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Hi! As you can remember, my penname used to be Capt.Holly Short. Now that I had given my name some thought, I had come to the conclusion that Holly should not only be a Captain, but a Major who is always helping aboveground and belowground. I know she can't be a lep Major for she's not a part of the LEP anymore. But if the Council would just have brains and kick that stupid Ark Sool's butt out of the LEP Commander's chair, then she could return to being who she really was. She has duly protected Haven with all her heart and even though she cannot protect Haven anymore as a LEP officer, she chose to be a Private Investigator than live a normal life. Now wasn't that decency? And what does the civilians of Haven repay her with? Grief. Thanks a lot! I can't even believe they even thought of accusing Holly of murdering Julius when they knew very well that Julius was like a father to Holly! I admire Holly for her faith in the People. Even though they had accused her of murdering Beetroot, she still decides to be a P.I. to help the People of Haven who have problems.Sigh... Anyways...

Name: Korina Diamante


Birthday: February 17, 1993

Hometown: Quezon City, Philippines

School: St. Theresa's College Q.C. (website: )

Occupation: Student

affliations: SINAG clubs,,, society of the Holy Childhood

Favorite Books: Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter, The Wish List, The Supernaturalists, The Legend of Spud Murphy, Pendragon, Inheritance Books (eragon...) Shakespeare, A Series of Unfortunate Events

Favorite Movies: Artemis Fowl (soon to be seen!) Harry Potter, Charlie and the Choclate Factory, action movies

Favorite Authors: Eoin Colfer, J.K. Rowling, several poets, Lemony Snicket, Anthony Horrowitz, Jenny Nimmo

Favorite TV shows: anything that can be seen on TV

Hobbies: annoying people, always moving (can never be stopped), browsing the internet, watching tv, writing, typing, reading

Sports: Swimming, Taekwondo, Volleyball, Basketball

About Me: I am a really, really (times infinity) HUGE Fan of Artemis Fowl. I love Holly Short, Artemis Fowl II, Domovoi Butler, Mulch Diggums, Juliet Butler, Foaly, Julius Root, Trouble Kelp, Grub Kelp, Opal Koboi, Briar Cudgeon, Jon Spiro, Arno Blunt, Pex and Chips, Mervall and Descant Brill, Nguyen Xuan, Ho Chi Minh Sprite, Lieutenant Nyle, Aymon, D'Nall, General Scalene, Unix, Bobb, Turnball Root, Angeline Fowl, Artemis Fowl I, Chix Verbil, Lili Frond, Britva, Mikhael Vassikin, Kamar, Lyubkhin, Lieutenant Poll, Detective Inspector Justin Barre, Sid Commons, Vishby, Dr.Po, Principal Guiney, Spud, Eloe Phyber, Loafers McGuire, Brother Hummus, Dr.Constance Lane, the Council, Wing Commander Vinyaya, Giovanni Zito, man in Limerick, Commandant Terryl, Mommy (Kelp), Dr. Jerbal Argon, Dr. Cumulus, Major Evergreen, old lady in En fin, waiters and waitresses in Europe, Butler's uncle, Wilkommen Bertholt, Kurt and many more!

Yes, I do like the antagonists also for I believe that:

"There shall never be good people if there are no bad people to make them do good."

I would like to tell...umm...something about my first story, Why Me? I know, I know. Too Tragic? It just seems appropriate for me. It speaks of how Artemis felt about his Father being gone and tells us about the past that Artemis had to endure. But after all that his father had done to him, he still loves and wants to follow his footsteps. I wrote this for I can very much relate to how Artemis feels. i can easily put myself in his shoes. Sometimes, I go through the same obstacles that Artemis had gone through.

Me, I hate those fanfics who pair Artemis and Holly. Why? Because Artemis and Holly can never be! It is in fairy law that fairies are not allowed to have affairs with mudmen as it may reveal their existence to them. Now, Holly has worked hard to keep the existence of the People a secret and she's going to waste all that for her love for Artemis! And also Holly hates Artemis. Well...not much but deep inside her there is a solitary spark of anger because of Artemis being arrogant and annoying like Foaly. They always like to think that they are better than everybody else. I'm not saying Artemis is a bad guy but all I'm saying is that Artemis should think before he act.And besides, Holly and Artemis may be friends but Artemis doesn't really like Holly as more than that. That is just my opinion but if you have your own opinion, I guess we have different minds but if you think like I do, bird of a feather, flock together right?

I hate all those romance (eww...) fanfics or fanfics with pairings. (no offense to those who make them) I just... I feel that it is inappropriate, that's all. And I also hate those Mary Sue stories.

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