAZY) to input the character's proper persona. I enjoy fanfics that are humourous, and occasionally silly, but please people! Can you get with the times! I have read many-a-fic where it is well written, but it lacks that special something. Warmth, perhaps. Life. Heart, soul, personality, call it what you will. There aren't actually too many stories that grip you and make you feel a part of it, and I pride myself that (most of) my stories can do that. And I'm getting a little tired. Many of us spend ages writing a pretty decent drama/action/adventure fic that has to scrape the barrel for reviews, and (I've noticed this not only with my fics but with others coughtoomanypeopleIknowtonamecough), sloppy OOC fics somehow bring in truckloads of reviews. What's going on here! Get some sense, people!

Another thing- if you don't like the pairing in someone's stories (including mine) then don't flame about the pairing. Just review about the story.

Cheers. Thanks for reading.

Go read keaira19's fics- they rock! Read them now!

A quick list of all my OC's:

Erisal: Male tactician. Always tries to do the right thing. Haunted by ghosts past, and by lives lost because of his mistakes. Briefly mentioned in 'Beautiful' and 'Save The Last Dance', but will be the tactician in a multi-parter written for Link015's challenge. This fic has recently been posted, under the title 'The Blood Of Pride'. Review it!

Kaira: Female tactician. Featured in 'Person's Unknown' and the 'Memories Never Die' trilogy. Dies in chapter VIII of Person's Unknown. Is brought back in chapter XV. Hates X very much. The occasional mention about her over-large chest is my poke of fun at all anime who's girls look like they have flipping basketballs shoved up their shirts. Yecch.

X: The mysterious assassin of the fic 'Person's Unknown'. Has luminous blue eyes, a dagger with a jade cross in the hilt, one of Matthew's daggers (not the same dagger) and a green cloak. A very large secret as to his identity. Personality is ever-changing, and there's a good explanation for it. Ruthless at times, humourous at others, and easygoing and kind-hearted the rest of the time; even though he has already murdered the tactician, Kent and Serra and come very close to killing Guy. Acquired a special blade known only as the Keyé Li'ink. Hates his father immensely. Who is father is remains to be discovered. Shares a bond with Lyndis, who for some reason cannot recall how or why she knows X.

Flaefir: A Swordmaster on board the Davros. One of Fargus' crew that has a rivalry with Dart. Not the most trustworthy of individuals. Leads a mutiny on the Davros. Dies at the hands of Dart and Matthew. (Person's Unknown)

Hanasu: Fiora's right-hand maiden and subcommander of the 3rd Wing of the Pegasus Knights of Ilia. Dies with the rest of Fiora's wing.(Person's Unknown).

Deagor: One of Flaefir's fellow mutineers. Killed by Flaefir to make a point to the rest of the crew. (Person's Unknown)

Sholga: The wiry archer, subcommander of the mutineers and second to Flaefir. Dies at Matthew's hands. (Person's Unknown)

Shkraagle: An undead Warrior guarding X's prison cell. X puts his foot through the back of his head. (Person's Unknown)

Cherian: A young girl enslaved to the Taliver. Takes care of Erisal when he is beaten; extremely attractive and shy, though unafraid to defend the weaker. (The Blood of Pride)

A List Of My Stories In Progress (This includes ideas not yet in print, plot outlines, possible titles, etc. NOT TO BE USED WITHOUT MY EXPRESSED AND EXPLICIT PERMISSION):

Person's Unknown: My main multi-chaptered fic. An assassin is stalking the members of Eliwood's camp- and there have been three attempted murders already. What's worse is that Lyn seems to know him; but if she does, why does no memory remain of his existence?

Memories Never Die: I'll be rewriting this trilogy, though it may turn out to be a multi-chaptered fic. It should be up around June/July.

My Last Song: A one-shot, probably from FE9. I just need a blasted pairing and a plot that doesn't conflict with my other 7 or 8 romance/angst/tragedy stories.

The Blood Of Pride: Based about a week after Lyn's ended quest. The Taliver have kidnapped the tactician and Erisal has no choice but to use his skills against those in the Caelin mansion. A siege begins, and the Taliver invade Caelin. Worse is the fact that the rest of Lycia, including Eliwood, are powerless to act!

Every Bounty Has It's Price: Farina has been officially hired to hunt down a rogue Falcoknight and her Squadron- only to find out that it is the 3rd Wing of the Pegasus Knights of Ilia. And Fiora is their commander. Can their fractured bond of sisterhood hold true, or will Farina really do anything for gold? Set after Hector's quest.

Do You Really Know Me: My first Evangelion fic! Shinji wants to break the ice with Rei, and maybe even go out with her; his crush on her notwithstanding. But how will Asuka react when she finds out about it? Things lead on, and Rei is picked over Asuka to train with Shinji against Israfel. Asuka convinces herself this is for the best, but is it what she wants? Also features my favourite character Maya Ibuki!

Before I Do: Karla's illness finally takes her, and Bartre and Fir must interpret her only legacy- the written note hidden in the hilt of her Wo Dao. It leads to the only lullaby Fir has ever known, and the sword she will one day inherit- until Karel appears and demands the Wo Dao for himself!

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Fire Emblem - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,258 - Reviews: 4 - Follows: 2 - Published: 8/28/2005
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