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Hello, my name is Andre and I am a friend of Odama Rasendori as well as the beta reader and editor for all of his stories, which is why I know the information to this account. I wasn't going to say any of this and just let it run to the ground, but this account is tied to an email account that he and I shared for the sole purpose of fanfiction. I haven't checked on that email for years until just recently. Odama Rasendori, whose IRL name will not be disclosed, got into an automobile accident about two or three weeks after posting the latest chapter for Voice of the Wanderer: Eighteenth Wish and fell into a comma that he could not recover from; he passed away peacefully, not in pain, and with his loved ones around him, several days later (12/2012).

Over the following years, the email that this fanfiction account is tied to has received hundreds of a combination of reviews, favorites, alerts, and other things from his stories, which I had seen a couple of months ago upon logging into it. I replied to most, if not all, of the reviews or personal PMs that asked questions regarding the stories or if my friend had any plans on writing more or updating soon. I gave those replies while assuming my friend's identity, which I realize now was wrong of me to do. This profile update can be thought of as an apology to those people I gave false hopes to.

I often wondered if I should continue the stories he wanted to finish, which is the second installment of Voice of the Wanderer, Legend of the Iron Monkey, and Leecha Leecha Paradise, but I am not the writer that he was. Surely, I can mimic his writing style, it's not horribly difficult, but the way his stories flowed, the ideas that circled his mind, that's not something I have. I fumbled on the idea of continuing it, at least to finishing it, but I don't think I can do it. I want to finish them so he can rest easy knowing his last works could be seen to the end, but I'll probably just end up butchering them.

I've read them through and through, up until the most recent chapters. He often told me ideas regarding Eighteenth Wish, many ideas that we ran through together, chopping out crappy ones in lieu of the actually decent ones. Most of the time, really, he simply wrote and wrote and things just fell into place. I remember, when he wrote chapters 3-5 of Eighteenth Wish, he told me was bullshitting those chapters, just letting his fingers smash that keyboard without much thought. When I looked them over, it didn't look like bullshit at all. Sure, there were some odd holes here and there, not to mention Naruto's apparent harem plus having a girlfriend, but it looked good enough to me after we edited them together.

I'll continue to mull over the thought of finishing it, or maybe not. But either way, I do not give permission to anyone who wants to take his unfinished stories and continue them with their own ideas. I'm not claiming to fully own his stories, but I did help to write a little bit of each of them. Since he left no will or letter that mentioned this fanfiction account, I take it upon myself to keep these stories as they are partially mine anyway. If anything, it is unlikely that I will continue "Eighteenth Wish," but I won't rule out the possibility that my mind could be swayed in the other direction.

I thank all of you for reading his stories, for being a positive influence in his life, and for reading this note. I do wish I could just go haul-ass-mode and finish his story without complaints, but I am not confident in my writing abilities. If I'm going to continue his story, I want it to sound exactly as if he was the one writing it, and I don't think I can do that... sober, anyway.

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