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Hey, I'm Bunun224, Bunun, or Amber if you please. The reason my site has the url as "...TThome" (Teen Titans home), is because it use to be a Teen Titans fan site, but now it won't let me change the URL without having to pay... Yeah, I don't really know else what to say here, so here are a few Japanese words I often use in my stories and their translations..

Katana- Japanese sword. I'm not really sure how to describe it, so go here for a picture:

Youkai- Demon
Hanyou- Half-Demon
Kitsune- Fox Demon
Kaze No Kizu- InuYasha's Wind Scar
Sankon Tetsui- InuYasha's Iron-Reaver Soul-Stealer
Kazana- Miroku's Wind Tunnel
Kitsune Bi- Shippo's/My Fox Fire
Oswari- "Sit Boy"

Also, here's a bit about me... Well, sorta. When I write InuYasha FanFics, most of the time I put myself in as a character. Yeah, I know, not a lot of people like that, but that's your problem. I write because I like to write and I like to write stories with myself in them. DEAL WITH IT! Anyway, here's a bit about me, err, my character anyway...

I'm half dog-demon, half Kitsune
My mother was a Kitsune, my father a dog demon
My fighting outfit is a yellow tube top and black shorts
Yes, I know that's "modern clothing" if you read my story (once it's done), you'll understand the story behind that.
My true form is a giant, black dog, similar to Sesshoumaru's. I'm working on getting a pic.
Go here to see a basic picture of what I look like:

Yes, in real life, I do look very similar to that.
People say I really do look like a Barbie doll, although I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not...

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