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Updates: I'm on hiatus at this time due to my health and being unable to write. I don't intend to return but as of now I don't know how much longer it will be. I'm very sorry to everyone who is waiting for story updates. I do mean to come back, and I do hope it will be soon.

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World of Warcraft:

Completed: The Oxymoron We Are

Currently: Io’ga ah Troll Seh’ah



Elder Scrolls:



Soon: RtT, PtT, Untitled


Lost In Blue:

Maybe: Ultramarine, Walking Wild

Story Summaries

World of Warcraft:

Io'ga ah Troll Seh'ah: (BElf X Troll)
Vanya Mornstrider is a young Blood Elf with no fighting nor survival skills, which brings one question to mind. What is she doing out in the middle of Stranglethorn Vale looking for Trolls? Well, when a Blood Elf can’t wield a sword or a bow she turns to her next best option. Research. Trying to become a researcher, she ends up in a dispute that leaves her in the humid heat of the tropical rain forest that is Stranglethorn. With only a bag full of supplies and a Blood Elf by the name of Adan Aurorablade she ends up making a thoughtless mistake. While relatively danger free, follow it by another at the hands of another and you have a true recipe for disaster. Though, for good measure, let’s throw in a Troll. Or maybe a whole Tribe of them.

Elder Scrolls:

Returning to Tradition: (OC X Cicero)
The Night Mother has been making odd demands recently, asking Isobel to do things that don't make all that much sense. When the Night Mother starts sending everyone on dangerous murders- public dangerous murders they have to stay on their toes. Something is wrong with Cicero, but then again, something is always wrong with Cicero. This time, Isobel is willing to admit she's starting to fear him as they try to handle the influx of new members. An old... friend decides to join, much to Isobel's distaste and things seem to get out of control when she finds a key to the past, the old Dark Brotherhood and she finally understand what Mother wants. Not only is the weight of appeasing the Night Mother lands on Isobel's shoulders, but also the weight of trying to make the Dark Brotherhood what it used to be and makes a promise she may not be able to fulfill.

Preserving the Tradition: (OC X Cicero)
"Sanguine, My Brother." She walked in. This is the story of what would become of the Brotherhood had Isobel not heard the voice of her brother that day when she stood before the door. What would become of the Falkreath Sanctuary without Cicero, or... with Cicero, a different Cicero, a sane-ish one. What would become of the members, the Dark Brotherhood, and how would the Keeper and the Listener be different?

Untitled: (OC X Adoring Fan/Lucien LaChance)
Sobella has to travel to the Imperial City to meet a client, going to the place and city she's avoided for years. When she meets the client to set up the contract, Sobella's life comes full circle and she is, by a twist of fate, allowed to prolong her death. Time is ticking, and she had one too many apologies to spout before she takes that last step before the end, and she has to cope with her coming death. However she has one last desire before the end, and she has to call on an old friend to make her death bed wish a reality, and unfortunately, it's time to face the crater of emotions and lies left behind when they walked their separate ways.

Lost In blue:

Ultramarine: (Amy X Jack [Skye X Keith])
The senior trip was a flop for Amy, massively. The boat ride was horrible, the trip was draining, and her only comfort was a book just before the trip became a thousand times worse when the cruise ship sank and Amy washed up on a deserted island with one other survivor. An idiot. Having bumped her head she can only remember the book she read when she finds a bit of it's cover washed up on shore. As she and Jack try to survive, bits and pieces of the story comes back and she keeps remembering the names Keith and Skye. How does their story change hers?

Walking Wild: (OC X OC)
Erin has always been a tough girl, capable of handling herself, dependent on no one. When she's thrown overboard the cruise ship and washes up on a deserted island she knows she can handle herself but she comes to learn that taking care of herself in such conditions isn't impossible, but it sure is a pain, and lonely. Unspeakably so. That is until she finds herself a real life Tarzan and he shows her time and time again that Erin is nothing but a child. When they find more survivors from the cruise ship and Erin manages to dig up more information from the Tarzan she discovers this island isn't only an active volcano, likely to erupt, but also has a track record of being inescapable.

How to Train a Blood Elf by Cora Grey reviews
Driya is a sweet and kind Blood elf priestess, and Kerazak wants her as his own. As their romance heats up, someone even more sadistic than Raz threatens them both. My first story here. Reviews and critiques greatly appreciated.
Warcraft - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 591 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 4 - Published: 7/5/2011 - Blood Elf, Troll
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