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Hey hey, wassup dawgs? I'm Mirai Trunks. Yes, thats right, the real one. Now send me presents. Actually I'd just be content with a review or two (or three or eight or seven hundred and fifty six) Can you tell reviews are important to my quickly depleting mental health?

Anyway, I don't write alot, but I'd like to think that what I do write is quality, or at the very least inspired. Yeah yeah, just go read something.

Lets work out a deal here, you review my stuff, I'll review yours. Really, anything. I'll read your 18 chapter May Sue lemons with everything male in The Lord of the Rings. I'll read gratuetous yaoi orgies featuring every single saiyin and a namek or two thrown in for good measure. Really, try me, all I ask is a review.

Finally, I'd like to leave you with a little game you can play with your friends. If your're bored (and have finished reviewing EVERY ONE OF MY FICS) try this out. Go to the YuGiOh section (this might also work with Fushigi Yuugi or Gundam Wing) set the filter on "Romance" and "R" and start reading summaries. When you get to an ambiguous one (ex: Kaiba has just accendentally flushed Mokuba town the toilet. Just when he thinks his life has lost all meaning an old aquaitance appears to help hi carry on. *YAOI LEMON*) Then take bets as to who the mystery person is. You can then make to loser to anything from give you money, to read through the next fic to find out who the new mystery person is. The nice thing about this game is, even if it takes you awhile to find and ambiguous summary, you can find entertaining things like "Yami Malik loves Malik but then realizes Malik is cheating on him with Pegasus. Yami Malik has sex with Bakura for revenge and now Bakura and Pegasus are pregnant. Will Yami Malik finally say "I love you"? Chapter 82 up" hee hee, classic. Someday I'll have to get someone to explain to me how men can carry children, it seems to be a wide spread misconception in the fan fic world.

Allrightythen, I've done my part for mankind. (incedentally, those fics, while based on real one, don't exist, don't go looking for them. Actually, I may write them if it gets late enough and I get bored enough) Go read my fics! Now! Then tell you friends about my fics and threaten them until they read them. Remember, friends don't let friends live te drab colorless existence that is life without Mirai Trunks fanfiction.

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