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My Name is Caitlin.

I'm fifteen years old, and really not afraid someone will come stalk me for saying so.

I've always loved writing, even before I could. I then was obsessed with learning how.

When I love something, I embrace that love and it turns to what others may call obsession.

My biggest obsession would most certainly be Harry Potter. I've loved it since I first read it, and quickly became addicted, and have been ever since. It's thee one and only thing that can calm me down, drive me to tears at the mere thought of it, and make me crack up at completely inappropriate times for what seems to others no reason at all. It is my passion and so therefore most call me insane.

A few of the other things I love would be:

~Pirates of the Caribbean.

~Spell Bowl.

~Three Days Grace.


~My Friends.

~The Sims 2.

~My Cousins.


~The All-American Rejects.

~The colors red, silver, and GREEN!

~Inside Jokes.

~Giant forks and spoons.

~Fall Out Boy.


~Johnny Depp.

~Big. Black. Shaggy. Dogs.

~Chick fil a.


~Relient K.

~The Chronicles of Narnia.

~Polka Dots.


~Purple Blankets.





~Ray Bradbury.



~Santa Hats.


~Crayola Crayon Colors.

~Mr. Pibb.


~Ice Skating.


~Long Walks.

~Taking Videos.

~Pizza Rolls.

~The Mall.





~Flip Flops.

((Yes, that's a few.))

Then there's the stuff I detest:

~Peter Pettigrew.

~The Idea of Global Warming being Real.


~The Fact that Gay Marriage is not Permitted in the US.

~Anything Overly Sweet.

~Lavender Brown.




~Perfect Weather.

~Green Christmases.

~People who try to be "Normal" instead of themselves. ((Actually, I just feel sorry for them.))

~The Song "Dont You Wish Your Girlfriend was Hot Like Me".


~The Color Royal Blue.

~Osama Bin Laden.

~Al Gore.

~Orange Flavored Things.

~People Who Knowingly Start Drama Just For the Hell of It.

So, now you know a few random things that have nothing to do with fanfiction about me. I hope that saved you from boredom for a bit. Although, I'm thinking it actually just caused you more boredom than before. Well, now to things about fanfiction//Harry Potter.

The pairings I absolutely love to death would have to be:

~Sirius//Bellatrix ((I'm not quite sure why, it's probably THEE worst pairing ever, and they're completely and utterly uncanon...but I just cannot help it.))





~Sirius//Remus. ((Yet again, highly uncanon...maybe it's just the love of Sirius haha.))



Now for those which disgust me to no end:











~Dumbledore//Hagrid//Harry ((Yes, I've actually seen stories about them...blllech.))


So, there you are with that. Oh, and just so you know, I also completely love Jack and Elizabeth from Pirates of the Caribbean together. I have no idea why you would need to know that, but there you are anyway. Now I suppose I'll get back to actually talking about fanfiction, haha.

~Everything I post on here will be Harry Potter.

~Everything I read on here is Harry Potter.

~My most favorite character is Sirius Black, and I read anything worth reading about him that I find.

~I do get addicted to fanfics, especially ones written by Dante Lewis.

~Even if they do take me all summer and then some to read, no matter how much time I spend doing so.

I am also working on a marauder era fic, but I refuse to post anything until I have it all written out on paper, because this is what I'm really hoping to make into my "fanfic masterpiece" or something of the sort. It will be a rather long fic, but I am confident that I'll prevail seeing as I love the marauders that much, haha. So, now you all know a bunch of completely useless information, and depending on how fast of a reader you are, I'm hoping you had fun wasting said amount of time of your life. =)

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